85 New APIs: InfoChimps, Uberblic, Social Bookmarking

This week we had 85 new APIs added to our API directory including a data integration service, a social bookmarking tool, video chat service, crowd-sourcing employment Platform, medicinal marijuana information service, and a photo sharing service. We also reviewed the suite of Salesforce.com APIs, covered a public bathroom location service and InfoChimps' latest bundle of Geo APIs. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AdJugglerAdJuggler API: AdJuggler deals in on-demand digital ad serving and ad management. The AdJuggle API allows users to integrate the AdJuggle services with in house applications and 3rd party services. Adjuggler offers customized Integration to facilitate optimal usage.

Adriatic.hrAdriatic.hr API: Adriatic.hr is a leading online travel agency based in Croatia. The Adriatic.hr API allows communication between the Adriatic.hr web site and developer sites and applications. Functionality includes searching private accommodations, searching guest comments, retrieving data on houses and accommodations and more. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Albany eVERIFYAlbany eVERIFY API: Albany provides payments processing software. Albany eVERIFY is a solution that offers accurate validation of bank account number and sort code details. The eVerify API lets users embed the verification functionality into their own systems - a CRM, accounts program or otherwise. Users can also utilize verification on their websites. The API Documentation is not publicly available.

ARCSARCS API: ARCS is a service designed to control access to application resources. The ARCS API allows the user to begin a users session for them remotely based on the terminal they are using, bind that application to the users, and release the application when the user is finished. The service is offered through 3 different protocols: Basic, SOAP, and Form post.

Argos Affiliate Argos Affiliate API: The Argos affiliate program offers a full suite of APIs built to assist users in managing and optimizing their affiliate links. An account with service is required to use and view the APIs.

AtlasCT Location-Based ServicesAtlasCT Location-Based Services API: AtlasCT is a maps and location-based services (LBS) company providing maps, geo-services, GIS and LBS to web and mobile developers, and enterprises. AtlasCT also produces applications for GPS navigation, social location sharing, child tracking and more.

AtlasCT Location-Based Services (LBS) APIS is a set of cloud-based services for supporting development of location-based, multimedia-rich web and mobile applications. Features include a location store, a social network, user management, messaging/IM, geo-fencing, multimedia & user-generated content, content management, geo-tagging, and more.

AtlasCT Places & Check-inAtlasCT Places & Check-in API: AtlasCT is a maps and location-based services (LBS) company providing maps, geo-services, GIS and LBS to web and mobile developers, and enterprises. AtlasCT also produces applications for GPS navigation, social location sharing, child tracking and more.

AtlasCT Places API provides access to places which can be searched and displayed in your application. The API is a set of HTTP calls which returns KML/XML formatted list of results which can be displayed in any mobile or web app.

AtlasCT Static MapAtlasCT Static Map API: AtlasCT is a maps and location-based services (LBS) company providing maps, geo-services, GIS and LBS to web and mobile developers, and enterprises. AtlasCT also produces applications for GPS navigation, social location sharing, child tracking and more.

AtlasCT Static Map API displays maps and geo-located content to static web pages. The cloud-based API is an HTTP call which returns an image (JPG/PNG) which can be used in any application for the mobile, web, WAP and other platforms. Features include Display map map controls (panning, zooming), display content (markers), marker labels, custom marker icons, map shading, mashup KML content (experimental), and more to come.

AtlasCT Web MapsAtlasCT Web Maps API: AtlasCT is a maps and location-based services (LBS) company providing maps, geo-services, GIS and LBS to web and mobile developers, and enterprises. AtlasCT also produces applications for GPS navigation, social location sharing, child tracking and more.

AtlasCT Web API provides a set of map and location-based services functionalities for web developers. The Web API features an interactive map, free form 1-line address search, local search, route search, geo-fencing, support for satellite imagery, display of custom content layers on the map, and more.

B54.in B54.in API: B54.in's URL Shortening API allows users to submit URLs via HTTP GET and POST calls and have them shortened with the option of customization. The service also allows users to access tracking stats for the short links at any time simply by adding a + to the end of the B54.in address.

Baba changeBaba change API: Baba Change is free online photo album dedicated to providing the most secure, convenient place to store, manage and share digital photo service. The Baba Change API alows users access to the sites functionality to Get photos, Post photos, register, get photo lists, and tag photos.
This site is in Chinese.

BankCard Central VERePayBankCard Central VERePay API: The BankCard Central VerePay Virtual Terminal is a secure, browser-based solution that enables businesses to authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions from any computer. The VERePAY Gateway Switch (VERePAY) is a gateway that supports the secure transmission of transactions by routing the transaction to the appropriate credit card processor. The API uses HTTP/S calls.

BetaSignalBetaSignal API: BetaSignal is a news aggregator/memetracker focusing on technology, science, environment and space. News is pulled from dozens of blogs every 30 minutes.

The API allows feeds to be called using RSS, JSON, and XML.

BioMOBYBioMOBY API: BioMOBY is a system for interoperability between plant genome databases and analytical services.

MOBY-S is BioMOBY's web services Branch. The MOBY-S API uses the SOAP and XML-RCP protocol and returns responses in XML. It has two major parts.

The registry API describes how to interact with the MOBY Central registry. MOBY Central stores the object and services ontologies, and provides discovery services for service consumers.

The service API describes how to interact with a service provided under the MOBY Framework: it describes what messages you can send to a service, how should they be structured, how the service should interpret them, and what the proper responses are.

Bluevia Mobile PaymentBluevia Mobile Payment API: BlueVia provides APIs that enable users to monetize their apps through revenue sharing business models. The Bluevia Payment API allows applications to charge for digital goods and have it billed to the customer's phone bill using a REST protocol and returns either XML or JSON.

BoxohBoxoh API: Boxoh offers a simplified package tracking service allowing users to track their USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL/Airborne packages. The Boxoh API allows users to submit package notification request remotely using the REST Protocol over HTTP GET requests that can be returned in JSON format or posted to an RSS Feed. The API also allows users to access their tracking information through Google Maps for location based responses.

Brown Paper TicketsBrown Paper Tickets API: Brown Paper Tickets is a fair-trade ticketing company, providing tickets for both large and small events. In addition to their website, Brown Paper Tickets provides a RESTful API for developers to use to integrate with and use data from Brown Paper Tickets. The API gives developers access to a full featured suite of event ticketing and management tools. The Brown Paper Tickets API also works with affiliate program, allowing apps to generate revenue for the developer.

BrowsershotsBrowsershots API: Broswershots is a free open-source application that lets web developers test their site's browser compatibility in one place. Developers submit their web address and a number of distributed computers open the web site in their browser. They take a screenshot of the site and upload it to the Browsershots servers for the developer to review. The API provides much of the functionality of the site including the ability to list active browsers, test Authentication, list request status and more. It uses XML- RPC calls with responses formatted in XML.

BundleBundle API: Bundle is an online money managing service. Bundle allows users to view and manage their money from their accounts, get advice from financial experts about managing their money, and see how other people make decisions regarding money and how other people and neighborhoods spend their money.

The Bundle API allows developers to access and integrate data and functionality from Bundle into other applications. Public documentation is not available. Those interested in using the Bundle API should contact api@bundle.com to get more information.

CityPocketsCityPockets API: CityPockets is a service that aggregates all daily deals and coupons from various deal sites, such as LivingSocial, Yelp, DailyCandy, Groupon, and BuyWithMe. CityPockets also sends email reminders when a voucher is about to expire, and they also offer a marketplace where users can sell vouchers they can't use.

The CityPockets API is coming soon. No documentation or information is available yet, but those interested should email info@citypockets.com for more information.

Colorado Marijuana DispensariesColorado Marijuana Dispensaries API: Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries is an online platform where users can share stories and rank them, as well as find other stories and topics that are interesting to them. Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries is powered by coRank, a ranking site platform.

The Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries API allows developers to access and integrate data from the Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries coRank site. Some example API methods include searching for and retrieving stories and items, user profile information, and site categories.

ComputerSnifferComputerSniffer API: ComputerSniffer provides APIs that let users find how their web page ranks across different services. The RESTful API lists page ranks on Alexa, Compete and Google. Users are allowed to perform 5000 requests per API Key per IP.

CORDC HF RADAR MapsCORDC HF RADAR Maps API: The Coastal Observing Research and Development Center focuses on the development of new technologies, their application for basic and applied sciences, and the exploitation and fusion of data for improved decision making. HF Radar is used to remotely measure ocean surface currents.

This API can be used to embed the total vector maps into a user's website, allowing them to create custom, rich applications with the ability to add their own layers. This API allows users to place HF RADAR vectors on their map applications. The JavaScript API allows users to access and query your own tile base or use the one provided by the API.

CrowdTwistCrowdTwist API: CrowdTwist is a customer loyalty platform that offers companies and organizations a way to reward their customers for being loyal to their services and brands. With CrowdTwist, companies can advertise to people, reward people for being customers, and analyze how well the campaigns are working.

The CrowdTwist API allows developers to access information from CrowdTwist. Example API methods include retrieving user information, user point rewards information, identify locations specific to users, and view user activity.

DuoShare Job SubmissionDuoShare Job Submission API: DuoShare provides USPS certified, on-demand address correction, validation, and presorting for discounted mailings. The API lets users validate and correct addresses, check for move updates, and presort batch address lists. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

EveryTrailEveryTrail API: EveryTrail is a platform that allows users to share their travel experiences with geo-tagged locations, photos, and information with other people. EveryTrail includes trips in around 80 countries, with the types of trips ranging from skiing to roadtrips to geocaching.

The EveryTrail API allows developers to access information from EveryTrail to integrate into other applications. Some example API methods include creating and editing users, uploading trips and trip media, searching for trips, and voting on other trips.

Faves.comFaves.com API: Faves.com is a social bookmarking site. Users can add a bookmark, write a description or comment and tag the bookmark. Then the bookmark is stored and shared, giving friends the ability to add comments on the bookmarks.

The Faves.com API is RESTful, returning data as JSON. Previous versions of the Faves.com API may be available as a RESTful, Delicious-compatible version, as well as a SOAP API.

FormspringFormspring API: Formspring is a social network for asking and answering questions. Registration is free and is required to participate.

The Formspring API allows users and developers to interact with Formspring data and functionality, and to pull content into other clients and services, or integrate social Q&A with external websites. Formspring uses a REST-like API that returns responses in XML or JSON formats.

gamerIDgamerID API: GamerID is a free gamer identity website with social networking features "where your games are your friends." A gamerID is a unique online identifier used for logging in to any gaming website with the gamerID logo. A gamerID is a public profile which can display all of your games, achievements, trophies, and more. GamerID is also a Library used to organize, manage, and track all the games in one's collection, wish lists and watch lists.

The gamerID API allows any website or web-enabled application to secure remote authentication using gamerID account credentials.

Gandi Domain Gandi Domain API: Gandi is a hosting and domain management site. By using the Domain API you may purchase, renew, transfer a domain, or even change a DNS configuration or forwarding, without having to log into Gandi's website. This site is largely in French

Gandi HostingGandi Hosting API: Gandi provides VPS cloud hosting services. The Hosting API allows a user to manipulate and manage his various Gandi Hosting resources. For example, he may create new virtual machines, new disks, release IP addresses, etc. Gandi.net is largely in French.

Hosting API is currently in Beta.

GipuzkoaGipuzkoa API: Gipuzkoa.net is the government site for the Spanish province of Gipuzkoa. The API provides users with the following functionality: requesting and obtaining site data, embedding and handling maps within third party sites or apps. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, JSONP, TXT and CSV. The site is in Spanish.

GMODGMOD API: GMOD, short for Generic Model Organism Database, is a project based on creating and managing genome-scale biological databases. GMOD provides a set of open-source tools to accomplish this. One of the tools provided is the GMOD RESTful API for querying genes and terms in different biological databases, such as FlyBase. The API is currently in private beta.

iDigitalNetiDigitalNet API: IDigitalNet provides windows and linux hosting, email hosting, domain registration and domain transfer services. The API exposes the full functionality of the site and allows users and their resellers to develop their own website and control panels and integrate them into the system. Development kits are provided for PHP, Perl, ASP and Java. The API uses REST and SOAP protocol and responses are formatted XML.

IMS Enterprise ServicesIMS Enterprise Services API: IMS is a non-profit consortium whose contributing members are leading institutions, suppliers, and governments worldwide that collaborate on: Interoperability, Adoption and Learning Impact. The IMS Global Learning Consortium develops standards that enable the development and adoption of technologies to improve and transform education. The API offers functionality in the following areas: person management, group management and membership management. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Infochimps GeoInfochimps Geo API: The Geo API suite includes mqueryultiple APIs that allow users to access millions of geographic data points that have been organized using one consistent, unified schema. Users can query by Latitude/Longitude/Radius, Bounding Box, QuadKey, or any valid return key (Wikipedia Page ID, FourSquare Venue ID). The APIs pull data from at least a dozen sources including Wikipedia, Foursquare, Zillow, American Community Survey and more. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Innovative Merchant SolutionsInnovative Merchant Solutions API: Innovative Merchant Solutions provides services to help businesses with their bankcard processing needs. The IGS Payment Service is a Web Service for processing credit card payments. It uses SOAP protocol with responses formatted in XML.

Join.meJoin.me API: Join.me is an online meeting and remote screen-sharing service. Join.me allows users to share documents, websites, presentations, and other items shown on their screens with other people over the web.

The Join.me API allows developers to integrate Join.me's functionality in other applications. The API is in public beta, with limited documentation.

LeaflyLeafly API: Leafly is a user-contributed Resource for discovering medical marijuana strains and where they can be purchased. The API provides methods that lets users list strains and retrieve strain details. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

LearningSourceLearningSource API: LearningSource is an online training and events management platform. It automates communications, scheduling and registration processing while providing a collaborative learning platform. Using the API, developers can integrate content from LearningSource with their own CMS or publish it on their web site. The API provides access to upcoming event/course information, venues and event categories. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML. Full documentation is not available.

LifeKrazeLifeKraze API: LifeKraze is a social network that allows users to share what they are doing, their accomplishments, and earn reward points.

The LifeKraze API allows developers to access data from LifeKraze. Some example API methods include searching for, accessing, editing, and creating user information, accessing user connections, user posts, and comments, as well as user rankings.

LifestaLifesta API: Lifesta is a service that allows users to buy and sell deals from Groupon, Living Social, BuyWithMe, and more deal sites. Users can search for deals by type and location, and people can also list their unused deals for sale.

The Lifesta API allows developers to access information and functionality from Lifesta. Public documentation is not available, but those that are interested in accessing the API should review the terms of service and email support@lifesta.com for API access.

LTU Engine/ONLTU Engine/ON API: LTU Technologies provides software for search, retrieval, classification, analysis, recognition and mining of images and videos. "LTU engine/ON demand" is a hosted software platform that provides access to LTU technologies' image matching and similarity search functionalities.

The API allows developers to integrate their applications with "LTU engine/ON demand" services. It uses HTTP protocol.

MapnificentMapnificent API: Mapnificent is a website that shows users the area you can travel to using public transportation for cities in the US and around the world.

The Mapnificent API allows users to access Mapnificent's functionality to use with Google Map applications. The Magnificient API offers static functions, object functions, UI layer functions, and distance functions. Some example API methods include adding objects to maps, adding distances, and adding times for distances.

MobileWorksMobileWorks API: MobileWorks is a crowd-sourcing platform that has a pool of people to complete tasks such as translating content, proofreading articles, classify data, and tag images for users who have tasks that can be done remotely. They state they are using crowd-sourcing to put the underemployed to work.

The MobileWorks API allows developers to access and interact with the MobileWorks platform. The main API methods are posting jobs and editing job information to the MobileWorks platform, receive answers about jobs, and find out what the status of a job is.

MouggMougg API: Mougg is a platform that allows users to upload and store all of their music in the cloud, so it is available on the web, mobile, and any other connected device. Some features of Mougg include organizing music, streaming music, sharing music, and other playback options, such as shuffling.

Public documentation and methods for the Mougg API isn't available, and those interested in using the Mougg API should email qrpike@mougg.com to get an API Key and documentation access.

MyHeritage Family GraphMyHeritage Family Graph API: Family Graph by MyHeritage.com allows users to share their family trees and photos with other people. Family Graph also allows users to connect with other families that use MyHeritage.com.

The Family Graph API allows users to access data and functionality from MyHeritage.com to build other applications. Some example API methods include accessing photos and albums, retrieving user information, finding other members and families, and connecting to other users and families.

NetticaNettica API: The API provides methods for managing domains programmatically. The API allows users to programmatically Create Primary Zones, Create Secondary Zones, Delete Zones and more. Users can also update the IP address of their host. It uses both REST and SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

NeurolinqNeurolinq API: Neurotic Media provides technology-enabled marketing and distribution services for digital media including music, videos, and ringtones. Neurotic Media gives clients control over how they commercialize digital media using private-labeled stores and API services.

Neurolinq is Neurotic Media's API suite. Use Neurolinq Products for file delivery, Neurolinq Awards for award redemption and POS card activation services, and Neurolinq Checkout for hosted or non-hosted checkout and payment services. Neurolinq uses the XML-RCP protocol.

OMSOMS API: OMS (Online Messenger Service) is a webservice available for everyone who wants to create their own messenger client. The OMS webservice lets users add a messenger (like ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger) to their own applications. The webservice offers functionality such as user management (Create, Change, Delete), offline users management (Add, Delete), login, logout and more. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

OneOutBoxOneOutBox API: OneOutBox offers Web Service integration with outbound FAX for the transmission of invoices, correspondence, order confirmation, status reporting, workflow updates, and more. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

OneStyle CartOneStyle Cart API: OneStyle cart provides online merchants with easy to create shops with the option of personalization or choosing from templates to suit the companies products. The Cart API lets merchants view the product data that is managed by the cart system, and also returns the latest product data in your own product page. This site is in Japanese.

Online OCROnline OCR API: Online OCR offers a cloud based optical recognition engine. The RESTful API lets developers use the OCR technology to build ajax based apps or apps for smartphones such as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. An app sends an image to the API, which them identifies the text within the image. The system supports jpg, png, gif and tif formats. A free trial is offered with 300 requests and full accounts charge 3-4 cents (US) per request.

PC2Paper Letter PricingPC2Paper Letter Pricing API: PC2Paper is a website that enables users to send actual letters and cards from the Internet. PC2Paper also provides users with a real letterbox, mail that arrives at this letterbox is scanned and made available for users to read online. The Letter Pricing API enables users to calculate the price of their letter before sending it. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

PennyTel OpenPennyTel Open API: PennyTel provides VoIP services in Australia. Services provided include ANI, SMS & Web Callback Options, Fax To Email, Mobile Broadband, Mobile VoIP, Shared Access Numbers, SmartDial, SMS, Visual Voicemail, Web-Based Soft Phone Application.

The PennyTel API lets developers integrate the PennyTel functionality into their web sites or applications. Users can access address books, send SMS, accounts. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Pulse.toPulse.to API: Pulse.to is a group SMS/texting service that allows users to create specific groups of people to communicate with via text messaging. The group texts can be sent either via mobile or from the Pulse.to website. Customers of Pulse.to range from businesses for marketing purposes to sports teams to stay connected.

The Pulse.to API allows developers to integrate Pulse.to's functionality into other websites. Public documentation is not available, but some example API methods include sending text messages, being notified when messages are received, and sending texts that allow recipients to opt in or buy a service or product. Those interested in this API should email api@pulse.to for more information.

QRdvarkQRdvark API: QRdvark is a QR scanning app for Android phones. The QRdvark API allows developers to use QRdvark as the scanning functionality for their own third-party applications.

RadboxRadbox API: Radbox is a service that allows users to bookmark and save videos from numerous video websites (YouTube, Facebook, CNN, etc.) to watch later. Users can also save videos via email and Google Reader, and share the videos with others.

The Radbox API allows developers to access Radbox's functionality to add videos, either individually or in bulk, to Radbox.

RoomoramaRoomorama API: Roomorama is a service for travellers to find short-term accommodations in locations around the world. Property owners can list their properties/rooms for short-term rental that travellers can search for and make reservations.

The Roomarma API allows developers to access the data and functionality of Roomarama. Some example API methods include listing destinations, properties, retrieving, creating, and editing property information, and listing property availability and rates.

Salesforce.com ApexSalesforce.com Apex API: Salesforce.com API provides programmatic access to an organization's information and allows developers to implement custom functionality. The worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services. More companies trust their vital customer and sales data to salesforce.com than any other on-demand CRM company in the world. The Apex platform and API extends Salesforce and the AppExchange is a directory of on-demand applications.

The Apex RESTful API allows developers to create other web services, email services and perform complex validation of objects, and create complete business processes that are not normally supported.

Salesforce.com ChatterSalesforce.com Chatter API: The RESTful Chatter API provides access to Chatter feeds and social data such as users, groups, followers, and files. The Chatter API is similar to APIs offered by other companies with feeds, such as Facebook and Twitter. The API allows developers to integrate Chatter into a variety of applications such as mobile applications, intranet sites, and third-party Web applications.

Salesforce.com StreamingSalesforce.com Streaming API: Salesforce.com API provides programmatic access to an organization's information and allows developers to implement custom functionality. The worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services. More companies trust their vital customer and sales data to salesforce.com than any other on-demand CRM company in the world. The Apex platform and API extends Salesforce and the AppExchange is a directory of on-demand applications.

The Streaming API allows developers to receive events for changes to Salesforce data that matches a SOQL query criteria, in a secure and real-time way.

SapeSape API: Sape is offers webmasters a chance to sell links on their sites ,advertisers the ability to buy them, and affiliates a means to increase traffic. The Sape XML-RPC API gives users the framework to remotely access their accounts to buy and sell links, check and transfer funds, and access the sites full functionality. This site is in Russian.

Seavus DropMindSeavus DropMind API: Seavus DropMind is a "mind mapping" desktop and web application which can be used to brainstorm, organize thoughts and ideas, facilitate problem solving, and assist in process planning.

The API allows for third party applications to open, create, modify and save maps.

SeedFinderSeedFinder API: SeedFinder provides a standardized online collection of information on cannabis varieties. They provide grow advice, strain reviews, and connect growers and enthusiasts with with each other and information in a searchable way. The SeedFinder API allows access to the data through HTTP Get and POST requests as well as a client development of the content and infrastructure within SeedFinder to create applications.

Seznam CaptchaSeznam Captcha API: The Captcha API provides provides protection for web forms. The service allows visual and audio confirmation ans is accessible through HTTP GET requests as well as the XML-RPC protocol.

This site is in Czech.

SitOrSquatSitOrSquat API: SitOrSquat is an application that gathers information on public bathrooms around the world. Users can access information about public bathrooms by location via the SitOrSquat website or on the mobile application. Users are also encouraged to add bathrooms, providing information about the bathroom like location, features, and rating the bathroom.

The SitOrSquat API allows developers to access data from SitOrSquat. Data that is accessible include bathroom, toilet, and facility information by location. Public documentation is limited, and those interested should email info@densebrain.com or support@sitorsquat.com with a description of how they intend to use the API.

SMSimpleSMSimple API: SMSimple is a a site dedicated to informing people that SMS is simple, inexpensive, available to any company, and very effective. The SMSimple API is a web interface for sending SMS messages to a select group of people with the possibility or scheduling routine advertising messages. This site is in Russian.

SocializeSocialize API: Socialize is a service that provides developers with a drop-in social platform for their mobile apps, with an iOS and an Android SDK available. With the Socialize service users can like, share, and comment on content directly from an app, and users can view statistics, such as views, for different items. With the Socialize API, users are more engaged in developer's apps, which can increase revenue from ads for the developer.

SpamOnSpamOn API: SpamOn! is a free service that provides disposable e-mail addresses when users fill out forms, register on websites or meet new people. The API allows users to integrate SpamOn! data on their website or application. There is currently no restrictions on the number of queries allowed. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

TaskforceTaskforce API: Taskforce is a task management application that allows users to create tasks directly from their emails. Users can also delay tasks that do not have to be done right away.

The Taskforce API allows developers to access data and functionality from Taskforce. Some example API methods include listing and creating users, listing, creating, and editing tasks, and reordering tasks.

ThankThank NotesThankThank Notes API: ThankThank Notes is a service that sends hand-written thank you notes to their clients' customers. The thank you notes are customizable and can be sent individually or in bulk.

The ThankThank Notes API is an alternative to ThankThank Notes web form. Instead of filling out a web form for each thank you note batch, the API allows clients to integrate ThankThank Notes functionality into their website and/or CRM system, so ThankThank Notes go out automatically as determined by the client.

Public documentation is not available.

ThinkNearThinkNear API: ThinkNear is a marketing service for local businesses to reach out to customers and potential customers when their business is slow. With their client's input, ThinkNear identifies when their business is slow, generates an instant mobile coupon, and sends it to customers and potential customers that are nearby.

The ThinkNear API allows developers to access and integrate the deals and information available with ThinkNear. Some example API methods include searching for deals by location and category, accessing offer information, and claiming deals.

This ArcadeThis Arcade API: This Arcade is a place where developers submit games that are largely available as a paid service with the exception of a few free games. The This Arcade High Scores API allows developers to include a site wide high score listing for their games.

ThrillcallThrillcall API: Thrill call is a web site that acts as a hub where fans can find tour dates, tickets and reviews at the best venues to see live music. For artists, Thrillcall helps with event and concert promotion across social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, and instantly publishes event and ticket data into the Thrillcall database. The API exposes the functionality of the site including listing and searching for artists, events and venues. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

TinychatTinychat API: Tinychat is a video chat service that offers chat rooms. Tinychat includes text, audio, and video capabilities for chatting, and users can have up to 12 simultaneous chat rooms at one time.

The Tinychat API allows developers to embed Tinychat functionality into other applications, as well as accessing Tinychat server-side information. Some example API methods include listing rooms in Tinychat, accessing room information, retrieving chat passwords, and broadcasting chat passwords.

Tout LiveTout Live API: Tout Live is a real-time marketing platform. Tout users can access Tout's Social Media Platform, which pulls from the social web (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) real-time information. Users can use this information to discover and share content about their product or organization in real-time when people are discussing it.

The Tout API allows users to edit the order that content or articles are displayed based upon trend information from the real-time web. Public documentation and API examples are limited.

ToutappToutapp API: Tout is a email template and campaign service. Tout offers various plans and pricing for customers to create, customize, send, and track email campaigns. Tout integrates with various CRMs, and also allows for statistics and analysis of email campaigns.

The Tout API allows developers to access Tout's functionality. Some example API methods include listing emails and templates, as well as creating, editing, deleting, or sending emails and templates.

uberblic Doppelganger uberblic Doppelganger API: Uberblic is a web serice with the goal of making 3rd-party APIs and data sources interoperable, both with one another and with existing databases. The uberblic Doppelganger service connects data in many different third-party APIs by mapping an entity's 'doppelgangers', the IDs of that same entity in other APIs. Uberblic can be thought of as a dictionary for entity IDs across the web, storing a rich set of contextual data available to developers, with Uberblic's APIs serving as a switchboard and broker between data sources.

Urban Mapping NeighborhoodsUrban Mapping Neighborhoods API: Urban Mapping's Neighborhoods product is geo-spatial data about specific neighborhoods by zip code. Neighborhood data includes information on demographics, size, boundaries, and synonym recognition for neighborhood names.

The Neighborhoods API allows developers to access information from Urban Mapping's Neighborhoods database. API methods include searching by spatial parameters, administrative boundaries, and neighborhood names.

USGS Greenness QueryUSGS Greenness Query API: The Greenness Query Web Service is designed to provide a method of easily identifying the Integrated Vegetation Mapping (IVM) and Drought Monitoring data values at a specific point. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

USGS United States National Grid ConversionUSGS United States National Grid Conversion API: The USNG Web Service returns the United States National Grid Coordinate for a specific latitutde/longitude point or the Latitude/longitude for a USNG position. It also returns the latitude/longitude of a point given the USNG coordinate. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

WordPress.comWordPress.com API: WordPress.com, the hosted version of the popular open source blogging software, exposes site data via its XML-RPC API. Embedding other services is supported and users can post to their WordPress blog using many popular Weblog Clients built on the API. The API uses OAuth2 protocol for authentication.

WriteThat.NameWriteThat.Name API: WriteThat.Name is a service that keeps email address books updated by searching emails for signatures and comparing them to information in the user's address book, updating the information as needed. WriteThat.Name works with Gmail, Google Apps, and Google Contacts.

The WriteThat.Name API allows developers to access WriteThat.Name's functionality to extract signatures and vCards automatically in both English and French. Public documentation is not available; those interested should email api@kwaga.com to get an API key.

Znisms SMSZnisms SMS API: Znisms is one of the largest Bulk SMS providers and aggragaters in India, and supplies a number of SMS services. The API suite offers :

HTTP SMS API (HTTP API based on REST) used to send single SMS from your application

Group SMS API (XML API) sending SMS in masses e.g. you have a messages which you want to send to 1000 people i.e. same message to multiple recipients.

Balance Check API and Delivery Report API

Dynamic XML API for sending customized SMS i.e. different numbers, different messages in masses.