9 New APIs: Location Based Ads, Media Hosting, Search Marketing, and SaaS Business Intelligence

This was a busy week in new APIs, so busy in fact that we now have a total of 1600 APIs in our directory. What's new? The latest include a keyword search marketing API, a text analysis and extraction API, an online calculator and measurement conversion API, an API for online contact entry and data parsing, a media hosting service API, an API for a SaaS based business intelligence service, a location based advertising API, and an API for a women's content sharing network. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AdGoorooAdGooroo API: The AdGooroo API lets developers access competitive intelligence data to build applications. The API is RESTful and supports data transfer formats such as JSON, XML, and CSV. AdGooroo is "a provider of advertising intelligence to search engine marketers. Its proprietary technology tracks all search advertising activity in any given industry, empowering sophisticated agencies and advertisers with competitors' keywords, ad copy, campaign statistics, daily alerts, and other information needed to generate the highest possible return on advertising investment".

AlchemyAPI Keyword and Term Extraction AlchemyAPI Keyword and Term Extraction API: AlchemyAPI provides content owners and web developers with "a rich suite of content analysis and meta-data annotation tools. Expose the semantic richness hidden in any content, using named entity extraction, phrase / term extraction, document categorization, language detection, structured content scraping, and more". This RESTful content analysis API extracts relevant keywords/terms from any text or web page. Auto-tag any content using natural language processing.

ConversionsConversions API: The Convert.net Conversions API enables you to "get instant and accurate answers to complex mathematical expressions and thousands of conversion related queries that can be posted in a natural language representation without any strict syntax".

Copy2Contact Copy2Contact API: Copy2Contact allows a user to paste a single block of freeform text and intelligently parses it into a contact or event form to reduce data entry time and frustration. Copy2Contact "reduces bounce rates, improves data accuracy, and eliminates errors". Copy2Contact Technology can be embedded into your online, mobile, and web applications via standard REST or SOAP web service calls. Supported in .NET, Java, PHP, and ASP.

DivShareDivShare API: DivShare is a program that allows users to embed music, videos or documents into their website or blog. DivShare is a RESTful API that lets users send queries and returns information about DivShare files and users. The responses are formatted in XML.

DriveCastDriveCast API: DriveCast is a web-based media manager for your different devices, USB keys, smartphones, and cars. It collects your favorite content from the web (audio/video) so that you can load them onto your devices and play them whenever and wherever you want.

Easy InsightEasy Insight API: The Easy Insight SOAP API allows users to publish arbitrary structured data into a hosted business intelligence (BI) engine, after which users can create reports, analyze and slice data sets, and build scorecards against the data. Easy Insight "gives users the tools to analyze data and start finding the key insights that will help guide your business to its goals".

GeoReach NeighborhoodGeoReach Neighborhood API: Neighborhood API provides boundary data defining neighborhood throughout United States. It acts like a location twitter feed, and you can post to neighborhoods and request a neighborhood stream. It also provides a simple Google Maps implementation, which You can see in the map to display and interact with neighborhood boundaries.

InchicksInchicks API: Inchicks.com is a web site for women to share links across the internet. As a member, you can post links to stories, talk about them, and even vote on them. With this API you can integrate the inChicks.com with your own site on the backend or just as a way to automate your story submissions. In the future the API will be opened up to allow you to pull your profile as well as some key lists from the API directly.

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