900 Mashups

Continuing from yesterday's note on 250 APIs here, this week also saw the mashup listings hit 900 entries. The overall distribution by type hasn't changed all that much of late with mapping, photos, search, and shopping making-up the bulk of the listings. A couple of the more interesting new ones include:

  • Clockr: Clockr uses random digit images from Flickr to display the current time. Click on a number to change the image, doubleclick it to view the full image. Use the mouse wheel to cycle through.
  • Analyzing Air Traffic on Google Maps: 5 planes taking off one after the other from the same runway in Atlanta. Click on the numbered markers to see the sequence. Not sure if they are same or different.

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[...] Recently John Musser reported 900 Mashups listed in his ProgrammableWeb database. As of today there are 907 mashups listed, with an average rate of 2.74 mashups per day. Back in April the rate hovered around the same amount (~ 2.73). [...]