88 Project Management APIs: Basecamp, Backpack and Cohuman

Our API directory now includes 88 project management APIs. The newest is the Trajectory API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Basecamp API. We list 14 Basecamp mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of project management APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 62 project management REST APIs and 17 project management SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 59 project management XML APIs and 47 project management JSON APIs.

The most common tags within project management are 35 enterprise project management APIs, 13 collaboration project management APIs and 12 tools project management APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 12 project management mashups. We named Jira Freshbooks Connector as mashup of the day in January.

For reference, here is a list of all 88 project management APIs.

5pm API: Project and Time Management Tools

88 Miles API: Project time tracking services

AceProject API: Project management enhancement service

ActiveCollab API: Collaboration & Project Management System

AddressTwo API: Small business CRM service

AffinityLive API: Project management, sales, and CRM platform

Agile Bench API: Agile project management tool

AgileZen API: Web based lean project management application

Assembla API: Online project collaboration service

AtTask API: On demand project management software

Backlog API: Project management software

Backpack API: Online information manager

Basecamp API: Project collaboration service

Bunker App API: Project management platform

Clarizen API: Project management and collaboration platform

Cloudwords API: Translation project management platform

Co-op API: Project time tracking and tasks

Codaset API: Project management software

Cohuman API: Project task coordination tool

Comindwork API: Online project collaboration service

ConceptShare API: Design and review collaboration services

Doris API: Personal productivity and task management

Dovico API: Timesheet and time tracking software

Econz Timecard API: Mobile timesheet integration service

Elementool API: Bug tracking tools

Exceptional API: Web application bug tracking service

flow.io API: Project management service

Flowdock API: Team inbox with chat

Fragmento API: Business compliance management service

Goplan API: Online project management

Grove.io API: Hosted IRC chat service

gTrax API: Google Apps time tracking service

Harvest API: Project time tracking and tasks

Huddle API: Project management and collaboration service

IMS Enterprise Services API: Learning technology consortium

Innotas API: Project portfolio management services

Interstate Developers API: Project development roadmaps tool

Iron.io IronWorker API: Task and project management system

Jimssquare API: Online time tracking software

Kalisty API: To-do list services

Kundo API: Customer service and feedback service

Launchpad API: Bug and issue tracking

Lighthouse API: Online project management and issue tracking

Lighthouse- dupe API: Online project management and issue tracking

LiquidPlanner API: Project management software

Mindjet API: Collaboration and mind-mapping application

OneDesk API: Product management platform

Origo API: Software development and collaboration platform

PivotalTracker API: Project management service

Planbox API: Project management service

Projjex API: Project management and CRM system

PROMOpark API: Russian business project management service

Rally API: Application development platform integration service

Redmine API: Project management service

RescueTime API: Time tracking services

Rocket Matter API: Legal software service

ScrumDesk API: Scrum project management tool

ScrumWorks Pro API: Agile project management software

Scrumy API: Agile project management tool

Sifter API: Bug and issue tracking service

Simprove Workity API: Online collaboration and project management service

Social Solutions ETO Software API: Performance management software

Syncd API: Project time tracking and tasks

Taskbarn API: Project management and collaboration tools

Teambox API: Project collaboration service

Teamlab API: Project management and collaboration software

Teamly API: Task tracking tool

TeamWork Live API: Project management software

TeamworkPM API: Project Management Service

TeleNav Track API: Location based monitoring and reporting service

TickSpot API: Project time tracking and tasks

TimeLog API: Time tracking and project management service

tinyPM API: Service for agile software development teams

Traffic Live API: Project management platform

Trajectory API: Software project management service

Tree.io API: Cloud based business management system

Trello API: Project management platform

Unfuddle API: Bug and issue tracking

UserRules API: Customer feedback platform

Viewpath API: Online project management service

Vitalist API: Project tracking and tasks

WBP Systems Torch API: Project management software

Wipee List API: To-do list services

WizeHive API: Collaborative workspace service

WORKetc Web Service API: Small business management software suite

Yast API: Time tracking and project management service

Zen API: Personal project managment service

Zoho Projects API: Project management and collaboration service

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I think probably the most used API is that of Basecamp, simply because Basecamp is still the most used PM tool at the moment. The rest of the tools are just Basecamp clones...


Thanks goodness I found this blog. I have been looking around for hours trying to find this data. Keep up the good work! Also I adore your over all look of your blog. I will be back. I have bookmarked you.

John - We actually have Intervals profiled at https://www.programmableweb.com/api/intervals

It somehow was missing a project management tag but I've since added one.

Sam - Thanks for letting us know! We'll get that profiled.

Have a look at <a href="http://www.comindware.com/" rel="nofollow">Comindware</a>. Another good solution with numerous interesting and really useful features, like the possibility to generate online reports in real time, tracking tasks and statuses, etc.

I appreciate your work it is very useful for me. You should take a look at Talygen, which is capable to track multiple projects and employee billable and non-billable time. Try it and let me know how it was?



This is really good list on project tracking software. But I want to add one more project management API project quest. I am using this API last three to 4 years. I love the added features of this software. For more detail have a look on this http://www.workflowstoday.com/products/projectquest


There are various time management software such as Harvest and Freshbooks etc but the best tool that I like is Replicon's time management software - http://www.replicon.com/olp/time-management-software.aspx

The reason for this simple to use cloud based tool is that it was quickly implemented in our office environment and has been completely hassle free. At the same time, all reports can be exported to excel and therefore it has been the best tool that helped to meet all our time management needs.


I would recommend you to add one more tool as well, the project management tool from Replicon. Along with the project management this tool is also meant for the task management, time management as well as expense management. The most reflective part of this tool is it keeps track of hours which contributes to the clear picture of how the process is flown and the things are managed.