88 New APIs: Twilio, HP and LexisNexis

This week we had 88 new APIs added to our API directory including an SMS messaging service, virtual server management service, website user and profile management service, business publication search service, proximity Platform and telegram hand delivery service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AdfonicAdfonic API: Adfonic is an advertising marketplace for mobile advertising. Adfonic's services allow mobile application developers and publishers to generate revenue through advertising in their applications.

The Adfonic API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Adfonic with their applications. Some example API methods include managing ads, accessing user data and information, and managing templates.

AisleBuyerAisleBuyer API: AisleBuyer is a company that offers mobile commerce products and applications for mobile phones. Features of their products include mobile shopping applications, coupons, promotions, and account management.

The AisleBuyer Web API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of AisleBuyer products with other applications and to create new applications. Documentation is available with account creation and sign-in.

Anveo PhoneAnveo Phone API: Anveo is an interactive voice response service provider. The Anveo API provides a way for external applications and systems to make phone calls, initiate outbound IVR, provision ContactME/Click to Call buttons as well as order, provision and manage DIDs (phone numbers) and Anveo Call Flows.

AppoliciousAppolicious API: Appolicious is a mobile application discovery service. Appolicious includes applications for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Users can browse and search by category, devices, trending applications, and other variables.

The Appolicious API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Appolicious with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers can sign up here http://www.appolicious.com/pages/api-ad-landing-page for more information.

appto.usappto.us API: appto.us is a database of mobile and web applications. The appto.us database can be searched and browsed for a variety of mobile and web applications. Developers can add and manage their applications on appto.us.

The appto.us API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of appto.us with other applications. Some example API methods include accessing application information, managing account information, and listing various applications.

AutotaskAutotask API: Autotask is a cloud based business management software platform that lets users organize, automate and optimize their business. It gives users the ability to do their billing, scheduling, employee tracking and see which clients are most profitable. The Autotask API exposes the functionality of the platform and allows it to be integrated with third party applications. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Barium LiveBarium Live API: Barium Live! provides tools and services for creating valuable and sustainable process solutions. Target customers are leading businesses and organizations that need to automate and ensure the quality of their business processes, while also keeping them up-to-date. Barium Live! offers a REST API that allows users to get information from and set information to process models and applications they have created.

BeEFBeEF API: BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework) is a professional security tool that leverages browser vulnerabilities to assess the security posture of its target. It provides penetration testers with practical client-side attack vectors. BeEF's framework allows the penetration tester to select specific modules to target each browser, and therefore each context. This project is developed solely for lawful research and penetration testing.

BeThereNYCBeThereNYC API: BeThereNYC hosts a listing for events occurring in New York City. It focuses on events taking place at museums, such as exhibitions and stargazing. It also provides a map that shows the locations of listed events. The information on BeThereNYC can be accessed programmatically via REST API.

Bramus Simple REST API ExplorerBramus Simple REST API Explorer API: Simple REST API Explorer is a method for showcasing and exploring all endpoints of a RESTful API. Simple REST API Explorer is itself a REST API that uses JSON and JSONP. It has only been tested for use on APIs that also use JSON and JSONP. Whether it will Function properly with APIs that use other data formats is unknown.

Bring CargoBring Cargo API: The service provides planning and scheduling for cargo transportation, delivery, and logistics within Scandinavia, the U.K., parts of northern Europe, and parts of the U.S. It provides access to price quotation and shipment scheduling functions, with specification of point of origin and destination, weight, cargo type, and related information.

API methods support specification of customer identification as well as exact addresses for origin and destination, description of cargo (type, weight, size). The API provides price quotes and shipping time estimates, with ability to schedule shipments, if desired, and package tracking while en route.

California ISOCalifornia ISO API: The service gives access to operating data for California's electrical power grid. Available data include current experienced electrical demand, projected or forecast demand, available power generating capacity, and related operating parameters. Separate services provide data on power availability, reviewing outage reports, submission of outage reports, and scheduling of maintenance downtimes.

API methods support retrieval of availability information for all generators affiliated with the California ISO grid and for individual generators. Methods also handle retrieval of any outage reports currently filed and submission of new outage reports. The API also handles requests for scheduled downtimes for planned maintenance.

Carbonite Blog ImporterCarbonite Blog Importer API: Carbonite is an online backup service allowing users to make secure and automatic backups of their hard drives. Users can restore lost files and access their backups from any computer or internet enabled device. The Carbonite Blog Importer allows users to import their blogs and perform basic management of it. Methods include adding posts and comments, retrieving files, handling files and images and more. It uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

CatApplusCatApplus API: CatApplus is a service that lets users automatically categorize their android apps. Users do not need to create folders and drag their apps, the apps are automatically categorized into 30 available categories. The API gives users access to statistics for the application. These statistics include the total number of apps, total publishers, top 30 requested apps and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

cBio Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS)cBio Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS) API: The service provides direct access by applications to genetic and genomic data stored by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Applications can retrieve information about cancer studies and their genetic findings, genetic profiles and indicators for specific cancer types and gene structures, and similar highly detailed data. Datasets document more than 5000 tumor samples from 20 research studies.

API methods support retrieval of cancer research studies, with detailed filtering by specific topics and findings. Methods also allow retrieval of genetic profiles and case lists reported in cancer research, extended mutation data, protein and antibody information, and clinical data.

CertainCertain API: Certain is an on demand event management service. It's cloud based platform allows users to plan, promote, manage and track events. The Certain API allows developers to integrate some of the data from the Certain platform with their own applications. This data includes meetings and registrations. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Christian Social GraphChristian Social Graph API: ChristianVolunteering.org is a directory of Christian volunteer opportunities in a variety of locations and from various ministries.

The Christian Social Graph API from ChristianVolunteering.org allows developers to produce RSS, JSON, XML, and CSV outputs from the ChristianVolunteering.org directory of Christian volunteer opportunities.

CloudPassageCloudPassage API: CloudPassage is a service that allows users to secure their cloud servers and hosting. Some features of CloudPassage include firewall automation, Authentication, and file integrity monitoring.

The CloudPassage API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of CloudPassage with other applications. Some example API methods include managing firewall settings, managing accounts, and managing server information.

CommerceV3CommerceV3 API: The service provides storefront, shopping cart, checkout functions compliant with PCI and DSS specifications. A configurable feature set and display allow Integration with other sites, and API integration allows application level interaction. Variable tax and shipping options are controlled for each account.

API methods support creation and management of product catalog entries, product categories for grouping similar items, and rules for pricing and shipping. Methods also support booking transactions and processing payments. Administrative functions include customer account creation and updating, blast email communications, and order exporting or reporting.

DaletDalet API: Dalet is a provider of media asset management and digital production tools. These tools can be used for acquiring, cataloging, producing and distributing multimedia content. The Dalet API exposes functionality of the Enterprise edition of the software. This funcionality includes importing, updating and exporting media and metadata, media management such as conversions and transfers, task management functions such as notifications and assignments and more. The API uses REST and SOAP protocols and responses are formatted in XML. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Data-PlanetData-Planet API: The service compiles data on economic and social activities from hundreds of official sources, including several U.S. government agencies, and makes it available to support data display applications. Applications can access regularly updated datasets on financial markets, regions and geographical subdivisions, criminal activities, public health, and more. The service harmonizes data collected from diverse sources to simplify access within a single, consistent structure.

API methods support retrieval of data across 15 categories and by source, including U.S. government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, the World Bank, and others.

Desk.comDesk.com API: Desk.com provides customer support services. A company can register for its own social help desk and have it up and running in a day or a weekend. The Desk.com REST APIs enable users to integrate the help desk with other internal and 3rd party systems. The APIs allow users to retrieve cases for a particular customer, to retrieve or update a customer’s information, and to create new interactions, cases, and customers.

DigitalClassicist G-ToolDigitalClassicist G-Tool API: The service accepts Greek character strings and returns transliterated Latin strings. Specified rulesets configure the character translation to account for variations in the location and time period of the source material.

API methods accept Unicode character strings in the Greek alphabet along with ruleset designations to control the transformation to be applied and output preference designations. Returned data provide Latin equivalents of the submitted strings, transformed according to the specified rulesets.

DirectSmileDirectSmile API: The service provides tools for generating personalized images and documents. It supports data-driven production of media resources for creating personalized images and email displays, printing of variable data sets, and web-to-print functions. Marketing campaigns are one application of the service's capabilities.

API methods support specification of parameters for generating customized images and for defining and rendering documents. Methods also handle production and delivery of documents after rendering.

FlomioFlomio API: Flomio is a service for near field communications (NFC), allowing phones to touch readers and tags for scanning and transmission of information and data. Flomio has a variety of uses, such as event management, retail, and healthcare.

The Flomio API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Flomio with applications and devices. Some example API methods include listing information fields, listing and retrieving reading devices, and managing account information.

Fork CMSFork CMS API: Fork is an open-source content management system (CMS). Some features of Fork include various applications and modules, customizable interfaces and themes, and website analytics and marketing tools.

The Fork CMS API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Fork with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving content and information, managing user accounts, and managing devices.

GenoProGenoPro API: GenoPro is a genealogy software for drawing family trees. With GenoPro, users can view complete graphical representation of their genealogy tree and can see both ancestors and descendants at once. The API exposes the functionality of the software to developers. Many methods are exposed including file delete, publish report, search city, collaboration projects and more. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

GeomaxServiceGeomaxService API: GeomaxService is a SOAP-based API for retrieving Naturalis-related information. Naturalis is the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity. The GeomaxService API claims to retrieve taxonomy, chronology, and geology data related to Naturalis finds. This API is poorly documented and does not appear to be affiliated with Naturalis.

GopressGopress API: Gopress is the first online Belgian newsstand. It gives users full access to popular newspapers and magazines on their computers and soon on tablets and smartphones as well. Publications are offered in multiple languages, including English, Flemish, French, and German. Gopress' functions can be accessed programmatically via SOAP API.

The website and API documentation are available in French, Dutch, and English.

GRBHostsGRBHosts API: The service maintains a database of Gamma-ray burst events. GRBs are the most energetic events in the universe, first documented in the 1960s and fully measured only in the late 1990s. API access to this database allows retrieval of data logged for individual events.

API methods support identifying logged events, either all records in the database or selections designated by location or name assigned. Methods also allow submission of SQL queries to specify more flexible retrieval parameters. The API gives access to citations of papers that were data sources for the service database.

HoppioHoppio API: Hoppio is a mobile apps backend provider. With the backend, developers have access to unlimited data storage and user management features such as authorization and authentication. The API provides access to the full functionality of the service. Exposed methods include standard CRUD operations on objects and users, querying of the Hoppio backend, and authentication. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Hostway FlexCloudHostway FlexCloud API: Hostway is an internet hosting company specializing in cloud hosting solutions. Their FlexCloud Servers are an on demand cloud solutions that combines features of public clouds and enterprise grade environments. The FlexCloud API lets users access, manage and resell their cloud at any computer with internet access. Users can also remotely perform operations such as soft and hard reboots, look up resources such as RAM, disk size and number of CPU and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

HP Cloud Block StorageHP Cloud Block Storage API: This API lets users store data from their HP Cloud Compute instances for as long as needed. The HP Cloud Block Storage is ideal for applications requiring frequent read/write access such as web applications. Users have access to durable, high-performance storage volumes that persist until they are deleted giving users control over how long to keep their data.

HP Cloud CDNHP Cloud CDN API: The HP Cloud Services CDN API lets users deliver static data from HP Cloud Object Storage to users around the world. The data is cached and distributed across HP and Akamai global networks for low latency and fast transfer. WIth the API users can add the CDN service to their existing Object Storage containers.

HP Cloud ComputeHP Cloud Compute API: HP Cloud Compute allows users to deploy scalable virtual servers on demand. Users can customize and launch open source-based virtual servers in minutes for rapid time to code, and quickly scale capacity based on their needs.

HP Cloud Identity ServiceHP Cloud Identity Service API: The HP Cloud Identity Service, lets users access all of their HP Cloud Services in a seamless manner. HP Cloud Identify Service provides a single method for managing user identities and for authenticating each user’s access to resources across all HP Cloud Services.

Users are freed from having to manage different credentials for each service and authenticating access to resources via unique endpoints. Through HP Cloud Identity Service, users have a consistent, foundational set of capabilities for identity management and authentication.

iabol Shipping Softwareiabol Shipping Software API: The service provides integrated access to shipping options across multiple carriers. It manages interactions with carrier systems, including information exchanges to complete transactions and schedule parcel shipping.

API methods support processing an order for shipping services and generating a shipping label and tracking packages en route. Methods can handle submission of individual shipments of bulk imports for multiple packages. Related functions like voiding pending orders, updating address book entries, and reporting on transactions booked also are available.

iChartsiCharts API: iCharts offers cloud-based solutions for data publishing and sharing. iCharts offers data visualization tools and sharing options for a variety of data.

The iCharts API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include creating charts, displaying charts, and managing chart information.

India.dj ResellerIndia.dj Reseller API: India.dj Reseller is a white-label platform that allows individuals to buy and resell assets to customers using ready-made, privately labeled websites. The platform includes services such as domains, hosting, email, and site building, allowing users to focus on exchanging goods rather than establishing business processes and platforms from the ground up.

The Reseller API provides programmatic access to many of the platform's features and services. Some examples of relevant pieces of the platform that can be accessed and manipulated by the API include domains, contacts, customers, resellers, products, email, and other web services. This API is available in HTTP and SOAP, using either JSON or XML response formats as defined by the user.

IUID RegistryIUID Registry API: The service supports the DoD's Wide Area Workflow system for paperless contracting. It allows retrieval of specifications for items available for vendor bids to fulfill DoD purchase contracts, including purchase history for some items. The service also identifies vendors registered to bid on supply contracts. Vendors can use the system to help fulfill contract terms by transmitting shipping notices for electronic receipt and acceptance.

API methods support verification of Unique Item Identifiers (UII) for products to be purchased, with specifics like part and batch numbers. Methods also support retrieval of listings for contractors registered with the system.

JimssquareJimssquare API: Jimssquare is a provider of online time tracking software. This tool lets users track their time, capture, organize and analyze their tasks, manage their budgets and create invoices. The API provides access to the service's functionality and lets developers connect it with third party applications. Data that can be accessed includes time stamps, tags and labels. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. The site and documentation are in German.

keen.iokeen.io API: keen.io is a service that offers mobile and web application analytics. keen.io tracks and records in-application actions of the application's users.

The keen.io API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of keen.io with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving usage information, creating events to capture usage informaiton, and managing account information.

Krames StaywellKrames Staywell API: The service provides management of health information for defined populations such as employees of a company. It is intended to promote health and reduce medical costs and health care spending. Reductions in lost-time illness can also increase productivity. Available content includes news articles, background information documents, and streaming video on health-related topics.

API methods support submission of content requests by topic organized within a hierarchical tree structure or by free-text search. Methods also allow content search and retrieval by descriptor from the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) taxonomy.

LDSTech Community Services LDSTech Community Services API: The service provides access to records of the LDS (Mormon) church related to central and local congregation membership and organization divisions and activities. Major functions are separated as Church Member Information System (CMIS) and Church Directory of Organizations and Leadership (CDOL).

Methods under the CMIS support listing of members and households, both overall and for specific units within the church, along with validating membership by individuals and households. Methods under the CDOL provide listings of members within local units (stakes and wards) as well as subdivisions of the church organization and their leaders.

LexisNexis Library ExpressLexisNexis Library Express API: LexisNexis Public Library Express allows users to search for and access over 10,000 full-text news, business, and legal publications. The service, used by public libraries, includes deep backfiles and the latest stories in national and regional newspapers, wire services, broadcast transcripts, international news, and non-English language sources. The RESTful API lets users create permanent links to search forms, sources, and documents stored within the service.

MailigenMailigen API: Mailigen is an e-mail marketing system dedicated to efficient communication between businesses and their customers. Users can customize their own email templates, set up contact lists, and easily distribute e-mail campaigns. Mailigen can be be integrated with other systems and programs using an API over XML- RPC.

MapRendererServiceMapRendererService API: MapRendererService is a SOAP-based API for rendering maps. Map rendering is the process of taking raw geospatial data and generating a visual map from it. The API can be used to retrieve map information, legends, and feature information. It also supports map geometry conversions. This API is poorly documented.

Medidata RaveMedidata Rave API: Medidata provides clinical research organizations with solutions for planning and managing their clinical trials. These tools can be used for study and protocol design, trial planning and budgeting, site negotiation, clinical Portal, trial management, randomization and trial supply management, clinical data capture and management, safety events capture, medical coding to business analytics.

The Medidata Rave API allows developers to integrate their applications and web sites with Medidata Rave to create a clinical research environment with real-time, inbound and outbound data sharing using CDISC data standards. Full documentation is not publicly available.

MeteorMeteor API: Meteor is a service that allows users to build web applications. Some features of Meteor include application interoperability, data synchronization, and live page updates.

The Meteor API allows developers to access the functionality of Meteor to build new applications. Some example API methods include content publishing, managing accounts, and managing sessions.

Mob eCommerceMob eCommerce API: Mob eCommerce is a mobile app (Android and iPhone) for eCommerce platforms Magento, prestashop and others. It allows users to enable their customers to access their eCommerce sites on mobile platforms. The basic functionality of the app lets customers search for products by keyword or category, filter products by price, add products to their cart and checkout the products in their cart. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

MusicplayrMusicplayr API: Musicplayr is a bookmarking app for users’ favorite music from around the Internet. The app allows users to compile playlists of links to websites like SoundCloud, YouTube, and Vimeo. Users can either copy and paste links into their playlists, or add them via a bookmarklet while browsing the web. They can also follow other users’ playlists and activity. The API exposes some of data stored within the service. This data includes user profiles, track lists, and timelines. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, and PHP.

NADANADA API: The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Values service is the most complete source of information about used vehicles. NADA Values provides weekly auction values, monthly trade-in, loan and retail values for any used vehicle and commercial truck.

The API lets developers access NADA Values in real-time and integrate them into thier own applications. Data that can be access includes auction values, trade in values, loan values, retail values, and looking up vehicles by VIN or make/model. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

NAICNAIC API: The service allows automated filing of standard reporting documentation required of insurance providers for compliance with state regulations. The provider is a cooperative agency maintained by state governments to encourage consistent regulatory and business practices for insurance companies. Services include filing OPTins reports and paying premium taxes electronically, submitting SEREFF insurance product registrations, and interacting with the Online Fraud Reporting System.

API methods support submitting OPTins filings and payments, creating and updating insurance product registrations via the SEREFF system, and downloading centralized fraud reports from and submitting reports to OFRS.

National Library of Australia TroveNational Library of Australia Trove API: The service from the National Library of Australia provides search access to catalog records and other descriptive metadata for a wide range of resources: books, periodicals (e.g., journal articles and newspaper articles), images, maps, music and video recordings, and archives of physical objects. The service can also return user-created lists of web links. Future development may provide lists of people and organizations. Results for newspaper articles give access to full text for digital versions.

API methods support submission of search queries, including filtering parameters such as title-only and author-only matching, specified Resource formats, subject keyword, and more. Methods also allow retrieval of related content like user-applied tags and comments and associated resources linked to those in a result set.

NeuAerNeuAer API: NeuAer is a platform that allows users to automate actions in their digital lives by detecting things happening and things around users in their physical lives. Using proximity applications, NeuAer allows users to connect their phones with other devices and items.

The NeuAer API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of NeuAer with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include connecting devices, managing devices, and managing account information.

NEWT NERSCNEWT NERSC API: The collection of REST-based services allow creation and operation of applications using the resources of the U.S. National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC). It supports High Performance Computing (HPC) applications via browser interaction for easy retrieval and aggregations of agency content.

API methods handle initial authentication followed by application interactions through AJAX calls against a JavaScript library (newt.jx). In this way applications can upload, browse, and download files and manage a persistent storage repository. Methods also run UNIX commands and submit batch jobs for execution.

OC TranspoOC Transpo API: OC Transpo is a public transportation enterprise run by the City of Ottawa for its citizens. The OC Transpo fleet includes over 1,000 buses and three trains that serve nearly 370,000 daily riders. The OC Transpo Live Next Bus Arrival Data Feed API enables developers to create applications that include OC Transpo transit data. This API is available at no charge and can be implemented in both for-profit and non-profit applications.

OndangoOndango API: Ondango creates Facebook integrated webshops for vendors. They provide a basis for commercial transactions entirely within Facebook and a Facebook-like interface. Their webshops have features that integrate with users’ Facebook experience, such as the ability to “Like” products and leave comments. Vendors can also set up special commercial functions, such as Daily Deals, promotions, and discount deals.

The API provides programmatic access to the functionality of the service. This functionality includes retrieving order information, details on a specific customer, creating and modifying shops and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

OnlinePizza.seOnlinePizza.se API: OnlinePizza.se provides a RESTful API that allows users to order pizza from 945 pizzerias in 155 cities and towns throughout Sweden. Orders can be created and sent programmatically, yielding JSON responses for order confirmation. This service can also be used to query a database of menus, customer reviews, and restaurant information.

OpenKeyvalOpenKeyval API: The service provides an open storehouse for key-value data intended to maintain persistent data for use in web applications. Storage accommodates case-sensitive, 5-128 character keys made up of alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscores.

API methods support creation of a record storing a key value linked to a submitted string. Methods also support retrieval of the key for use in an application upon submission of the arbitrary string. The key value can then be updated in the service and the local application, and submissions of the associated persisting string will retrieve the new value.

PayTracePayTrace API: The service handles payment processing for real-time transactions with configurable checkout functional and data components and secure exchanges and storage of customer payment data. It Builds customer profiles in compliance with PCI processing requirements and can process scheduled and recurring payments.

API methods support secure submission of transaction information, validating a pending order, submitting preauthorization requests, and completing payment. Related methods handle creating and updating customer accounts, processing refunds, scheduling recurring payments, and calculating shipping charges.

PBS COVEPBS COVE API: The PBS COVE API was created with the intent of exposing PBS video metadata to users. A wide range of data can be pulled using the API including title, descriptions, video type, link to transcript, iTunes purchase link, links to streaming video media, and other metadata. Videos offered online are available through Real Time Messaging Protocol links to .mp4 or .flv encoded videos, while some newer national programs have been encoded for playback on Apple mobile devices using HTTP Live Streaming.

The API itself is divided into three subsections: Categories, Programs, and Videos. Categories are ways of organizing programs and videos, while Programs are "buckets" for one to many Videos. These distinct sections are intended to create a taxonomy for the data exposed by the PBS COVE API, to the end of providing developers with a standard that enables more robust uses of the information the service makes available. All calls to this API must be authenticated - there are no sessions. Every call is limited to 200 results, though subsequent calls can retrieve data in "pages".

PBS Image Transformation ServicePBS Image Transformation Service API: The PBS Image Transformation Service (ITS) is exposes a tool created to take large "mezzanine" images and reduce them to a variety of sizes. ITS takes a single image and retrofit it into assorted pages and platforms, while accommodating the different image sizes that may be required. Images manipulated using the ITS are never cropped, and preserve the original aspect ratio. This service supports .jpg, .png, and .gif files.

The API operates by directly uploading the image files to the ITS repository, where the images will be transformed on the fly. Access to this free service is only available by contacting the provider at http://open.pbs.org/.

PBS Universal User AuthenticationPBS Universal User Authentication API: The PBS Universal User Authentication (UUA) API provides developers with a system that allows for secure creation and management of user accounts withing their application. Once user accounts are created, the PBS UUA API exposes RESTful methods for accessing and modifying information about authenticated users within the application.

Access to this API is only granted on a case-by-case basis, and only where other methods of accessing and modifying user information will not work - for example on new platforms or devices which do not support standards-compliant user services.

Pearson Kitchen ManagerPearson Kitchen Manager API: Pearson Kitchen Manager features almost 2,500 recipes from bestselling Pearson books with more to come in the near future. Recipes are searchable by name, ingredients, book, course, cuisine, and cooking method. Nutritional analyses are available for all recipes, and many of them are accompanied by finished plate photographs.

PingGiantPingGiant API: PingGiant is a lead generation service that provides access to various databases. The data that PingGiant has can be incorporated into data feeds in real-time.

The PingGiant API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of PingGiant with other applications. Some example API methods include accessing PingGiant databases, finding out where visitors are coming from, and managing account information. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

Push Open DoorPush Open Door API: Push Entertainment provides a platform that lets developers integrate a variety of features, such as user profiles, rewards, points, user incentives, registration, login, and privacy management into their web sites.

The Push Open Door API allows programmatic access to much of the data and functionality provided by the Push Platform via SOAP protocol. The functionality exposed by the API includes such things as user login (including Facebook connect, Google login, and site specific login), exporting of user data, reporting and analytics, and various methods for tracking and engaging user behavior. The Push platform is available with tiered pricing options and, as such, requires an account with service for access.

QualtricsQualtrics API: The service allows applications to integrate survey functionality, with specification of questions to ask, conditional display of questions depending on answers to prior questions, and aggregation and reporting of responses. It is intended to support academic research, customer service, preference Polling, internal communications and employee feedback, and related functions.

API methods support creation of survey questions with a range of response options, designation of survey recipients (either individuals or panels), questionnaire display, and logging of responses. Methods also support retrieval of response data for analysis outside the system.

SensorCloudSensorCloud API: SensorCloud is a data storage, management, and visualization platform. SensorCloud offers data storage and management solutions, as well as data visualization tools.

The SensorCloud API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SensorCloud with other applications. Some example API methods include downloading datasets, managing data attributes, and adding data and datasets.

Tastebuds.fmTastebuds.fm API: Tastebuds.fm is a dating service based on users’ tastes in music. Users can list their favorite bands, or import their musical tastes from their Facebook or Last.fm profiles. Users must also input their gender and orientation. With this information Tastebuds.fm will then compare users’ interests with others and recommend profiles with similar tastes. Public documentation is not available. Interested developers should contact the provider.

TelAPITelAPI API: TelAPI is a platform for telephony applications. TelAPI allows users to add voice and SMS and other telephony features to applications. Some features include sending and receiving SMS messages, phone calls, adding voice features to applications, and buying phone numbers.

The TelAPI allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of TelAPI with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include listing calls, making calls, managing recordings, and adding audio effects.

Telenav Scout for AppsTelenav Scout for Apps API: Telenav Scout for Apps is an HTML5 service that allows users to offer premium voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation experience on their smartphone with just one click to any address or location. The API is one line of code, a URL, that includes geocoding to guide users to any address or POI from any mobile website, app, or email. Users are not required to download or install any software.

TelerivetTelerivet API: Telerivet is a service that lets people deploy their own SMS services world wide. Telerivet allows the SMS service to use a local phone number across all mobile networks. The SMS service connects to the mobile network using an inexpensive Android phone and a local SIM card.

The API allows developers to enable their applications to send and receive SMS messages to/from any phone. It also allows users to receive incoming multimedia messages from MMS-capable phones, build SMS services that respond to missed calls, which are free to end-users, send and receive long (multipart) SMS and Unicode SMS and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

TempoDBTempoDB API: TempoDB is a database and platform for time-series data storage, reporting, and analytics. TempoDB offers data visualization and analysis tools, storage and hosting options, and reporting features.

The TempoDB API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of TempoDB with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving data by time period, adding data, and managing data series.

Text2PayText2Pay API: Text2Pay is a mobile commerce service that allows users to pay for goods and services via text, rather than with a credit card. Merchants can integrate Text2Pay with their POS or other payment software to allow their customers to pay with Text2Pay.

The Text2Pay API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Text2Pay with other applications and POS systems. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: http://text2pay.com/merchants/register. API access comes with a merchant account.

ThirukkuralThirukkural API: Thirukkural is a simple quotes service. The original Thirukkural is a collection of 1330 Tamil couplets that discuss various aspects of life. The service provides Thirukkural in native Tamil language with English translations. The API allows users to send queries to Fetch kurals based on a number of specified parameters including the number of the kural to return. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

TINCheckTINCheck API: The service validates a submitted taxpayer identification number (TIN) to verify a match with the correct name on a payee record. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) imposes heavy penalties for data submissions with inaccurate TINs. The service allows applications to call validation functions and confirm accuracy before submitted data.

API methods support submission of TIN data to retrieve associated first and last names and address. U.S. address format includes two possible street links, city, state, and ZIP code.

Tourism New ZealandTourism New Zealand API: Tourism New Zealand’s website contains inspiring, up-to-date travel information about destinations, attractions, activities, and accommodations in New Zealand. The API makes the site's data available to users. This data includes accommodation listings, activity listings, transport listings, tour and sightseeing listings, travel seller listings and more. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information.

TrajectoryTrajectory API: Trajectory is a software project management tool. It can be used for recording stories, bugs, iterations, and to-do lists as well as for hosting discussions. "Stories" are methods for implementing ideas and goals generated in discussion. Currently, the Trajectory API only supports retrieving, creating, and updating stories and iterations.

Trillium Global LocatorTrillium Global Locator API: The service provides global location data for address validation. It processes submitted address data to validate and standardize its format, then assigns latitude and longitude coordinates to pinpoint the location. The intent is to process incomplete and variably formatted address information to determine precise locations.

API methods support submission of an address string and processing based on datasets of valid location information to enhance and reformat the address for exact location. Datasets are available for locations worldwide from multiple sources.

Twilio TelegramTwilio Telegram API: Twilio Telegram is a service for sending short, telegraph-style messages anywhere in the United States. All telegraph communiques are hand delivered by Task Rabbit. Messages can be sent to one friend, or tens of friends and associates. Pricing is in simple, pay-per-message format. Access to Twilio Telegram is available via REST API.

txtNation SMStxtNation SMS API: txtNation is a Mobile Billing and SMS Messaging provider.

The txtNation Gateway can be used to deploy any mobile billing or messaging related services, including SMS based campaigns into existing platforms. The SMS Gateway enables businesses to facilitate SMS messaging between themselves and their mobile subscribers. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Ubuntu One Account AdminUbuntu One Account Admin API: The Ubuntu One Account Admin API allows users to administer an Ubuntu One account, grant access to applications, and handle passwords and other access details. Administrators can get information about a user’s account, subscribed features, costs, and CouchDB access. They can also retrieve an Ubuntu One mobile username and password for a user, or issue new OAuth tokens for an Ubuntu One account.

Ubuntu One FilesUbuntu One Files API: The Ubuntu One Files API can be used to store files in the Ubuntu One cloud. Users may choose to sync their stored files to some, all, or none of their machines and devices. This API can also be used to publish files to a public URL. The Ubuntu One Files API operates over REST using GET or PUT calls.

Ubuntu One MusicUbuntu One Music API: The Ubuntu One Music API allows users to stream their music on any platform capable of playing music. Users are able to search their music collection using a variety of parameters as well as create, edit, delete, and play their playlists. The Ubuntu One Music API operates over REST calls in XML format.

VolvantVolvant API: Volvant is a lead generation service and social media platform. Features of Volvant include marketing analysis by providing insights into the behaviors and interests of social media users.

The Volvant API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Volvant with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

WAC PaymentWAC Payment API: WAC is a mobile payment service application. Their products offer in-application payment services for mobile applications.

The WAC Payment API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WAC Payment with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing account information, retrieving lists of payments, and managing payments.

XML SoccerXML Soccer API: XMLSOCCER.com is a Web Service that collects soccer data and makes the information available in XML to subscribers of the service. All functionality in the web service requires a unique API Key (free after registering)

The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.