8coupons Now Aggregates 500+ Coupon Sources, Releases New API

The race to deliver the best deals of the neighbourhood to you has been intense over the last year. 8coupons is a coupon aggregator that allows users to access thousands of deals. The company released a new version of the 8coupons API with higher rate limits and new ways to access more data.

We covered 8coupons towards the end of last year where it was aggregating just under 200 daily deal sites in the US. This number has now increased to more than 500 sources now and a brand new API to go along with it. The API which is REST based provides various methods to search through the deals and integrate into your application.

The new version of the API has taken into consideration developer feedback and has been enhanced with the following additions:

  • The API rate limit has been doubled to 100 requests per hour.
  • JSONP is now supported
  • Deal Provider  Logos and Pricing Information (% Savings, Original Price, etc) are now provided in the API.

We had noted in our previous coverage that 8coupons allows you to literally build a Groupon like web site overnight. Developers have integrated the API into various portals. CityPockets is an example of an Integration. Plans for the next version of their API have already started. Support for OAuth and real-time Callback for revenue tracking by affiliate partners is on top of the feature list.

8coupons also has an iPhone application built on its own API that took a different path and instead used Augmented Reality (AR) to show you the deals in your neighborhood.

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