88 New APIs: App.net, MasterCard and Locu

This week we had 88 new APIs added to our API directory including a social network and social Feed service, voice and text broadcasting solutions, credit card account validation service, menu management and venue location service and social media analytics. Additionally we covered Beeminder's API keeping goal setters on track, and how the HeiaHeia API brings workout tracking into the corporate world. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

4chan4chan API: 4Chan is a forum for image posting and discussion. Users can post images to different threads, separated categorically into themes like videogames, anime, music, and more. Users can reply to images and comments with more images and comments. The pasteboard format is simple and does not require an account or login. The 4chan API exposes information from the pasteboard’s threads. Developers can use it to retrieve content from 4chan. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

AccurateTaxAccurateTax API: AccurateTax is a web-based service that allows users to manage the sales tax collection and remittance for their e-commerce websites. The system provides sales tax rates on each order and product during checkout, sales tax reports and address validation. This functionality is accessible via an XML based API that can be used to integrate with third party applications. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information.

Adcentricity ADMobileAdcentricity ADMobile API: Adcentricity ADMobile is a location based mobile shopping Platform. Adcentricity offers a mobile media network through which they collect and deliver data–rich analytics to customers. ADMobile delivers location-based content such as deals, shopping tools and services to users on their mobile devices. The ADMobile API exposes the functionality of the application including Authentication, profile management and location-specific methods. The API uses JSON- RPC.

AgeTakAgeTak API: AgeTak, Inc. is a Big Data management solutions provider. They offer analytics, security, and federation solutions for enterprise-grade database systems. Their flagship product is ARC, a middleware solution for securitized database Integration. ARC helps manage data integration for sensitive information between web and mobile apps, for example. The AgeTak API is available to affiliated partners who want to build their own apps using the SaaS middleware.

App.netApp.net API: App.net is a real-time social network and social feed without any advertising. Users of App.net get to control their own data.

The App.net API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of App.net with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing account information, creating content, and accessing content feeds.

ATutor TransformableATutor Transformable API: ATutor is a Web-based Learning Content Management System. The software gives users access to a variety of features including student profiles, collaborative groups, file storage, messaging, content tracker, social networking and more.

Transformable is a learning object repository that supports complete customization of the learning content to create interoperable, accessible, adaptive learning content. The API allows users to search the repository by keywords. The API can also be used to lookup URLs for viewing, downloading, importing and exporting courses. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

BarnivoreBarnivore API: Barnivore is a guide to vegan beer, wine, and liquor. The Barnivore Vegan Alcohol Directory lists the vegan status of thousands of alcohol products. Barnivore makes their data freely available through their API, allowing users great latitude in using the Barnivore data for a variety of purposes.

BeeminderBeeminder API: Beeminder is a goal tracking service that allows users to set goals and track their progress towards them with incentives along the way.

The Beeminder API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Beeminder with other applications and to create new applications. The API methods include retrieving information about users, retrieving information about goals, and retrieving datapoints.

BioCycBioCyc API: The service provides aggregated access to almost 2000 databases of organism genome data (formally, Pathway/Genome Databases or PGDBs). Each database describes the genetic makeup and metabolic pathways of one biological organism. The service helps to navigate data, with tools for visualization of data relationships and analysis, both of individual organism data and comparisons among organisms.

API methods support description of individual genes, including proteins, pathways, enzymes, reactions, and products generated. In addition to metabolic pathways and other characteristics of individual genes, methods enable the service's genome browser and metabolic maps relating separate genes.

Biosafety Clearing-HouseBiosafety Clearing-House API: The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety is an international treaty governing the movements of living modified organisms (LMOs) resulting from modern biotechnology from one country to another. The Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH) is a mechanism set up by the Cartagena Protocol to facilitate the exchange of information on LMOs and assist parties in better complying with their obligations under the Protocol.

Global access to a variety of scientific, technical, environmental, legal, and capacity-building information is provided in all 6 of the UN languages. BCH account holders can create and manage records in the BCH by signing in through the Management Centre (Registering Information) section. BCH information and functions are available programmatically using a SOAP API.

BuycPanelBuycPanel API: BuycPanel is a cPanel license vendor, with an emphasis on instant license activation, price match guarantee, and exclusive add-ons. The BuycPanel API is organized using industry best practices and allows customers to access ordering functions through an automated process.

C2RouteAppC2RouteApp API: C2Logis provides route planning software to manage and maintain a route optimization solution. The C2RouteApp API enables users to enter up to 90 constraints ranging from truck size and type of product to assignments of specific drivers to routes. The API is accessible through excel where the api will pull data from spreadsheet format. The service uses SSL authentication and developers are given full Documentation with sample Python code.

CabanaCabana API: Cabana is a mobile application building and management service. Cabana allows users to build, host, and manage their mobile applications with all backend features.

The Cabana API allows developers to access their mobile applications and connect and integrate them with other APIs. Public documentation is not available. API access comes with account service.

CENSUS.IRE.ORGCENSUS.IRE.ORG API: CENSUS.IRE.ORG is a project created by Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) in order to provide journalists with a simpler way to access 2010 Census data. This allows them to spend less time importing and managing the data and more time exploring and reporting on the data. Census data can be retrieved using the GeoID for a geographic area of interest. The service employs a RESTful API with calls issued in JSON and JSONP.

ChalkableChalkable API: Chalkable offers web applications for schools, teachers, and students. Chalkable has applications with features like calendars, homework tracking, and gradebooks for students and teachers.

The Chalkable API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Chalkable with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: https://chalkable.com/Account/DeveloperSignup.

CobotCobot API: Cobot is coworking management software . Cobot provides coworking spaces worldwide with the necessary functionality to manage their members, including automatic payment processing, attendance tracking and control, member managed booking, and analytics. The Cobot API allows developers to integrate Cobot functions with 3rd party software and sites.

Collins IndicateCollins Indicate API: Collins Indicate is an online tool that lets customers use data to search for trends, analyze results, create visual graphics and share with colleagues. Statistical data can be imported, created, displayed and exported down to a subnational level. The data can be used to create maps, timeline graphs, regional comparisons, ranking tables and more. The Indicate API allows users to query statistical data from a range of key indicators and use it in third party applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, KML, PNG and JPEG.

ConversantConversant API: Conversant is internet software designed to help groups of all sizes work together by enabling them to share ideas, questions, files, and information online. It provides tools for managing news pages, weblogs, feature-rich event calendars, and online discussion forums. It also provides website publishing, email and mailing-list integration, and many other services.

Conversant's features can be accessed and manipulated programmatically using XML-RPC calls.

CosmCosm API: Cosm is a platform for the Internet of Things. The connection of non-digital, real world devices to Internet systems is a growing reality known as the Internet of Things. Cosm provides a platform to relay information from Internet-enabled real world devices to computer systems. The Cosm platform is exposed as an API for real time data transmission. It is a RESTful API that can return JSON and XML-encoded data.

dotClouddotCloud API: DotCloud is a service for deploying, managing, and Scaling web applications. Sandbox apps are free, and users may add as many services as they want. Live applications run on a separate cluster, which is monitored 24/7 by the dotCloud operations team. Developers may build custom application stacks by combining powerful, pre-configured cloud services. A SOAP-based API makes dotCloud accessible programmatically so that it can be integrated into other applications and services.

EAST Web Dictionary SearchEAST Web Dictionary Search API: EAST is a Tokyo-based software developer that specializes in providing Windows-based solutions for a variety of businesses. EAST has also been a leading developer of Japanese language processing solutions such as dictionaries and fonts.

One such solution is a web dictionary search service. Using XML-based SOAP calls, users can get a list of available dictionaries, get a dictionary's table of contents, retrieve dictionary entries, and search one dictionary for a single entry.

The website and all documentation are provided in Japanese. Only some parts of the main website are provided with English translations.

FatFractalFatFractal API: FatFractal is a application backend service. FatFractal offers web and mobile application developers cloud-hosted backend services for their applications.

The FatFractal API allows developers to access and integrate the features and functionality of FatFractal with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing account information, managing users, and retrieving lists and objects.

FliqzFliqz API: The service provides search results from collections of media assets, mainly videos. Results can provide specific videos or collections of videos established with the service that match query parameters. Information provided for each video includes title, descriptions, keywords, thumbnail image links, and more.

API methods support submitting a query to the system specifying a query and potentially target fields to match against. Search can also specify a category to retrieve a list of available categories created in the system rather than specific video assets. Returned data include an asset's unique ID value, title, description, keywords, thumbnail link, upload date, duration, and popularity data like ratings and shares.

FSRS FFATA ReportingFSRS FFATA Reporting API: The service provides online reporting tools for compliance with the U.S. FFATA Subaward Reporting System (FSRS). Federal law requires that awardees who win procurement bids and contract directly with the federal government must disclose subcontractors who will contribute to fulfillment. Federal grant recipients are subject to the same requirement. The service enables reporting of such subawards.

API methods support submitting a compliance report, naming the master contract and awardee and providing full information about each subaward contractor including name, principle place of business, effective time period, payments awarded, and top-executive compensation.

GatherContentGatherContent API: GatherContent is an online content management platform. GatherContent lets users curate website content, collaborate on website content, edit website content, and plan for website content posting.

The GatherContent API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of GatherContent with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving users and user information, company information, and retrieving files and and page content.

GigabarkGigabark API: Gigabark provides web-based voice and text broadcasting solutions with a focus on telephone and text broadcasts, surveys, and polls. The Gigabark API allows customers to link applications directly to Gigabark through a RESTful interface to automatically start broadcasts, surveys, and more.

HeiaHeiaHeiaHeia API: HeiaHeia is a web and mobile application to track fitness, health, and workouts. HeiaHeia can be used individually, by businesses, and by groups.

The HeiaHeia API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of HeiaHeia with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists of sports, retrieving sport information, managing workout logs, and managing account information.

IFR MarketsIFR Markets API: IFR Markets is a source of real-time financial markets commentary, analysis, data, and forecasting. It employs over 70 analysts worldwide who are experienced market professionals themselves. IFR Markets provides access real-time rates, credit, and forex information 24 hours a day.

IFR Markets features a REST API that makes its information resources available to developers for integration into their applications or services.

Illuminate EducationIlluminate Education API: Illuminate Education provides web based education software. Their solution allows educators to manage their gradebook, assessment system, parent Portal, attendance, data management, report cards, Special Education system, scheduling, grades, discipline, and more. The Illuminate API lets developers integate their applications with the Illuminate system. Data available via the API includes school sites, grade levels, students, courses, rosters and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

ISOcatISOcat API: ISOcat is a data category registry (DCR) for defining widely accepted linguistic concepts. ISOcat is also known as the TC 37 DCR and is maintained by the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. TC 37 is a technical committee within the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that prepares standards and other documents concerning methodology and principles for terminology and language resources.

The contents of the ISOcat registry are accessible programmatically using REST calls issued in XML format.

Isoph BlueIsoph Blue API: Isoph, a division of LearnSomething, is a leading provider of e-learning success solutions. Isoph Blue is a complete, customizable portal environment with tools for creating a wide range of learning content and managing a vibrant community of learners. It enables organizations to develop and manage a wide variety of continuing education, training, and certification initiatives. The Isoph Blue API enables developers to integrate Isoph Blue's functions with other services and applications using SOAP calls.

JetloreJetlore API: Jetlore is a data analytics tool provider. It allows app developers to track the information trail left by their users. Developers can integrate Jetlore into their apps and follow its dashboard for daily reports users’ social media activity. Jetlore will return information about users’ interests and the subjects of their discussions. The API exposes the information retrieval functionality from the dashboard and allows developers to integrate the reports into backend software. The API is RESTful and returns JSON-encoded data.

Jibe MobileJibe Mobile API: Jibe Mobile is an app-to-app connection service provider. They provide tools for creating connected mobile experiences in peer-to-peer app usage. This includes features for video calling and chat, file and data transfer, and more. This allows players to compete, share, and increase social engagement with friends. The Jibe Mobile API exposes push notifications, messaging, and connection functionalities. It is a RESTful API and interested developers must request access.

Kasahorow DictionariesKasahorow Dictionaries API: Kasahorow.org promotes the use of African language. The Kasahorow Dictionaries are a translation tool for Akan languages of Southern Ghana. The Kasahorow Dictionaries API exposes the Kasahorow data in a RESTful format and is crafted towards translating a word or words from one language to another.

Leaflet Vector Layers PostGISLeaflet Vector Layers PostGIS API: Leaflet Vector Layers allows users to add one or more vector layers from a number of different geographical web services to a Leaflet map. Leaflet Vector Layers monitors map events - like pan and zoom - and fetches features within the map bounds after each event. This method is suited for data sets with lots of interactive features that the developer doesn't want to load all at once. The Leaflet Vector Layers PostGIS API lets developers access these functions programmatically using REST calls.

LocuLocu API: Locu is a menu creation and management tool for restaurants. Locu allows users to create, manage, and edit their menus online for both print and digital menu formats. Menus are updated on the web automatically.

The Locu API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Locu with other applications. Example API methods include retrieving price lists, accessing venue information, and retrieving menu item information.

LTER CLIMDB/HYDRODBLTER CLIMDB/HYDRODB API: The service provides a repository of meteorological and hydrological data, including recorded weather conditions and streamflow measurements from a number of widely distributed research sites. It is intended to meet the needs of researchers tracking long-term trends in precipitation and other weather conditions against surface water supplies in a region.

API methods support access to either raw data or aggregated data for extended time periods. Raw data available include data for a specific site on a particular day along with the date when data were last recorded there. Aggregated data available include monthly, yearly, and overall data recorded for all recording stations.

madvertisemadvertise API: madvertise is a mobile advertising platform and service in Europe. madvertise offers publishers and developers advertising integration services into their applications and content and offers advertisers places for their ads for mobile applications.

The madvertise API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of madvertise with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

ManageBGL DiabetesManageBGL Diabetes API: ManageBGL is an online diabetes management program. ManageBGL allows users to upload blood sugar readings, insulin doses and carbohydrate intake from their meter, cell phone or web browser. Once uploaded to the cloud, the information is accessible over the internet and can be shared in real time with teachers, parents, healthcare providers and other care givers. The RESTful API allows users to pull information from ManageBGL directly into an excel spreadsheet, or view recent blood sugar highs and lows with a news reader. Default formats are XML, JSON, RSS and Atom.

MasterCard Lost-Stolen Account ListMasterCard Lost-Stolen Account List API: The MasterCard Developer Zone opens up MasterCard's financial and data services allowing developers to create applications that interact with MasterCard's global network.

The Lost-Stolen Account List API helps users manage their risk by providing a list of lost/stolen account numbers. This lets ecommerce providers to validate accounts against known accounts that have been reported as lost or stolen. The API returns account status along with a reason for an account being listed. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

MasterCard Merchant IdentifierMasterCard Merchant Identifier API: The MasterCard Developer Zone opens up MasterCard's financial and data services allowing developers to create applications that interact with MasterCard's global network.

Merchant Identifier is a tool that returns merchant data based on the merchant name supplied by the user. This data include DBA name, Merchant Category Code (MCC), street address, city, state, postal code, country, and sales channels. The API lets users display this information within their own websites or applications. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

MasterCard MOTAPSMasterCard MOTAPS API: The MasterCard Developer Zone opens up MasterCard's financial and data services allowing developers to create applications that interact with MasterCard's global network.

The MasterCard Over-the-Air Provisioning Service (MOTAPS) provides a way for issuers to extend their PayPass product portfolios by securely transferring the cardholder’s payment account information, via a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), into the cardholder’s Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled mobile phone. The cardholder is then able to use the mobile phone as a standalone PayPass device.

The MOTAPS API gives issuers an interface to check the eligibility of a consumer mobile device and then initiate provisioning, personalization, and life cycle management requests. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

MasterCard rePowerMasterCard rePower API: The MasterCard Developer Zone opens up MasterCard's financial and data services allowing developers to create applications that interact with MasterCard's global network.

The MasterCard rePower Load Network provides consumers with a way to add funds to their eligible MasterCard prepaid account. Users can deposit at various points including merchant point of sale (POS), an ATM, or a mobile device. The API lets merchants offer customers the ability to use rePower and also lets merchants reverse any transfers. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

MosamiMosami API: Mosami is a cloud-based service for building real-time interactive video experiences and delivering them to the browser. The API offers access to media processing algorithms - face tracking, background extraction, composition and mixing, and more - running on our servers. Users can connect their webcams via simple widgets embedded within a site's HTML.

nNetis Tennis DatabasenNetis Tennis Database API: nNetis provides a database of tennis courts, tennis clubs, and tennis shops around the country. The data is presented in map form with details including, number of courts at the location, if the courts have lights, if it is indoor, what type of court it is, if the location has a pro shop and what services the shop offers. The nNetis Tennis Database API enables users to utilize the facility database on third-party websites. Examples usages include adding a search box to find local courts or adding a localized facility map. The API is JSON based and free of charge within reasonable usage limits.

NorseCorpNorseCorp API: NorseCorp is a provider of Internet security intelligence solutions for eCommerce and enterprise clients. These solutions include nGate, an online payment gateway, and IPViking, a real-time set of security intelligence on IP addressses. Both services can expose their data via RESTful APIs. Full documentation is not publicly available.

nVisonViso API: nViso provides emotion recognition software to capture and analyze the emotional response and visual attention of consumers. The 3D Facial Imaging API provides a real-time solution to measuring emotion over the internet. The API provides a real-time emotion profile (7 emotional states) from a live webcam stream where results can be delivered directly to the web browser. Coming features include the ability to subscribe to the results in real-time from multiple end-points. In addition to the emotion profile, the software provides detailed facial information up to 44 points. Full documentation is not yet publicly available.

OCLC WMSOCLC WMS API: The OCLC is a nonprofit computer Library service and research organization which offers WorldShare Management Services (WMS), a suite of services that allow users to manage a library's entire collection management life cycle in a cloud-based application.

The WMS API suite includes functionality to work with acquisitions, circulation, collection management, library material checkouts, and lookup vendor information. The APIs uses RESTful calls with responses available in XML, JSON or Atom.

OfficeAutoPilotOfficeAutoPilot API: OfficeAutopilot is an all-in-one marketing and business platform from MoonRay. It is designed for information experts, marketers, and coaches, with the intention of solving business challenges faced by small and mid-sized companies. The OfficeAutopilot API bundles the platform’s services together with the Ontraport marketing product Sendpepper. The REST API allows developers to access their OfficeAutopilot and Sendpepper account data, and to integrate that data into new services and applications.

OIPA: Openaid IATI OIPA: Openaid IATI API: OIPA is a Framework that provides an API for accessing and integrating International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)compliant datasets with international aid data.

The OIPA API allows developers to access and integrate the data from international aid organizations and IATI datasets. Some example API methods include searching and retrieving organization names and information, budget information, and activity information.

OKPAYOKPAY API: OKPAY is a payment service designed for use by online businesses, including merchants, financial institutions, online games, software providers, payout projects, and freelancers. It can be used to make all kinds of payments as well as to send or receive money. International bank transfers and online currency exchanges are supported, along with ten different e-currencies.

OKPAY provides SOAP APIs that enable developers to build custom applications, tools, and services that integrate OKPAY's functions. Typical applications may include searching for transactions, paying en masse, and making refunds.

Open PlacesOpen Places API: Open Places is a web content provider. They offer written content and photographs describing places. Writers and photographers submit their pieces to the site for competition. Open Places’ editor vet suitable content for publication. The content is then made available to non-profits for free. The Open Places API exposes the free content to publication in apps and other outlets. It will return articles and their metadata. The API is RESTful and return JSON-encoded data.

Open StatesOpen States API: The Open State Project is an initiative of the Sunshine Foundation, a nonprofit organization working towards greater government openness and transparency. The Open States API provides a RESTful interface for accessing state legislative information including general state metadata and data on bills, legislators, committees and events.

OpenLearningOpenLearning API: OpenLearning is an educational platform for social learning. Users can sign up for any course they would like, for free. They can also sign up in groups and take courses socially. Educators can create their courses as well to share with the world at large. The OpenLearning API exposes the system of notifications about course usage and user activity. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data. It can be used for integrating of OpenLearning into scripts.

Pagely PartnerPagely Partner API: Pagely is a hosting and management service for WordPress sites. Pagely hosts WordPress sites and manages WordPress updates and other technical aspects of WordPress site management.

The Pagely Partner API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Pagely with other applications. Some example API methods include managing accounts, managing domains, and managing account and billing information.

PayGround Express CheckoutPayGround Express Checkout API: PayGround's Express Checkout is a remote payment service that operates through PayGround's Mobile Payment system. It is designed to allow consumers to complete transactions quickly, using only their mobile number. Customers input their mobile phone number at the merchant´s checkout where the Express Checkout service is offered. PayGround then matches the mobile phone number with the customer's social security number, address, credit check, etc. using a series of look-ups. The customer chooses whether they would like to receive an invoice or to charge a debit or credit card. Thus, the payment does not end up on the usual mobile operator bill.

The Express Checkout system is integrated into the developer's online checkout process using SOAP or REST APIs. Although parts of the PayGround website are offered in English, much of the API documentation is provided exclusively in Swedish.

PDF24 Javascript PDFPDF24 Javascript PDF API: PDF24.org provides a free online PDF document creation service. This service can be accessed through the site's web interface or a JavaScript API. Developers can use the API to provide a PDF-making button for their end-users in blogs, forums, wiki systems, and other article-based internet software.

PieceablePieceable API: Piecable Software is an app development platform. It allows developers, retailers, companies, and others desiring to create an app for their service tools to construct, test, and deploy their own. Pieceable offers a simulator platform called the Pieceable Viewer to upload existing apps to test and troubleshoot them. Then when they are finished, they can be published directly to site for testing or demoing. The Pieceable API exposes the Viewer platform and allows developers to integrate uploading with their scripts. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

PipedrivePipedrive API: Pipedrive offers sales management software focusing on increased sales and managing a sales pipeline. The software uses a drag and drop interface allowing users to view the metrics making up their sales pipeline. The Pipedrive API provides a RESTful interface for customers to integrate Pipedrive functions into their own systems.

PirateUploadPirateUpload API: PirateUpload is a file hosting service that allows users to upload and download files to and from the PirateUpload community. The PirateUpload API enables users to get file information, and upload files. An API Key is required to use the API.

Predictive EdgePredictive Edge API: Predictive Edge is a big data management solution. It is a multi-purposed suite of information gathering and processing for retailers. Its real-time and predictive data modeling helps retailers dynamically retool their price structure. The suites infrastructure consists of a database that processes new information and reports on a GUI dashboard. The Predictive Edge API exposes the database and information processing functionality of the infrastructure. It is a RESTful API that retirns JSON-encoded data.

Previmeteo WeatherPrevimeteo Weather API: Previmeteo is a weather forecasting service. The site offers local and regional forecasts, weather maps, satellite images, a weather dashboard widget, XML data, weather alerts by SMS, fax or emails and more. The API gives users an alternative to the since deprecated Google Weather API. It offers the same functionality as the Google Weather API but connects to the Previmeteo weather forecasting service. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

ProfessionLProfessionL API: ProfessionL is a recruitment management platform. It allows employers to manage their recruitment searches from a single dashboard. The dashboard includes tabs for several aspects of recruitment, including multiple job listings, candidates, and contacts. An “Activity” tab allows an overall view of the recruitment process workflow. The ProfessionL API exposes the user profile functionality and enables data portability for importation and exportation.

PromedasPromedas API: Promedas provides a clinical expertise system to medical professionals. The Promedas API can be integrated into existing medical systems that contain a patient file database. Using this data, Promedus can provide a differential diagnosis based on the data contained in a patient's file. The API is currently in a developer beta. To access the API, contact Promedas.

Proofread BotProofread Bot API: Proofread Bot is a free online proofreading tool that checks the grammar, style, and spelling of a website or other web content.

The Proofread Bot API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Proofread Bot with other applications. The main API functions are proofreading web content and returning the results.

Quickie Marketing ScrubQuickie Marketing Scrub API: The Quickie Marketing Scrub service is an email verification service that allows users to verify safe,real, and deliverable email addresses. The API is available in the standard Scrub API format and also an FTP format for bulk uploads. The API works in real-time and will scrubs up to 100 MB of data per day.The Service takes REST calls and returns XML.

Recognize.IMRecognize.IM API: Recognize.IM is an image recognition platform for mobile applications and photos. Users can connect their images from various online and mobile applications with Recognize.IM.

The Recognize.IM Image Recognition API allows developers to access and integrate the Recognize.IM functionality with other applications and to build new applications. Some example API methods include managing account information, retrieving photos, and processing photos.

Reddaway Transit TimeReddaway Transit Time API: The service provides shipping time estimates for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments via three regional trucking lines, Reddaway, Holland, and New Penn. The companies have partnered in the YRC Regional Transportation network to serve different regions within North America, and the time estimates reflect their joint coverage.

API methods support specification of origin and destination ZIP codes along with requested pickup date. Methods return estimated time in transit for the load, along with particulars about the carrier to be used with contact information, the industry standard time for such a load to allow comparison with the estimate, and any available service upgrades.

Scanbuy ScanLifeScanbuy ScanLife API: Scanbuy is a global provider of mobile barcode solutions that make use of camera phones. The ScanLife solution consists of a multi-barcode reader application with millions of users who access product information, coupons, and more. Scanbuy offers services allowing customers to create integrated 2D barcode solutions. The ScanLife API allows outside websites to generate codes automatically from the ScanLife Code Management Platform. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information about the API.

Science.govScience.gov API: Science.gov is a database that searches numerous government and federal databases and other science databases. Users can search by various topics, as well as free text.

The Science.gov API allows developers to access and integrate the data from Science.gov. The API method returns data from Science.gov.

ScienceLogicScienceLogic API: ScienceLogic is a platform designed to support corporate IT operations. It discovers, monitors, and manages infrastructure and applications without the need for multiple tools and vendors. ScienceLogic enables the monitoring of resources located in the cloud, or in data centers anywhere in the world, all from one place.

Developers can customize and automate data center and private cloud monitoring using ScienceLogic's REST-based API. The API also allows automated monitoring provisioning and data integration with third-party web applications, such as billing systems and customer portals.

ShapewaysShapeways API: Shapeways is a 3D printing service that allows users to order custom-designed 3D objects online. Materials available for printing include steel, silver, ceramic, glass, and various plastics.

Shapeways provides a SOAP-based API that enables developers to download information on the available materials, including their properties. The API also lets users upload 3D models for printing.

Simple Reverse GeocodingSimple Reverse Geocoding API: The service determines the placename in Japan specified by location parameters such as latitude and longitude. Place specifications documented include the location's prefecture, municipality, and "Aza" or section. Only the Japanese language is supported.

API methods support specification of a location by latitude and longitude, with an optional radius defining an area around the designated point. Separate radius parameters may be entered for street address and "Aza" (section) designation. Methods return named prefecture, municipality, and local values such as street address, along with Aza.

StreetEagleGPSStreetEagleGPS API: InsightUSA is a business tracking service built around the integration of GPS into business services. The company's services include street dispatch, route optimization, public fleet display, mobile tracking, and others. The StreetEagle API allows users to integrate the services into third-party applications. The service includes a full developer guide, sample .NET web apps for testing, and developer support.

SWITCHcastSWITCHcast API: The service provides video management for recorded lectures as part of courses at universities in Switzerland. Instructors can use the system to create videorecordings of lecturers and class presentations, which then are available to students of those classes. The service allows grouping of video content clips into channels for control of access by viewers.

API methods support separate producer and spectator functions. Spectators have read-only access to view video content made available to them. Producer functions give write access to add new content captured using a downloaded client and manage (update, delete) existing content. Producer methods allow designation of channels containing specified video clips, which allows spectator methods to list them for viewer access.

Talk Like A Pirate TranslationTalk Like A Pirate Translation API: The Talk Like A Pirate Translation API allows users to submit text and get the translation to pirate speak in return. The default return format is txt but JSON and XML are also options. The Pirate translations are pulled from Tom Crouchers YQL table in the yahoo developer's blog section.

Track & Field Results Reporting SystemTrack & Field Results Reporting System API: Track & Field Field Results Reporting System (TFRRS) is the official home of college track & field performance lists, meet results, season bests, and athlete tracking. The API allows a meet manager to connect to TFRRS, login and submit performances. It also allows the user to download entries. With the API, developers can integrate TFRRS into their meet management software. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

TrackRoad RoutingTrackRoad Routing API: TrackRoad is a route optimization and dispatch service that is designed to help users make trips and deliveries more efficient. The TrackRoad API enables users to calculate distance between driving points, calculate a route, dispatch vehicles, check geocodes, and complete other actions and calls. The services is available in SOAP and REST formats and returns JSON.

TweettronicsTweettronics API: The Tweettronics Social Media API enables developers to track brands and topics and analyze what is being said about them. The easy to use REST-based API provides sentiment analysis, influence analysis, and varieties of textual analysis. Developers can obtain such data as impressions, reach, most influential speakers, most spoken phrases, primary URLs mentioned, volume of messages, and more.

UptrendsUptrends API: The service provides monitoring of websites and other online resources for continuous uptime, with alerts in case a Resource becomes unresponsive. It allows creation of "probes" that interact with specified URLs at preset intervals and report back response status to the service. Probes set criteria for notification, including contact method and address, conditions to trigger notification, frequency of messages, etc.

API methods support basic operations for creating, reading, updating, and deleting monitoring rules ( CRUD operations) including the resources monitored and responses to status detected. Methods also support retrieving and reporting on data such as uptime statistics and history of alerts.

Warranty HotelWarranty Hotel API: Warranty Hotel is a platform that allows users to store all of their warranties in one place. Businesses and retailers can sign up with Warranty Hotel for their warranties to be stored with Warranty Hotel so users can access them at the site.

The Warranty Hotel API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Warranty Hotel with other applications. Some example API methods include uploading and managing warranties, searching warranties, and transferring warranties. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

whatisonip.com whatisonip.com API: whatisonip.com is a reverse IP address lookup service with a large database of over 159M domains updated weekly. The API functionality offers 3 methods of extracting data from the site: information related to the sites hosted on a single IP address, information related to the sites hosted on a C Class of IP addresses, and information about the sites that share the same reverse DNS. This allows users to find blacklisted IP addresses, IP address location, and information about what sites run on a certain IP address or IP address class. The API envelopes basic HTTP calls and XML responses.

WiFiSlamWiFiSlam API: WiFiSlam is an indoor positioning solution. It provides real-time indoor location information based on WiFi signals. Their product offers developers to create improved location-enhanced applications for their users. Developers can upload the floor plans they are working to accommodate and calibrate the WiFiSlam’s sensitivity to their needs. The API exposes the location information retrieval functionality, allowing developers to build their own apps for analytical and real-time reporting.

WorldwideDNSWorldwideDNS API: WorldwideDNS provides comprehensive DNS services for thousands of businesses, developers, and consumers; including a reseller program. The WorldwideDNS API offers a variety of HTTP calls, allowing customers to control accounts from within their own integrated systems.

WyzAnt ShareASale Affiliate ProgramWyzAnt ShareASale Affiliate Program API: WyzAnt is an online tutoring marketplace connecting students with independent tutors. WyzAnt has an affiliate program through which partners are compensated for driving customer traffic to WyzAnt. The Wyzant ShareASale Affiliate Program API allows partners to perform realtime searches against the WyzAnt tutor database.

XML ME Electronic Products FinderXML ME Electronic Products Finder API: The XML ME Electronic Products Finder API allows users to search for electronic products programmatically. The API accepts a search string and returns a URL pointing to the electronic products search results. The target data resources for this search service are not specified. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

XML ME Sporting Goods FinderXML ME Sporting Goods Finder API: The XML ME Sporting Goods Finder API allows users to search for sporting goods programmatically. The service accepts a search string and returns a URL pointing to the sporting goods search results. The target data resources for this search service are not specified. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

YikeSiteYikeSite API: YikeSite is a hosted content management system (CMS) that website designers, developers, and producers can brand to their own company. They can then market the service as their own. YikeSite allows users to create websites quickly using an intuitive, "in-place" editing method with simple and portable themes. The resulting sites come with clean, human-readable URLs. The creation of alternate URLs is also supported.

YikeSite provides a JSON API for creating, updating, and deleting webpages, as well as for viewing user account information and managing customers.