8coupons API Offers A Great Deal To Developers

Deal and Coupon sites have garnered a lot of attention this year. Groupon, the most popular of them, has been in the news plenty due to rumors about Google showing an interest for them. Is there any chance for you as a developer to get access to huge dataset of deals and coupons, possibly containing Groupon deals to and offer it to users of your application? 8coupons.com definitely thinks so and it has launched the 8coupons API for exactly that purpose.

8coupons aggregates 186 daily deal sites in the US and is offering all of that to developers to integrate into their apps and offer them in return to their users. What this means is that you have access to 500,000 live deals, coupons--including the 900 daily Groupon deals. Best of all, you can filter, redistribute and use it however you want.

You can sign up for the 8coupons.com API and get an API Key that will allow  you to access all those deals and coupons data. They API documentation page lists several methods that make it real simple to integrate into your coupon application. The API is REST based and currently offers only JSON responses. The current rate limit is 50 requests per hour.

Using the API, you can retrieve categories, deal types and then use the categoryID and dealtypeid to retrieve the deals for a particular geographical location. You can also use the API to get daily deals only if you wish to offer that kind of deals within your application.

Example of an API call that retrieves the “Entertainment and Shopping” deals in New York looks like this:


where categoryid 2 and 6 stand for Entertainment and Shopping respectively.

8coupons.com requires that you follow the branding rules while displaying the information that you have retrieved from their API. With an API this simple and possibly giving you access to the largest number of coupons and deals, it is possible for developers now to create applications that could easily replicate sites like Yipit. The challenge is going to be on how you present it to the user.

8coupons.com is definitely disrupting the market here by providing this database to users. Do you think this would work for developers or do you feel that the bigger challenge is possibly how to mine this coupon database and present a minimal experience that resonates with buyers?

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