95 Sharing APIs: Box.net, Dropbox and Ipernity

Our API directory now includes 95 sharing APIs. The newest is the Screenhero API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Zillow API. We list 79 Box.net mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of sharing APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 71 sharing REST APIs and 8 sharing SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 65 sharing JSON APIs and 36 sharing XML APIs.

The most common tags within sharing are 55 social sharing APIs, 18 photo sharing APIs and 18 video sharing APIs.


On the mashup side, we list 25 sharing mashups. We named HOT as mashup of the day in January.

For reference, here is a list of all 95 sharing APIs.

  AddNag API: Add message screens within apps

  AddShoppers Social Product API: Social eCommerce sharing Platform

  awe.sm API: Conversion tracking for social media

  Babyworld API: Social sharing site for families

  Bambuser Metadata API: Live video broadcasting

  Bambuser oEmbed API: Embedded video player

  BigStock API: Image Database Service

  Bintray API: Binary package publishing and sharing service

  Box.net API: Online file storage

  Bump API: Mobile device data exchange service

  Cabinet API: Document Management Service

  Camera Plus API: iPhone photo application

  car2go API: Car booking service and local driver's information

  CodeSnipp.it API: Code sharing service

  Cogix Ratings API: Survey Creation Service

  CX API: Cloud storage and sharing service

  Datownia API: Data sharing platform

  Deskarma API: Knowledge sharing platform

  DocLanding API: File Storage and Management Service

  Dropbox API: Online storage provider

  Dubset MixSCAN API: Streaming music scanner

  EarthChem API: Earth sciences data sharing service

  Egnyte API: Cloud filesharing service

  Euro Bill Tracker API: Currency Tracking Service

  EyeEm API: Photo sharing and discovery service

  Fiabee API: Cloud synchronization and sharing platform

  figshare API: Research sharing service

  FileCopter API: File Hosting And Monetization Service

  Fishup API: Online photo sharing service

  Flintbox API: Collaborate Research Service

  GamerCV API: Gaming score retrieval service

  Gigatribe API: Hard drive file sharing tool

  Google Plus History API: Content sharing service

  Groupcentric API: User engagement service for applications

  HipGeo API: Trip tracking and recording application

  Infinigag API: Meme and photo sharing platform

  Informatica Cloud API: Data Integration service

  Ipernity API: Media sharing service

  Joinup API: e-Government interoperability services review and sharing platform

  KickoffLabs API: Viral referral page service

  Kippt API: Bookmarking application

  Kompoz API: Music collaboration service

  Kongregate API: Game data integration service

  Lanoba API: Website registration and Authentication service

  Latakoo Flight API: Video Transfer And Sharing Service

  Let's Crate API: File sharing service

  MashFree API: Photo sharing service

  Meme Generator API: Meme generation engine

  Music Xray S2O Partner API: Music sharing platform

  Musicplayr API: Music sharing service

  MyVidster API: Social video bookmarking

  nimbits API: Cloud based data sharing service

  OCLC Article Exchange API: Library document sharing service

  Oneall API: Social sign in and sharing service

  Opuss API: Word and text creation and sharing application

  Orb API: Digital media remote access and management

  Picplum API: Photo print sharing service

  PirateUpload API: File Sharing Service

  Pixorial API: Video collection and creation application

  Plazes API: Location based social network

  Plunker API: Multi-file snippet sharing service

  Po.st API: Advertising via content sharing services

  Ponoko API: Product creation platform

  Project Kenai SunCloud API: Open Source Project Collaboration and Management Service

  PSNapi API: PS3 game and player information service

  Punkrock.org API: Punk Music Community Service

  QUOTE.fm API: Quote-based recommendation service

  ReelSurfer API: Video editing and sharing service

  Ryzom API: Game data integration service

  Screenhero API: Collaborative screen sharing service

  shelby.tv API: Online video sharing and discovery service

  Shutter API: Photo and video sharing service

  ShutterPro API: Photo storage and sharing service

  Sketchfab API: 3D model sharing platform

  Snapjoy API: Photo sharing and storage service

  Socialcam API: Video sharing application

  Tellgram API: User-created content sharing and rating

  This Is My Jam API: Music recommendation and sharing service

  TinyGrab API: Social Screenshot Sharing

  TweetVue API: Twitter conversation sharing tool

  Twipple API: Japanese image tweeting service

  TwitDoc API: Twitter document sharing service

  Twitvid API: Video social network

  VHX API: Web video dashboard

  VHX Megaplaya API: Web video player

  Via.me API: Social media sharing platform

  viaCycle API: Bike sharing service

  Viddy API: Social video sharing service

  Voicebox API: Data visualization about youth culture

  vyu.me API: Link ( URL) shortening service

  Wattpad API: Story creation and sharing application

  WhatsOnMyBookshelf API: Book Trading Service

  Wookmark API: Image collection and sharing service

  Wuala API: Store and share files online

  yfrog API: Photo sharing and social networking platform

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