88 Local APIs: Yahoo Local, Yelp and Zvents

Our API directory now includes 88 local APIs. The newest is the WebReserv API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Yahoo Local Search API. We list 55 Yahoo Local Search mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of local APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 64 local REST APIs and 7 local SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 54 local JSON APIs and 49 local XML APIs.

The most common tags within local are 26 shopping local APIs, 22 places local APIs and 19 mapping local APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 111 local mashups. We named MapSavings.com as mashup of the day two weeks ago.

For reference, here is a list of all 88 local APIs.

  8coupons API: Local deals aggregator

  Adility API: Local coupon service

  AlterGeo API: Local recommendation service

  BiteHunter API: Dining Deals Search Service

  BlockChalk API: Local community social space

  Boomloop API: Local events and community

  Bullseye Store Locator API: Store location search service

  Bview Content API: Local business info service

  Bview Local Search API: Local retail search service

  Cing API: Deal and coupon service

  CityGrid API: Local business directory search service

  CityGrid Advertising API: Local advertising service

  CityGroups API: Local public directory

  DealsGoRound API: Online marketplace for daily deals

  DealSurf API: Daily deal aggregator service

  deCarta MapSearch Engine API: Local search services

  Dokiru API: Social location based service

  EveryBlock API: Hyperlocal data and news aggregator

  Florist One API: Flower sales and delivery

  Food Genius API: Restaurant and food data

  foursquare Merchant API: foursquare merchant Platform

  Fwix Location API: Business listing service

  Fwix Wire API: Local news gathering service

  GeoReach Neighborhood API: Location based adversting service

  GigPark API: Local recommendations service

  Google Places API: Local business and point of interest service

  Groups Near You API: Local groups search service

  HAMweather Aeris API: Weather data service

  Happenr API: Events database

  Happenstand API: Bay area events listing service

  HomeCook API: Local food businesses community

  HotUKDeals API: UK local deals service

  Hyperpublic API: Geographic data collection service

  Jotly API: Rating application

  KidsEatFor API: Restaurant deal search service

  Lemonade Stand API: Community Sales Service

  Localmind API: Location based Q&A

  MashSpots API: Local search and mapping

  Mates API: Location-based networking service

  MerchantCircle.com API: Online marketing service for local businesses

  Meteostone Weather API: Weather data service

  Metro Traffic API: Real-time traffic data service

  Milo API: Local shopping service

  Mycitymate Location API: Local user reviews and city guides

  MyDealBag API: Local deals aggregation service

  NAVTEQ Traffic API: Local traffic information service

  Nokia Ovi Places API: Online mapping service

  Onboard Points of Interest API: Real estate listings and search service

  OneSearchAway API: Social search service

  OpenGovernment API: State and local government data

  Outside.in API: Hyperlocal news and information aggregator

  Patch API: Community-specific news and information service

  PeekaCity API: Location-based services

  Peixe Urbano API: Brazilian daily deals service

  PlaceIQ API: Location data and mapping service

  Postcode Anywhere Store Finder API: UK business listings service

  Praized API: Local user reviews and search service

  Qype API: Local reviews service

  Retailigence API: Location-based retail inventory

  Rvolve Hyperlocal Ads API: Hyperlocal advertising platform

  Safe2pee API: Gender neutral bathroom search

  Sensis Business Search API: Australian business directory search service

  ShreveSearch Search API: Shreveport-Bossier LA area search services

  SinglePlatform API: Restaurant Menu and Local Business Storefront API

  SmartPea Grocery API: Grocery store deal and shopping list service

  SoGeo API: Location aware business platform

  Sqoot API: Local deals aggregation service

  TelVue PEG.TV API: Cloud-based streaming video service

  Tippr API: Daily deals aggregation service

  TrustedPlaces API: Local user reviews and city guides

  Urban Mapping Neighborhoods API: Urban geo-spatial data services

  VodoModo API: Geolocation video provider

  WebReserv API: Online business search and booking service

  welovelocal API: Local business search and recommendation service

  Wishpond API: Local retail search service

  World Weather Online API: Global weather information services

  World Weather Online City Search API: City lookup service

  World Weather Online Time Zone API: Time zone data service

  xAd API: Mobile advertising service

  Yahoo Local Search API: Local search service

  Yellow API: Canadian business listings service

  YellowBot Location API: Local business search service

  YellowBot Reputation Management API: Local business search service

  Yelp API: Local user reviews and city guides

  YouPage API: Business and local events directory

  YourStreet API: Geocoding news article service

  Zomato API: India Restaurant and lifestyle guide

  Zvents API: Local events search and community

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