945 Social APIs: Twitter, Facebook and Delicious

Our API directory now includes 945 social APIs. The newest is the SmartBots API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Twitter API. We list [num] Twitter mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of social APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 715 social REST APIs and 60 social JavaScript APIs. Our directory lists 586 social JSON APIs and 487 social XML APIs.

The most common tags within social are 82 photo social APIs, 82 Twitter social APIs and 59 mobile social APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 1015 social mashups. We named Call Me Back as mashup of the day on Monday.

For reference, here is a list of all 945 social APIs.

  100 Facts About Me API: Fact sharing service

  360voice API: XBox gamer profile data

  43 Places API: Social travel goals

  4chan API: Image pasteboard and forum

  4Shared API: File Sharing Service

  500friends API: Social rewards service

  500px API: Online community for photographers

  51.com API: Social Network Data Access Service

  6rounds API: Social entertainment Platform

  73s Ham Radio API: Ham radio conversation logging service

  8tracks API: Music playlist creation service

  Aalto social interface API: Social networking support service

  About.me API: Personal website service

  Acrostic.me Trending API: Bible poetry Feed service

  ActionKit API: Social organizing service

  Actwitty API: Social media topic organizer

  Add To Trip API: Social trip planning service

  AddShoppers Social Product API: Social eCommerce sharing platform

  AddThis Analytics API: Content sharing analytics data service

  AddThis Menu API: Allows Integration of AddThis sharing tools to websites

  AddThis Services API: AddThis Integration Service

  AddThis Sharing Endpoints API: Content sharing service

  AddToAny Menu API: Online sharing tool

  Adegga API: Social Wine Discovery service

  Adhocracy API: German group decision-making platform

  Adobe Social API: Social network connection platform

  Advogato API: Free software developer social site

  Alau.me API: Referral tracking platform

  Allmenus API: Restaurant Menu Service

  Allyve API: Social media integration service

  Aloqa API: Mobile content publishing service

  AlterGeo API: Local recommendation service

  AMEX OPEN Forum API: Access small business content

  amoCRM API: Customer Relationship Management Service

  Annotate.IO API: Social media text and photo annotation service

  aNobii API: Book sharing service

  ApnaCircle API: Business and career networking site

  App.net API: Social network and social feed service

  AppAware API: Android Application Recommendation Service

  Appbistro API: Software marketplace for Facebook apps

  Appointment-Plus API: Online reservation software

  Archiver API: Public social media database

  Ark.com API: People search directory

  Athlinks API: Endurance athlete race results service

  Atomic Reach API: Social publishing platform

  Attensity API: Enterprise social analytics platform

  Au Défi API: French Canadian educational games

  Audioboo API: Audio sharing platform

  authorSTREAM API: Powerpoint sharing service

  Auto Follow Friday API: Twitter contact listing service

  awe.sm API: Conversion tracking for social media

  Babbl.me API: Twitter long post service

  Babyworld API: Social sharing site for families

  Backplane JavaScript API: Mediates Between Widgets and Backplane Server

  Backplane Server API: Authenticates Calls to Server

  BackType API: Social site comment repository services

  Badgeville API: Customer loyalty and reward platform

  Bambuser Metadata API: Live video broadcasting

  Bambuser oEmbed API: Embedded video player

  Banckle API: Online business collaboration service

  Bango User Information API: User information retrieval service

  Banta API: Socialised Media Platform Service

  Bantam Live API: Social CRM tools

  Bazaarvoice Platform API: Social marketing platform

  Bebo API: Social network

  Beevolve Crawler API: Social media monitoring service

  Bentio API: Microblogging Service

  BibSonomy API: Social bookmarking

  Bikko API: Bicycling hobbyist training and social site

  Bitacoras.com API: Spanish social blog network

  Bitrix24 API: Online workspace platform

  bkkeepr API: Book reading social services

  Blellow API: Microblogging platform and social network

  BlinkCampaign API: Social Media and Email Marketing platform

  Blip.fm API: Social music service

  Blipea API: Hispanic micro-blogging service

  Blipfoto API: Photo sharing service

  blippr API: Recommendations service

  Blizzard Community Platform API: World of Warcraft community

  Blobbr API: Social Polling service

  BlockChalk API: Local community social space

  BlogSpam.net API: Detection for Blog & Forum SPAM

  BlueMelon API: Photo sharing and storage service

  Bnter API: Social conversation service

  BO.LT API: Webpage Sharing Service

  Boingnet API: Marketing platform

  Boomloop API: Local events and community

  Bottlenose API: Social analytics platform

  Boxcar API: Social messaging aggregation service

  br.st API: Twitter web based client, URL shortener and image sharing

  BrandMyMail API: Email and social media integration platform

  BrightFuse API: Networking community and job Resource

  Brightidea API: Enterprise social management service

  BTCMine API: Pooled Bitcoin mining server

  btexty API: Text messaging service

  Buddy Media API: Social media marketing platform

  Buddycloud API: Social location service

  buddyfetch API: Social network search engine

  Bueda API: Semantic analysis for user tags

  Buffer API: Tweet management and scheduling service

  Bump API: Mobile device data exchange service

  Bums.se API: Photo sharing and storage service

  Bundle API: Money managing community and service

  Burstn API: Instant photo sharing and storage service

  Buxfer API: Personal finance service

  Buxter API: Transfer money over Facebook

  Buyvite Transaction API: Group purchasing service

  Cadmus API: Social media stream management service

  Cambrian House API: Crowdsourcing service

  Campfire API: Business messaging service

  Caribbean Vacation Connect API: Social network for Caribbean travelers

  CashOrTrade API: Ticket Selling and Trading Service

  CG General Store Auto 3D Head API: photo 2 avatar : 3D reconstruction service

  Change.org API: World Petition Platform

  Charlotte City Club Photo Album API: Event hosting club photo album retrieval service

  Chatterbox API: Sentiment analysis and analytics service

  Chatterous API: Group chat service

  Chess Pastebin API: Chess match sharing service

  Chictopia API: Online fashion community

  China Mobile 139.com API: Chinese social networking site

  Chirpio API: Social rating tool

  ChristianChirp API: Christian social networking service

  Chronicless for the Secret World API: Game information tool

  ChurchCommunityBuilder API: Church Organizational Service

  Chute Media API: Photo application development tools

  CinchCast API: Content sharing service

  Cirip API: Microblogging service

  Clarity API: Phone conversation management app

  Clay.io API: HTML5 Game Development

  Click.st API: Social Media Marketing platform

  Clickworker API: Crowdsourcing service

  Cliqset API: Social content sharing and discussion

  Codaset API: Project management software

  CodeMunch API: Job listing platform

  Coderwall Profile API: User profile data service

  CoffeeBean API: Social media sales prospecting and relationship management service

  Cofundos API: Service and network for open source collaboration

  Cogix Ratings API: Survey Creation Service

  COLOURlovers API: Named colors and color palette services

  Community Megaphone API: Event listing service

  Context Voice API: Social conversation aggregator

  Conversant API: Social website features and services

  Convore API: Real-time group chat application

  coRank API: Distributed user reviews service

  CoveritLive API: Live event publishing platform

  Creately API: Visual collaboration service

  crowd.fm API: Event listing management platform

  CrowdTilt API: Crowd-funding platform

  Cruvee Social API: Social media search for wine industry

  CubeTree API: Social Business Platform

  Cubify API: 3D design and printing service

  Cupónica API: Latin American social coupons marketplace

  Curebit API: Customer sales referral service

  Custom Tattoo API: Social network for tattoo enthusiasts

  CyberArmy API: Online knowledge sharing community

  CyclingBuddy API: Cycling social network

  DailyBooth API: Social photo sharing service

  DailyCred API: Social sign in and Authentication service

  Dailymile API: The Social Workout Platform

  Dailymotion API: Video sharing site

  Dailyplaces API: Location based microblogging platform

  Danbooru API: Adult art database and forum tool

  DandyId API: Social graph management services

  DataSift API: Real-Time Social Data Mining

  Daum Cafe API: Online community services

  Daum Today API: Micro blogging service

  DaycareSocial API: Daycare directory

  Dealicio API: Social deal marketing platform

  DealMonkey API: Daily Geographic Deal Service

  Defensio API: Blog and social site spam prevention services

  Dehood API: Location based application design service

  del.icio.us API: Social bookmarking

  Delivergo API: Digital publishing service

  DemocracyEngine API: Donation Processing Service

  Derpibooru API: My Little Pony photo sharing service

  deviantART API: Social network for artists

  Dialawg API: Secure conversation platform

  Digitaliser API: Danish social networking site

  Diigo API: Research bookmarking service

  Dipity API: Interactive timeline creation services

  Directed Edge API: Content linking services

  DiscoverText API: Social media analytics and research service

  Dive.io API: Online SCUBA Diving Logbook

  dlvr.it API: Social media content syndication service

  Dokiru API: Social location based service

  Doodle Republic Chatoon API: Art-based chat service

  DoppelMe API: Avatar creation service

  dopplr API: Community travel service

  Dotgo API: Web-based text messaging service

  Edmodo API: Social network and collaborative platform for educators

  edocr API: Online document collaboration, storage, and publishing

  Einztein API: Search API for Einztein Social Learning Network

  Elgg API: Social networking service

  eMarketeer API: Marketing campaign tracking service

  Embarke API: Developer tools for social communications

  Emotional Cities API: Art Project that Collects Data from an Emotional State Survey

  Empire Avenue API: Virtual Investment Service

  Enthusem API: Service to send printed greeting cards

  Euro Bill Tracker API: Currency Tracking Service

  Euro.message API: Interactive Marketing Management Service

  Eventbrite API: Event registration, marketing, and promotion services

  Eventification API: Social Event Site

  Eventlister.com API: Craft Event Listing and Search Service

  EventPoint API: Event planning and publicizing services

  Everyplay API: Game interaction service

  EveryTrail API: Travel experience platform

  Eviscape API: Information discovery network

  Extravaganza City API: Group buying service

  F My Life API: Social blogging service

  Facebook API: Social networking service

  Facebook Ads API: Advertising management service

  Facebook Chat API: Integrate facebook chat

  Facebook Graph API: Facebook Social Graph API

  Facebook Real-time Updates API: Real-Time Updates from Facebook

  Facebook Social Plugins API: Facebook extensions

  Fanatix API: Gamified social sports TV

  FanggleCast API: Message Sending and Tracking Service

  fav.or.it API: RSS reader and blog platform

  Faves.com API: Social Bookmarking

  ffwd API: Video sharing and discovery

  figshare API: Research sharing service

  FileSocial API: Twitter file sharing service

  filtrbox API: Social media monitoring

  find2follow API: Twitter follower search

  FindMeOn API: Social site identity management services

  Fire Eagle API: Geo location sharing service

  Fisheye Analytics API: Media monitoring and analytics platform

  FixYa API: Question and answer site

  Flattr API: Content Sharing Service

  FlauntR API: Photo editing service

  Fleetly API: Competition-Based Fitness Service

  Flintbox API: Collaborate Research Service

  Fliptop API: Turn email addresses and Social IDs into complete digital identities

  Flipzu API: Broadcasting and sharing service

  Flixwagon API: Video creation and sharing platform

  Flixya API: Video, photo, and blog sharing platform

  Flux API: Social networking platform from Viacom

  Foller.me API: Twitter user information service

  follow cost API: Find the follow cost of a Twitter account

  Follw.it API: Social TV and movie community

  Food Genius API: Restaurant and food data

  Foodspotting API: Food review and sharing service

  Footfeed API: Geolocation checkin service

  Footprints API: Community funding service

  Formspring API: Q&A social network

  Forrst API: Designer/developer community

  Fotki API: Photo sharing service

  Fotobabble API: Talking photo service

  foursquare API: Social networking and city exploration

  FreeYourID API: Online identity authentication services

  Frengo API: Mobile widgets and messaging platform

  FriendFeed API: Activity stream aggregator

  Friendpaste API: Fast text/code sharing service

  Friendster API: Social networking service

  fring API: Mobile community development platform

  Frinly API: Photo sharing service

  Frommer's Unlimited API: Travel Content Service

  Fspic API: Photo sharing for the Foursquare service

  FullContact API: Contact Information Service

  Fundraise.com API: Social fundraising platform

  GaggleAMP API: Social media advertising service

  GamerCV API: Gaming score retrieval service

  Gameyola API: Online gaming community

  Geeklist API: Online programming community

  GeoClique API: Social Media Platform

  Get Localization API: Crowdsourcing Translation Service

  Get Satisfaction API: Distributed product support services

  GetGlue API: Social networking for entertainment service

  Getsocio API: Daily deal and group buying website platform

  GiftRocket Gift Card API: Gift money transfers

  GigPark API: Local recommendations service

  Gigya API: Single Sign-In/Registration Service

  Gimme Bar API: Bookmarking service

  GiveALink API: Social bookmarking service

  Glam Apps Platform API: Women-focused content and social network

  Glen Abbey Golf Club Photo Album API: Photo album retrieval service

  Global Giving API: Online donation and causes marketplace

  Globedia API: News aggregation service

  gNewBook API: Social network

  Gnip API: Social media data delivery service

  Google Buzz API: Social sharing service

  Google Friend Connect API: Social network service

  Google Latitude API: Location sharing service

  Google Plus API: Content sharing service

  Google Plus Hangouts API: Video chat

  Google Plus History API: Content sharing service

  Google Shared Spaces API: Collaborative widget service

  Google Social Graph API: Search service for finding social connections

  Google Wave API: Collaboration and communication platform

  Gowalla API: Location aware social network

  GraphEdge API: Social network monitoring service

  GraphMuse API: Facebook users clustering service

  Gravatar API: Online Avatar Service

  Green Thing API: Green lifestyle suggestion service

  Grou.ps API: Social network creation service

  GroupFlier API: Group messaging service

  GroupHigh API: Blog Search and Meta Data

  Groups Near You API: Local groups search service

  Grove.io API: Hosted IRC chat service

  Grow VC API: Crowsourced funding for startups service

  Guardly API: Mobile personal safety service

  Gumroad API: Social product marketplace

  Habbo API: Online game service

  Hachi API: Social networking service

  Haystack Networking API: Social networking for business

  Heello API: Microblogging service

  HelloTxt API: Service for updating status messages

  Helpshift API: Mobile app helpdesk service

  Heystaks API: Social search and recommendation service

  Heyzap Server API: Game user information service

  Hi5 API: Social network service

  Hictu API: Video microblogging service

  hiogi API: Questions and answers service for mobile

  HipGeo API: Trip tracking and recording application

  Hipmob API: Mobile Live Chat Service

  HootSuite Engagement API: Social media management service

  HotOrNot API: Dating rating site

  HP Imaging Cloud Photo Suite API: Image Editing Services

  Huddle API: Project management and collaboration service

  Hunch API: Questions and answers service

  Hyves API: Social networking and events service

  Hyves Data API: Dutch social networking site

  I Rate My Day API: Rate your day services

  I'vRead API: Social Reading Record

  IdeaScale API: Online Community Data Tools

  identi.ca API: Microblogging service

  IDlight API: Public identity lookup service

  ikiMap API: Create Maps From Public and Personal Georeference Information

  Imeem API: Social networking and media service

  img.ly API: Photo sharing service

  Imgur API: Photo sharing service

  Inchicks API: Story submission service

  Indaba Music API: Musicians' social network

  InfoChimps Social API: Twitter Metrics and Analytics

  Ingesture API: Light-weight social messaging service

  Ingresse API: Brazilian event management platform

  InstantEncore Maestro API: Classical music community

  Intersect API: List mutual Twitter followers

  introNetworks API: Social recognition and relationship building service

  Inveni API: Movie and TV show recommendation service

  InviteBox API: Incentive-based social referral service

  Involver Engagement Optimization API: Social media marketing platform

  Ipoki API: GPS and social presence services

  IRL Connect API: Visible social networking service

  IsItBirthday API: Birthday Reminder Service

  iTrackmine Simple API: Collection sharing service

  ITweetLive API: Twitter search and engagement service

  iwannagothere API: Community-based travel guide

  Jaconda API: Instant Messaging Service

  Janrain Capture API: User data collection and storage service

  Janrain Engage API: Social networking login service

  Jetlore API: Social media analytics

  Joey Calca's Post to Facebook API: One-time Facebook Wall post application

  Joind.in API: Social Conference Tools

  Jolkona API: Social donation platform

  Jonathan Club Photo Album API: Photo album retrieval service

  Jonathan's Card API: Social sharing experiment

  Jotly API: Rating application

  JuggaloBook API: Insane Clown Posse fans social network

  Junar.com API: Community Data Publishing

  Jyte API: Community voting service

  Kalisty API: To-do list services

  Kazle API: Social Network Management

  Keen API: Online psychic reading community

  Keypic API: Image-based spam prevention service

  KickoffLabs API: Viral referral page service

  Kinomap API: Geolocated video sharing platform

  Kinsey Reporter API: Crowd-sourced sex information service

  Kippt API: Bookmarking application

  KISTI API: Topic-centric search service

  KIT Social API: Customizable social network service

  Klout API: Social metrics service

  Knod.es API: User social information and data service

  Kompoz API: Music collaboration service

  Kongregate API: Game data integration service

  Kontagent API: Social analytics service

  Kronovia Compliance Cloud Service API: Social CRM compliance service

  KWICK! Social Platform API: Social Platform API

  Lanoba API: Website registration and authentication service

  Lauerfac.es API: Christopher Lauer avatar platform

  LaunchRock API: Viral marketing for startups

  Lemonade Stand API: Community Sales Service

  LemonStand API: Ecommerce Shop Creation Service

  LessAnnoyingCRM API: Customer Relationship Management Service

  Let's Be Trends API: Trend tracking on Twitter

  LetsGiftIt API: Group gifting service

  LetsProve API: Lifestreaming services

  Leverage Software API: Online community and collaboration service

  LifeKraze API: Social networking and sharing accomplishments service

  Lijit API: Trust network based search tool

  LingQ API: language development service

  LinkedIn API: Business social networking platform

  LinqTo.me API: Link bookmarking service

  Lipfeed.com API: Multimedia platform

  ListiMonkey API: Twitter list email delivery application

  Lithium API: Social media monitoring tool

  Livefyre API: Dynamic comments platform

  Livekick API: Concert and events recommendation service

  LiveWorld API: Community site customization service

  Localmind API: Location based Q&A

  Localstreamer API: Geolocation service

  Loci.me API: Create and Share Places/Locations

  Locker Project API: Personal data management service

  Lockerz API: Photo sharing service

  Locr API: Photo geotagging and sharing service

  loginPrompt API: Secure website login service

  LoginRadius API: Social networking login service

  LoKast API: Mobile social interaction platform

  Loquest API: Question and answer service by location

  lukup API: Location based search and messaging service

  Maestro.fm API: Online music service

  Mail.Ru API: Social Mail Application Service

  Manyou API: Chinese social networking site

  Map My Tracks API: Sport activity tracking service

  mapme API: Location mapping service

  MarketScout API: Research and Data Collection Service

  Massphoning API: Mass Calling Service

  Mbar API: Event Information for the Mbar Café and Club

  mBLAST mPACT API: Web content search service

  Me2day API: South Korean social network

  Medentify API: Rate People by Their Phone Number/Email

  Media Chaperone API: App monetization platform with parental engagement

  Medizza TV API: Internet TV platform

  Meetup API: Social events service

  Meez API: Avatar retrieval service

  Mefeedia API: Video feeds and community

  MegaPhone Labs API: Interactive Video Service

  Memonic API: Web content, notes, and bookmark organizer

  Mesagraph API: Social TV content aggregator

  Message Faces API: Display sender portraits in email inbox

  MessageMost API: Social and geo messaging service

  Meteor Solutions API: Social marketing engagement platform

  Meteostone Weather API: Weather data service

  Mibbit API: Chat client

  microPledge API: Social MicroPledging for Software Development

  Minube API: Social travel recommendation site

  Minus API: Web based drag-and-drop sharing platform

  Miso API: Social television service

  mixi Graph API: Social networking service

  mlkshk API: Image sharing service

  Mobage API: Social mobile gaming platform

  mobiAPI API: Mobile data reporting and analysis service

  Mobile Roadie API: Mobile application service for musicians

  Mobli API: Real-time media sharing and social networking platform

  Mobypicture API: Mobile photo sharing service

  Mombo API: Social movie review service

  MoneyScience API: Social network for science and technology fields

  Monoloop API: Social profile and communication service

  Mood of the Nation API: Social networking service

  Mood of the Nation API: Explore social trends

  Moodpanda API: Mood tracking service

  Moontoast API: Social commerce platform

  Morale API: Collaborative project management platform

  MorrisComGroup API: VOIP Communication Service

  Motime Chart API: Ringtones services

  Mougg API: Music storage and streaming service

  Multiply API: Social networking and media management

  Musescore API: Sheet music sharing service

  Music Xray S2O Partner API: Music sharing platform

  MutualMind API: Social media management service

  Mxit API: Social networking application

  My Tweeple API: Twitter management service

  my6sense Attention API: Personalized content aggregator

  MyAnimeList API: Anime collection referene list

  MyBlogLog API: Social footprint sharing service

  MyCase API: Social legal practice management platform

  myExperiment API: Workflow sharing services

  MyFlame.at API: Fractal flame sharing service

  MyGarden API: Gardening social network

  MyHeritage Family Graph API: Free and instant access to millions of families

  MyselfToGo API: Social web browsing service

  MySpace API: Social networking service

  MyVidster API: Social video bookmarking

  Myxer API: Mobile entertainment media service

  Namba.kg API: Kyrgyz social networking and media service

  NaNoWriMo Word Count API: Novel writing event word count service

  Narnoo API: Tourism and hospitality web markting platform

  Nate/Cyworld API: Korean social networking service

  Neighborland API: Community idea generation platform

  NEMSIS API: Emergency management provider information service

  Netalive API: Blogging Service

  NetBase Insight API: Social media monitoring service

  Netlog API: Social network platform

  NetLog API: Social networking service

  New York Times Community API: Access user-generated NYTimes.com content

  New York Times TimesPeople API: New York Times service for TimesPeople data

  NewHaze API: Flash games directory

  NewsGator API: Feed aggregation

  Next Big Sound API: Artist and Band Statistics

  Ning API: Social network platform

  Nonoba API: Flash based multiplayer gaming services

  Notches API: Distributed user reviews service

  nsure.io API: Content Control

  Numote Live API: TV and video engagement platform service

  Odnoklassniki API: Russian social network

  Offerpop Contest Integration API: Social media marketing platform

  Ohloh API: Open source software directory and community

  Olopoly API: Social commerce platform

  Ondango API: Social network integrated webshops

  Oneall API: Social sign in and sharing service

  OneSchool API: College campus online resource for students

  OneSearchAway API: Social search service

  ONEsite API: Social media and website creation services

  OneTrueFan API: Community building service

  Oobgolf API: Golf social network

  openDada API: Social music service

  OpenLearning API: Social learning platform

  OpenSky API: Social shopping platform

  OpenSocial API: Common APIs for building social applications

  OpenSosius API: Social networking services

  Opinionage API: Opinion and social influence rating service

  Opuss API: Word and text creation and sharing application

  Orkut API: Social network from Google

  OurShelf API: Social cataloging service

  Overpass OpenStreetMap API: Collaborative Mapping Service

  Overwolf API: Game and social application integration service

  Padpaw API: SMS text messaging services

  PageLever API: Facebook page analytics tool

  PartySync API: Messaging services

  Pathable API: Event Planning Social Media Service

  PeekYou Social Analytics API: Social network mapping and information service

  PeerIndex API: Social Network Profiling Tool

  Penolo API: Twitter sketching tool

  People's Music Store API: Music store

  PeopleAggregator API: Social networking platform and service

  Peoplebrowsr API: Metadata for Twitter stream

  PeopleBrowsr Kred API: Online influence measurement

  PeopleBrowsr Kredentials API: Social analytics service

  Perfect Dating Profile API: Profile and Photo Service for Online Dating Profiles

  Photopoll API: Photo sharing and poll service

  Photozou API: Photo sharing service

  Phweet API: Twitter talk service

  Pictobar API: Crowd sourced personality information service

  PicYou API: Photo sharing service

  Pikchur API: Photo and video uploading service

  Pin Drop API: Location application

  Pinboard API: Social bookmarking service

  Ping.fm API: Social networking ping and update service

  Pinterest API: Social photo curation platform

  Piryx API: The Social Giving Platform for Non-Profits

  Pixorial API: Video collection and creation application

  Plancast API: Social event service

  playMobi API: HTML5 game monetization service

  PlaySpan API: Virtual currency monetization service

  Plazes API: Location based social network

  Pleiades API: Mapping reference for ancient places

  Plurk API: Microblogging service

  Plus 1 Twitter Voting API: Twitter based voting service

  Politwitter API: Canadian politics social media aggregator

  PollBob API: Poll and survey service

  PollDaddy API: Poll and survey service

  Ponyfac.es API: My Little Pony avatar platform

  Posterous API: Content sharing service

  PosterOven API: Online poster creation service

  PostMapper API: Mapping service for blog posts

  PostRank API: Social engagement data analysis service

  PostRank Real-Time Content API: Online social content analysis

  PostRank Real-Time Engagement API: Social engagement aggregator service

  Pownce API: Social networking and micro-blogging service

  Prayer Planet API: Online prayer service

  Presdo API: Social events service

  PriceFlurry API: Global price comparison

  Profiles.im API: User profile service

  ProjectBubble API: Project Management Service

  Proxomo API: Social app development platform

  PSNapi API: PS3 game and player information service

  Publr API: Blogging Service

  Pulse.to API: Group SMS/texting service

  Pulsepoint API: CPR provider registry service

  Punkrock.org API: Punk Music Community Service

  Pwned.com API: Online community for gamers

  Qaiku API: Micro-blogging and social network service

  Quantter API: Activity and goal tracking application

  QueekyPaint API: Online Drawing Platform

  Quetter API: Social Q&A website

  QuickBlox API: Mobile application backend service

  Quiubas SMS API: Two-Way Global SMS

  QUOTE.fm API: Quote-based recommendation service

  Qwerly API: Social Web Search Engine

  Qwips API: Social voice-tagging service

  Radbox API: Video bookmarking and saving service

  Radian6 SocialCloud API: social media monitoring tool

  Ragefac.es API: Meme avatar platform

  Rainmaker API: Get Social Data for Email Contacts

  Rankur API: Social Media Monitoring service

  Rapportive API: Contact information add-on for email

  Ravelry API: Knitting and fiber arts hobbyist social service

  Raydash API: Video chat service

  Rdio API: Social Music Service

  Rdio Web Playback API: Social music playback integration

  Readernaut API: Social book review service

  Readmill API: Online eBook discussion platform

  ReadSocial API: Social reading service for reading applications

  RealGifts API: Service for sending real gifts on Facebook

  Reality Digital OPUS API: Social media management service

  Reddit API: Social news service

  Rediff API: Social networking service

  ReelSurfer API: Video editing and sharing service

  Renren API: Chinese social network

  Repustate API: Social media content analysis platform

  Resighting API: Favorite places application

  Retweet Rank API: Search for the Retweet Rank of any Twitter User

  Rimzu API: Social personality assessment service

  RIPL API: Real-time activity stream service

  Roar Engine API: Social game mechanics game platform

  RockYou Super Wall API: Platform for content sharing within Facebook

  Rrove API: Social Bookmarking for Places Create & Share Maps

  RSDN Janus API: Russian software development forum administration service

  Rummble API: Location-based services

  Rummble Labs API: Business and personal recommendations

  RunAlong API: Community Running Service

  RunKeeper Health Graph API: Health & fitness tracking service

  Rutamina API: Travel route planning and sharing

  Ryzom API: Game data integration service

  Saba People Cloud API: Enterprise social network

  Salesforce.com Chatter API: Salesforce social platform

  Salsa Commons API: Online advocacy, fundraising, and organizing service

  Samepoint Real-Time Social Media API: Social Media Monitoring API

  San Luis Obispo Country Club Photo Album API: Photo album retrieval service

  Sapo Social API: Social media management tools

  Scaled Recognition API: Visual and Textual Recognition Service

  Scan & Target API: Digital conversations intelligence provider

  SchemingMind API: Correspondence chess playing service

  ScienceCard API: Researcher publication metrics and profile service

  Scoop.it API: Social media and content curation platform

  Scoreoid API: Game development platform

  Screach API: Location-based social networking service

  ScreenTweet API: Media sharing service

  Scup API: Social media monitoring service

  Sellaround API: eCommerce service

  SendTab API: Share Links Between Browsers

  SendWrite API: Paper card sending service

  Sentiment140 API: Twitter sentiment analysis service

  ServerCyde API: Web application building service

  Shareaholic API: Social link-sharing service

  Shared Count API: Social Network Tracking Service

  SharedBookshelves API: Book sharing service

  ShareThis API: Social link sharing service

  shelby.tv API: Online video sharing and discovery service

  Shizzow API: Location sharing social networking

  ShopIgniter API: Online commerce marketing platform

  Shoudio API: Location Based Audio Platform

  Shoutlet API: Social marketing platform

  Shutter API: Photo and video sharing service

  ShutterPro API: Photo storage and sharing service

  Sina Weibo API: Chinese microblogging service

  Singly API: Personal data platform

  Skyttle API: Online conversation monitoring service

  Slifeshare API: Lifestreaming network

  SlipStream API: TV-as-social media platform

  Slipstream SA API: South African social media platform for automotive enthusiasts

  Smarkets API: Social prediction market

  SmartBots API: Second Life bot management service

  smartRealm SNAP API: Social network analysis tool

  SMS GupShup API: SMS Group Message Service

  SMSimple API: Internet SMS service

  Smynx API: Search and coordination services for meeting up

  SnapAppointments API: Appointment schedule management

  SnappyTV API: Real-time video and social media advertising platform

  Snapr API: Real-time geosocial photosharing service

  SnapReplay API: Shared event photostream application

  Snip.it API: Online Content Aggregation and Sharing Service

  Snipt.net API: Code Snippet Sharing Service

  Snoopon.me API: Screen sharing service

  SNTMNT API: Sentiment analysis of financial Twitter feeds

  Social Archive API: Status message search engine

  Social Crawlytics API: Social media metrics service

  Social Entrepreneur API: Database of social entrepreneurs

  Social Gaming Network API: Developer platform for social games

  Social Gold API: Online gaming payment and virtual currency service

  Social Mention API: Aggregated social search service

  Social Networks Software API: Online software for social network creation

  Social Report API: Social analytics platform

  Social Translator API: Community translation service

  Social Video Bytes API: Social application-based advertising network

  Social Whale API: Twitter service extensions

  Social123 SocialData+ API: Social Contact and Address Listing Service

  Socialbel API: Community translation service

  Socialcam API: Video sharing application

  SocialFlow API: Social media publishing service

  SocialGO API: Social network platform

  Socialight API: Social community

  Socialize API: Mobile App Social Engagement

  socialmod API: User Generated Content Moderating Service

  SocialOomph API: Social media productivity enhancement services

  SocialStock API: Customer reward service

  Socialyzer API: Social media optimization service

  SodaHead API: Social News and Polling Platform

  Sofanatics API: Virtual sports fan network platform

  SoFurry API: Anthropomorphic art website

  SoGeo API: Location aware business platform

  Sohu Microblogging API: Social microblogging platform

  Sometrics API: Social network analytics and monetization tools

  Song.ly API: Music discovery service

  Sonico API: OpenSocial service

  SoundCloud API: SoundCloud is a social audio platform

  SpamWipe API: Comment spam prevention service

  SpeakerRate API: Event online community service

  Spigit API: Enterprise social network mining

  Spil Games API: Online gaming Portal

  Splitable API: Cost splitting application service

  Spot2be API: Online and mobile location sharing

  Spotify Metadata API: Music search and lookup service

  Spruce Media API: Social advertising platform

  StageBloc API: Website creation platform

  Stannp API: Postcard generation application

  Stapleup API: Social marketing service

  StatAd API: Social data analytics platform

  Steply API: Photo sharing mobile application

  StesCodes Address Book Importer API: Mail Address Book Grabber

  StesCodes Contact Grabber API: Address book data extraction service

  StesCodes Friends Inviter API: Social invitation service

  StesCodes Social Event Manager API: Social network calendar management service

  StesCodes Social Login API: Social site login service

  Stop Forum Spam API: Database of online forum spammers

  Storify API: Create Stories from Social Media Posts

  StormWeight API: Collaboration Based Voting Service

  Strands Social Recommender API: Social Recommendations API

  Strava API: Social fitness service

  Strutta API: Social promotion platform

  Stumble.to API: Automatic check in to Foursquare service

  Su.pr API: StumbleUpon URL utility

  Subeta API: Social site with avatars and virtual pets

  Subsonic API: Music streaming service

  Sugar Creek Country Club Photo Album API: Photo album retrieval service

  Super Rewards API: Virtual currency monetization platform

  SuperTweet API: Twitter analysis, metadata, and monetization services

  SuperTweet.net API: Access to Twitter API without OAuth

  Svpply API: Social shopping discovery website

  Sysomos API: Social media monitoring and analytics service

  Tagalus API: A dictionary for Twitter hashtags

  Tagged API: Social networking service

  Taggify API: Social commenting and photo sharing widget

  Taglets API: Tagging service

  TagTooga API: Tag based Internet directory

  TalentBin API: Social recruiting service

  Talk Like A Pirate Translation API: Pirate Speak Translator

  Tangler API: Discussion forums services

  Tapatalk API: Universal Forum Access Service

  TappIn API: Cloud content sharing service

  Taringa API: Social networking in Argentina

  Tarpipe API: Lifestreaming services

  TaskRabbit API: Task and errand contract labor service

  Tastebuds.fm API: Dating service based on music interests

  TeachStreet Classes and Courses API: Local and online class search and community

  Teepin API: Idea collaboration platform

  Telesocial API: voice calling in social networks

  TeliaSonera Presence API: Presence information and status updating tool

  Tellgram API: User-created content sharing and rating

  Tellmewhere API: Location sharing service

  Tencent API: Chinese internet portal

  The World Photo Album API: Residential yacht's photo album retrieval service

  TheBeerSpot API: Beer and Brewery Guide Service

  thePort Support Community API: Online community interaction service

  Thinglink API: Image interaction service

  Thinkudo Enlighten API: Chinese social media analytics

  This Is My Jam API: Music recommendation and sharing service

  Thounds API: Music creation and sharing service

  Thumbs Up API: Social television application

  Thumbsnap API: Image hosting service

  Tianji API: Chinese business social networking platform

  Tibbr API: Social network platform for workplaces

  Tiket API: Online ticket booking service

  Tinychat API: Video chat service

  TinyGrab API: Social Screenshot Sharing

  Tinypay.me API: Social ecommerce service

  Tinysong API: Music sharing service

  TLists API: Search and browse Twitter lists

  TokBox API: Authentication services

  Topics.io API: Online content aggregation service

  Topspin API: Direct to fan marketing platform

  Topsy API: Twitter search service

  tos-dr API: Terms of Service Rating Service

  Totspot API: Private website creation service

  Tout API: Social media platform for video

  Tout Live API: Real-time marketing service

  Trackur API: Social media monitoring tool

  Tradeshift API: Business Network and Invoice management service

  Trails.by API: Q&A social bookmarking tool

  TraitPerception API: Personal assessment app

  Trendn API: Web content aggregation and ranking service

  Trendrr API: Graphing trends service

  Trendspottr API: Social media trend monitoring and search service

  TripAdvisor API: Travel review and recommendation service

  Tripl API: Social travel service

  TripSay API: Social travel search and recommendations service

  Trove API: Personal content management platform

  tru.ly Verification API: Dating verification tool

  TrustCloud API: Trust ranking service

  TTAGG Stock API: Stock Data Service

  Tumblr API: Web scrapbook post and view service

  tunesBag API: Music storage, streaming, and sharing

  TunkRank API: Twitter influence measurement service

  Tvider API: Mobile Twitter Media Sharing/Uploading Service

  TVRage API: Television information service

  TWASE API: Twitter spam prevention service

  TweepSearch API: Twitter profile search services

  Tweet Archivist API: Twitter post archiving service

  Tweet Marker API: social networking post tracking service

  Tweet Scan API: Twitter and identi.ca search results service

  TweetBoner API: Twitter favorites summary service

  Tweetburner API: Twitter link tracking service

  TweetFeel Twitter Sentiment API: Twitter customer expereince tracking tool

  tweethook API: Twitter search data retrieval

  TweetLater API: Twitter tweet scheduling tool

  TweetPhoto API: Twitter photo sharing service

  TweetReach API: Tweet Exposure Tracking Service

  TweetRL API: Revenue sharing twitter article service

  Tweettronics API: Brand monitoring and tracking service

  Tweetvite API: Tweetup and event creation service

  Twick.it API: Social Explanation Engine

  Twiddla API: Real-time online meeting and collaboration tool

  Twinfluence API: Twitter profile analysis service

  Twirus API: Regional Twitter trend statistics service

  Twishort API: Tweet Longer App for Twitter

  TwitchTV API: Video game broadcasting and chat community

  TwitLonger API: Tool for posting longer Tweets

  TwitPic API: Share photos on Twitter

  TwitrPix API: Photo sharing service for Twitter

  Twitscoop API: Twitter trend visualisation tool

  TwitSprout API: Social media dashboard service

  Twitter API: Microblogging service

  Twitter Grader API: Twitter user ratings service

  Twitter Streaming API: Public Twitter Stream

  TwitterBrite API: Twitter search engine

  TwitterCounter API: Twitter user statistics data

  Twittervision API: Location based data for the Twitter service

  Twitvid API: Video social network

  Twitxr API: Mobile photo sharing

  Twivatar API: Twitter avatar service

  Twones API: Social music service

  twt.fm API: Twitter music sharing service

  Twtmore API: Long tweet utility

  Tynt API: Internet engagement measurement service

  Uberlife API: Social location based platform

  uBoost API: Community engagement and motivation service

  Ukulima.net API: Kenyan farmers social network

  Unified Social API: Social media marketing platform

  Unofficial Fitocracy API: Social fitness platform

  Unofficial Turntable.fm API: Social music service

  Unofficial Xbox API: Gaming network information sharing service

  Untappd API: Social beer discovery app

  USA.gov Social Media Registry API: Social media account registry

  UseFunnel API: Mobile device form and survey data collection service

  Userplane API: Communication software for online communities

  Utterz API: Community site

  VegGuide API: Vegetarian and Vegan Guide Service

  Veniu API: European geo-mobile social network

  Venmo API: Social Payments tools

  Venteria API: Social event calendar

  Veoh API: Internet television, video, and social platform

  VHX API: Web video dashboard

  VHX Megaplaya API: Web video player

  Via.me API: Social media sharing platform

  Viadeo Graph API: Professional social networking platform

  Viafoura API: Social monetization and audience engagement platform

  Viddy API: Social video sharing service

  Videofy.me API: Video management and publishing platform

  Viggle API: Social TV reward service

  Viking Spots API: Recommendation and advertising service

  Viralheat API: Social media analytics service

  VirWoX API: Virtual world currency exchange services

  Visible Social Media API: Social media monitoring and analytics service

  VisionSync Dating API: Virtual dating application

  Vitrue Agency API: Social media marketing platform

  Viximo API: Social game distribution and monetization services

  VK API: European social networking service

  VK Ads API: VK advertising service

  VK Merchant API: Social online payment system

  Voice-Jump API: VOIP Communication Service

  Voki API: Speaking avatars services

  Volvant API: Lead generation and social media marketing service

  Votigo API: Social marketing platform

  Votizen API: Candidate and issue advocacy service

  Vouchfor API: Social referral marketing platform

  Vysr API: Social platform services

  Wakoopa API: Software usage community service

  waldstat API: Location sharing service

  WallaBee API: Location-based mobile game

  Wassr API: Twitter for SecondLife microblogging service

  Watwet API: Microblogging service

  Waytag API: Geolocation and place service

  Waze API: Social navigation application

  We Are Hunted API: Social music data sharing

  We Feel Fine API: Art project that harvests feelings from blogs

  WeedDeals API: Marijuana Dispensary Deals Service

  WeeWorld API: Avatar access service

  WeGather API: Social networks for churches

  Weplay API: Social Youth Sports Community

  Wesabe API: Personal finance management and community

  Wetpaint Injected API: Service to enable in-site user geneated content

  What The Trend? API: Twitter trending service

  What's on My Bookshelf API: Book trading community service

  Where I've Been API: Social mapping and travel service

  Whit.li API: Social profile creation service

  WhitePages.com API: People search service

  Whoozy Person Search API: Name search service

  Wibiya API: Social toolbar service

  Windsoc API: Social data service

  Wink API: Social search service

  Wipee List API: To-do list services

  WiserEarth API: Environmentalists online community

  Wishpot Publisher API: Add product pages and ads to blogs

  Wishpot Shopping API: Community shopping wish list services

  Wishpot Social Commerce API: Social eCommerce platform

  Wonderfl API: Flash Creation Platform

  Wookmark API: Image collection and sharing service

  WordPress.com API: Blogging platform

  WordPress.org API: Blogging platform

  Wridea API: Idea tracking and brainstorming service

  Wuala API: Store and share files online

  XboxLeaders API: Xbox Live stat tracking and gamer data

  XboxSDK API: Gaming user community information service

  XfccBasic API: Correspondence chess information exchange protocol

  XING API: Professional social networking platform

  XPG Live API: Cross-platform social gaming service

  YackTrack API: Social media conversation tracking service

  Yahoo Contacts API: Yahoo address book

  Yahoo Social Directory API: Yahoo profile directory service

  Yahoo Status API: Yahoo account status

  Yahoo Updates API: Social network aggregation

  Yahoo Wretch API: Photo and blog hosting services

  Yammer API: Microblogging for business

  Yandex Fotok API: Photo sharing service

  Yandex MoiKrug API: Yandex Social Network Service

  yfrog API: Photo sharing and social networking platform

  Yonda4 API: Reading lists and recommendations

  YoolinkPro API: Corporate social networking platform

  Your Book Launch API: Book launch management service

  YourMembership API: Membership organization management service

  youRoom API: Group messaging service

  YOYOIndia API: Indian social network

  YUPIQ API: Social media promotions platform

  Zannel Open API: Community site

  Zerista API: Event intelligence platform

  Zoho Projects API: Project management and collaboration service

  Zooomr API: Photo and text message sharing service

  Zoopy API: Online and mobile social media community

  Zootool API: Online Bookmarking and Collecting Service

  Zutual API: Twitter user comparison service

  Zutual API: Twitter analysis service

  Zwiggo API: Social networking for groups

  Zyncro API: Enterprise social networking service

  Zynga API: Developer platform for social games

  Zypr API: API aggregation service

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