96 New APIs: Adobe PhoneGap, Alcatel-Lucent and Hipmob

This week we had 96 new APIs added to our API directory including a cloud-based app compiler, IMS application Platform, mobile live chat service, time tracking service and media access service. We also covered Reel Surfer's video editing API. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

5centSMS5centSMS API: The service provides SMS text messaging with delivery of specified message text to a designated recipient. Delivery notification is available, and recipients can respond via the service, e.g., to unsubscribe or to provide requested information, with responses processed as HTTP requests or email. Reporting functions summarize outbound and inbound message traffic.

API methods support messaging functions, including both send and receive, with ability to generate replies as email to a designated address. Methods also support delivery notification to verify status of sent messages as received or not successfully delivered. The API provides reporting functions for message tracking and account balance information. A digital signature Authentication process is in beta.

Academic BenchmarksAcademic Benchmarks API: Academic Benchmarks (AB) provides education companies with an underlying data utility that standardizes the management and use of education standards. The AB Standards Registry hosts over 2.6 million state, national, district, and international standards in a configurable, digital format. The AB API enables users to browse and search standards documents, conduct alignments, leverage AB’s suggestion engine to fuel alignments across authorities, and access alignment data to support website searches and reports. These services use REST and (in one case) XML- RPC calls issued in either XML or JSON format.

Adobe PhoneGap BuildAdobe PhoneGap Build API: Adobe PhoneGap is a standards-based, open-source development Framework for building cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, webOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, and other systems. Users can upload their HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript assets to the Adobe PhoneGap Build cloud service and let it do the work of compiling.

The Adobe PhoneGap Build API provides programmatic access to functions for creating, building, updating, and downloading apps. It was designed for easy Integration with other systems and uses REST calls issued in JSON and JSONP.

Afla.MDAfla.MD API: The service provides current reports from schools and educational institutions in the former Soviet republic of Moldova. It exposes lists and details of Moldovan educational institutions, accessible by name or geographic region, and provides performance scores based on data provided by the institutions. The service is intended to encourage review, awareness, and scrutiny of activities in schools within the country.

API methods support listing of schools and institutions by educational level and geographic location. For each institution, methods support access to details about infrastructure, language, student population, and finances. The API also provides scores by area of study and gender.

Alcatel-Lucent New ConversationAlcatel-Lucent New Conversation API: The Alcatel-Lucent New Conversation APIs are a suite of APIs that give developers access to rich Service Provider IMS capabilities. The APIs give developers exposure to and allow for integration with Alcatel-Lucent's IMS application servers including Converged Telephony Server, Presence Server and Multimedia Instant Messaging.

The RESTful New Conversation APIs give users the ability to build communication-enabled apps for consumer, enterprise and vertical markets. Functionality includes assigning control of an active call to a 3rd-party application; call and conference control; interactive voice and video management; call progress notifications to add call monitoring to apps; retrieve call logs; sending and receiving SMS; retrieving presence information for all contacts in a network address book and chat and file transfer capabilities. Interested developers can register for more information on the APIs.

AntivinAntivin API: The service generates full report of available information about a specific vehicle based on its vehicle identification number (VIN). Available report data include Carfax and AutoCheck reports, which provide number of owners and last known odometer reading along with vehicle damage history.

API methods support HTTP GET requests specifying the VIN and the report desired. Separate endpoints generate either the Carfax or AutoCheck reports.

api4sms.netapi4sms.net API: Api4sms.net is a provider of an SMS Gateway that gives users the ability to send personalized messages, international SMS, implement an SMS marketing strategy and send SMS notifications. The API allows developers to connect to the SMS Gateway and allows clients to completely customize the SMS messages they send. The API uses HTTP calls. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information.

Arts Alliance Media LocksmithArts Alliance Media Locksmith API: Arts Alliance Media offers a complete range of digital cinema services across distribution and exhibition, including Locksmith, a Key Delivery Message (KDM) product allowing key distributors to upload keys to the cloud. The Arts Alliance Media Locksmith API provides a RESTful interface for automating key delivery and retrieval.

ATC BusinessLinkATC BusinessLink API: ATC BusinessLink is a website for ATComputers, the leading Czech distributor of IT goods and electronics. The website is available primarily in Czech and Slovenian, with some parts available in English. The ATC BusinessLink API Documentation is only available in Czech.

The ATC BusinessLink APIs are divided into three subsets: Classifications, Goods, and Documents. The Classifications APIs enable users to retrieve a complete list of categories, manufacturers, and sub-categories under which goods are distributed. The Goods APIs retrieve lists of goods under specified input parameters to obtain the current prices of goods, descriptions of goods, and stock available in warehouses. The Documents APIs allow users to place orders or offers with ATC ​​BusinessLink and also provides details of business documents such as invoices, orders, and production orders.

Avasaram Web ServicesAvasaram Web Services API: The Avasaram RESTful Web Services API helps applications and websites to communicate with Avasaram platform. The platform provides financial services to help option traders find opportunities in different markets. The services provide via API are the Screener Service, Custom Screener Service, Option Calculator Service, Vertical Spread Calculator Service, and the Analyzer Service. Developers can integrate the API into their applications to take advantage of the services available on the platform.

Banco de Guatemala Tipo CambioBanco de Guatemala Tipo Cambio API: The Bank of Guatemala (Banco de Guatemala) provides an exchange rate service for its national currency, the Guatemalan quetzal. This service, the Tipo Cambio API, is available using SOAP-based calls issued in XML format. The service returns the exchange rate between the quetzal and the selected currency, either for the present day or over a given time period.

Although several parts of the Bank of Guatemala website have English translations available, most of the website and all of the API documentation are provided only in Spanish.

Bank of Russia Daily InfoBank of Russia Daily Info API: The Bank of Russia (Банк России) is the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. It hosts the Daily Info API, which provides users with access to financial information associated with the bank. The service uses SOAP calls to retrieve the desired information, either as a dataset or in XML format.

Available information includes the prices of precious metals, bank liquidity, exchange rates, lending rates, investments, amounts owed to credit institutions, government securities, RUONIA (Ruble Overnight Index Average), and more.

Much of the Bank of Russia website is available in both Russian and English, but the API documentation is given only in Russian.

BoutineBoutine API: Boutine is an online store for women's clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. Boutine searches for the best emerging fashion designers around the world and works closely with them to make their unique products available for sale online. Boutine users, acting as stylists, can create and share their own personalized collections and earn commissions on sales from their stores.

The Boutine API enables users to access all of the website's user-, product-, and collection-related functions and information. This service is available via REST calls issued in JSON format.

Brownbook OpenSearchBrownbook OpenSearch API: The service provides listings from a directory of business organizations categorized by product offerings, including both goods vendors and service providers. Search access is provided in compliance with OpenSearch standards. Keyword look-up or programmatic integration provides listings for individual businesses providing a desired product.

API methods support access to the listings compliant with the OpenSearch format. Methods allow submission of a query term and and geographic location. The API returns a results list from the business directory local to the specified place and matching that term, with a link to view details for each business on the provider's platform.

BugetMDBugetMD API: The service provides budget data for the government of Moldova extracted from the Open Data Portal of machine-readable government operating data. Data come from the Moldovan Ministry of Finance in partnership with the World Bank. The dataset excludes personal information about people as well as trade secrets of companies and state secrets of the government. The portal's goal is improved transparency government actions for citizens and other stakeholders.

API methods support listings of expenditure items and their categories along with units of government or local and regional authorities that incur the expenses. The API returns machine-readable data structured according to those divisions to report actual government expenditures.

BugswarmBugswarm API: Bugswarm is a data management service that connects a users resources and controls how the resources communicate and interact. The resources can be smartphones, BUG, Arduino, web or mobile applications. The Bugswarm API consists of a Configuration API and a Participation API. The Configuration API can be used to create resources and swarms as well as add resources to swarms as producers, consumers or both. The Participation API connects resources to swarms so that they can produce and consume data. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON.

Bypass CAPTCHABypass CAPTCHA API: Bypass Captcha is a CAPTCHA solving service. The service operates through the Bypass CAPTCHA API which can be implemented in third-party software. The API solves CAPTCHAs in less than ten seconds and is accurate "at least 95%" of the time. The service uses REST calls and through it users can, submit your CAPTCHA image, send correctness feedback so Bypass CAPTCHA can track accuracy and only charge for correct solutions, as well as check account information.

CampaignerCRMCampaignerCRM API: CampaignerCRM provides sales professionals at small to medium-sized businesses with a web-based solution that combines full-featured CRM and email marketing functionality. With CampaignerCRM users can improve the volume of qualified leads; increase sales pipeline velocity and help sales professionals sell larger deals. The CRM aims to combine traditional sales process software with social media functionality, sales performance tools and visual reporting. The CampaignerCRM API lets users integrate the platform's tools with their existing systems. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information.

Central Bank of Armenia Exchange RatesCentral Bank of Armenia Exchange Rates API: The service from the Central Bank of the former Soviet republic of Armenia provides exchange rate quotes for the national currency, the Dram. It is intended to facilitate international trade denominated in the currency and enable the government policy of supporting the currency by purchasing and selling while maintaining a freely floating exchange rate within open international capital markets.

API methods support listing exchange rates for the Dram against other national currencies, specified by ISO country code, for specific date ranges. The API also can supply the current exchange rate, based on most recent transactions.

CMDICMDI API: CMDI is a provider of web-based fundraising and compliance solutions for political organizations, non-profits, and corporations. CDMI offers software that can be used for donor relationship management, donation processing, and federal and state campaign compliance. The CMDI API can be tied into a web form and sued for credit card processing. The API allows users to customize the look and functionality of the web form. Public documentation is not available.

CME DataCloudCME DataCloud API: CME Group is a provider of risk management services offering clients a range of benchmark futures and options products, covering all major asset classes. CME DataCloud is a web based service that gives users access to daily price, statistics and referential data covering CME listed and cleared OTC markets plus select intraday OTC price data. A suite of APIs is available that allows users to access OTC and listed market data. Data includes global trades and quotes, credit default swaps, interest rate swaps and futures and options prices. Both REST and SOAP APIs are available and responses are formatted in XML.

Daenet CurrencyServerDaenet CurrencyServer API: The service provides exchange rates for many currencies worldwide, allowing applications to convert amounts for transactions and to assess risk of changes in exchange rates over time. It is available as a widget to be embedded in HTML pages or as a Web Service with SOAP API.

API methods support retrieval of a foreign exchange rate for any pair of currencies by multiplying a "currency factor" by one currency value to determine the other value. Methods also support listing of datasets providing currency factors, providers of datasets, and timestamps of the datasets, which allows evaluation of data reliability.

Death By CAPTCHADeath By CAPTCHA API: Death By captcha offers a CAPTCHA bypass service. The service operates through the Death By CAPTCHA API. Users pass CAPTCHAs through the API where they are solved by an OCR or manually. The solved CAPTCHA is then passed back where it can be used. The service is available at $1.39 for 1000 solved CAPTCHAs. The API has an average solved response time of 15 seconds, and an average accuracy rate of 90%

Deutsche Telekom TropoDeutsche Telekom Tropo API: Telekom Tropo is a cloud based voice applications platform and can be used to create communication applications, including speech-driven Interactive Voice Response (IVR), VoIP solutions, voice mashups and SMS applications. Functionality includes 50 member conference calls, make and receive calls from websites and applications, and supports speech recognition.The API is RESTful and sends JSON responses.

dotnetpro.de Newsdotnetpro.de News API: This web service provides access to the news archives of the dotnetpro.de website. Developers can retrieve the latest news for integration into their own web or windows applications using the dotnetpro.de News API. This service is accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The website and API documentation are only available in German.

The service is still in the beta state. Bug reports, suggestions, and comments are welcome.

DucksboardDucksboard API: Ducksboard is a web metrics and analytics platform. Ducksboard allows users to track their web metrics and produce analysis and reports based on the metrics.

The Ducksboard API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Ducksboard with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving data, sending data, and managing accounts. Ducksboard offers push, pull, and dashboard APIs.

Dukascopy FIXDukascopy FIX API: The service provides data feeds with real-time quotes for foreign exchange and currency exchange rates along with ability to complete trades. It serves the needs of professional market participants to track closely movements in exchange rates between different currencies, with abilities to respond quickly by initiating trades to profit from differences or hedge risk.

API methods support access to exchange rate quotes in FIX4.4 protocol. Methods also support creating orders for trades, along with ability to update and cancel existing orders. The API also allows for automated notifications of selected trading activities.

EcoSystemDataEcoSystemData API: The service from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) provides access to a data warehouse compiled by the provider of biological research data relevant to ecosystem conditions. It collects datasets developed by researchers studying environmental conditions and makes it available via APIs. The data warehouse combines listings of separate datasets maintained by other providers for comprehensive listings across ecological science.

API methods support search for data on a particular species, for a particular region, or spanning a particular time period. Methods also provide structural information about the data warehouse, such as a summary listing of datasets available, data elements and datatypes within the datasets, geographic regions for which data can be accessed, and listings of species tracked in the datasets.

el Guille Conversorel Guille Conversor API: El Guille is a website offering articles and tutorials on programming with Visual Basic, C#, ASP.NET, XAML, and other languages. The Conversor API provided by el Guille enables users to convert temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This service uses SOAP calls issued in XML format. The website and API documentation are provided exclusively in Spanish.

EnvoyRelateEnvoyRelate API: EnvoyRelate is a service that lets users track their donations in realtime and review analytics on this data. EnvoyRelate provides in depth statistics that help users understand the total value of donations, see their average donation value and the number of donations over time. Users can work with interactive charts and graphs in realtime to see what methods are working. Custom alerts can be set up that are triggered by various events. EnvoyRelate provides an API to allow users to input transactions from their web services. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

EppraisalEppraisal API: The service provides estimates of selling prices for homes and other real estate. For a specified property location, it returns a range of values from low to middle to high. It is available as a web form for individual submissions, a series of embeddable widgets, or via web service.

API methods support specification of a location as a U.S. Postal Service Zip Code. The API returns a median value along with most expensive and least expensive values, based on reported real estate transactions in the area.

European Alien Species Information NetworkEuropean Alien Species Information Network API: The service from the European Alien Species Information Network (EASIN) catalogs and reports on presence of invasive and non-native species within the European environment. It provides listings of animals and plants transplanted from other regions, such as fish carried into the Mediterranean Sea from other waters by ship traffic. It helps to track and map new and potentially invasive species within Europe.

API methods support search against the database for a specific species or for a region, with results in XML with options for mapping. Methods are complaint with standards such as OpenSearch, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), and Taxonomic Databases Working Group (TDWG).

EvoIO Phylotastic/TNRSEvoIO Phylotastic/TNRS API: The service provides for resolution of species and organism names to scientific names as defined in a particular authority. The ideal resolution links a species name as it appears to a uniform Resource identifier (URI) that unambiguously specifies it within any of various authority lists. The service is intended to standardize use of species names in taxonomy trees depicting species relationships in the Phylotastic web service.

API methods support submission of a list of taxonomic names for the service to resolve, and the API returns a URL that provides the service output along with date submitted and other metadata. Methods also support retrieval of the resolved name data, which returns a listing of authorities and the URIs they define for the submitted name.

Eyowo Payment ConfirmationEyowo Payment Confirmation API: Eyowo provides businesses with a comprehensive electronic payment service, allowing users to accept payment in multiple forms, setup recurring payments, pay bills, and invoice customers. The Eyowo Payment Confirmation API provides a RESTful interface for automating confirmation of the status of any transaction. More functions are expected to be made available soon.

Feedoo NoteFeedoo Note API: Feedoo - also known as "Feidu" or "Stagecoach" - is a Chinese website for international investment resources. It was created to provide professional consultancy services and foreign exchange information to people embarking on international trade ventures.

Stagecoach offers a messaging/SMS service to keep site members up-to-date on important financial information such as exchange rates, stock market prices, and gold market trends. This service is available programmatically as the Feedoo Note API, which uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

The website and API documentation are provided solely in Chinese.

Fhoster LivebaseFhoster Livebase API: FHOSTER allows you to develop cloud-based servers (cloudlets) and interact with them through its Livebase product. Livebase affords you the ability to serve data to your customers in a visually appealing manner and make data management more user friendly.

Their Livebase product allows you to produce UML-based conceptual schema of your client's information through a web browser interface. Livebase allows you to quickly build a Front-end of a database. From simple tables to complicated relational databases, Livebase delivers expressive, enterprise level data solutions for your clients.

The Livebase REST API allows you to constrain and maintain your database cloudlets in external systems: Including cardinality, predicate-based integrity, navigability and rule-based access control. OPTIONS and GET methods are supported for each resource with others available depending on the type of resource.

FindPeopleFreeFindPeopleFree API: The FindPeopleFree service provides information on persons and businesses located in the UK. Users can submit a city name or postcode, select a region within that location, and retrieve the names, addresses, and phone numbers of persons or businesses therein. This service can be accessed using either a web console or API. The API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format. The only requirement for implementing the service elsewhere is that users must provide credit to FindPeopleFree.co.uk in the manner specified on the site.

FitnessWizardFitnessWizard API: FitnessWizard.com is a website that provides fitness software and software development services. The FitnessWizard API provides users with programmatic access to tools for performing physical fitness assessments. These tools account for heart rate, metabolic rate, blood pressure, body mass index, skinfold measurements, hydrostatic weighing, and body measurements. Calculations are performed using SOAP calls to a given WSDL Endpoint.

FloraBrasilFloraBrasil API: The service provides a catalog of plant species in Brazil with the goal of supporting documentation and conservation of flora across national, regional and local areas within the country. It is part of the Brazilian government's commitments under the international Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to support the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC).

API methods support access to a checklist of plant organisms by genus, species, and subspecies, with parameters for output language, data format, etc. Methods also support listings of categories of organisms, geographic locations, and related characteristics of the Brazilian environment.

FulcrumFulcrum API: Fulcrum provides cloud based data collection for mobile devices supporting the creation, deployment, and management of location based data collection applications. Fulcrum’s API provides clients with a RESTful interface for automating access to data and pictures, form elements, account setup info, and more.

FullerData Fortune CookieFullerData Fortune Cookie API: The FullerData Fortune Cookie API enables users to programmatically retrieve a random fortune. The "fortunes" are quotes from sci-fi novels, philosophers, anonymous sources, poets, and others. There are a total of 882 fortunes available, and users may also elect to retrieve specific fortunes by number. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

FullerData NewsFullerData News API: The FullerData News API enables developers to programmatically retrieve news articles from BBC, ABC World, MSDN Framework, Slashdot, PC World, and other sources. News items can be retrieved in HTML or XML format, or the user may simply retrieve the source URL for a news category. This service uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

GeoCliqueGeoClique API: GeoClique is a social media platform that allows user to stay in touch with friends, share photos, and get involved. The companies main focus is to eliminate the things other social media sites take advantage of, such as games, virtual objects, badges, or competition of any kind. Strictly friends and friendly actions are allowed. The API is easily integrated into any application and supports all of the functionality of the URL site. Objects are returned in JSON.

GnomeGnome API: Gnome is a free software development community where all software is free to download, modify, and redistribute. The Gnome API provides an accessibility framework through a toolkit API and an assistive technology service provider interface. The service provides an extensive collection of libraries through which to interact with and manipulate the data on Gnome.

Guardian Payment SystemsGuardian Payment Systems API: Guardian is a provider of payment processing solutions used to improve routing, connectivity and integration; reduce transactional and operational costs; increase security; and improve payment information management.

Guardian's Payment Director is for users that have a current payment platform but have payment processing needs such as executive-level summary reports and trend analysis and tokenization of credit card numbers and ACH information. A suite of APIs is available including real-time credit card authorization, charge and refund; batch credit card authorization and charges; ACH and remote deposit capture check and ACH and credit card account tokenization. The APIs use SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

HipmobHipmob API: Hipmob is a mobile live chat service that aims to connect customers with customer service. The service can also be integrated with CRMs and other customer service platforms. The Hipmob API allows admins to manage applications' settings and obtain device information. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and uses and API Key and SSL for authentication.

Hipmob Server Hipmob Server API: Hipmob provides hosted live chat for mobile applications to send text, audio, video and photos. In order to use the API developers must sign up, receive a code, download the Hipmob Library, and then use Hipmob at will for whatever messaging application assistance they may need. The API specifically allows developers to send messages from their own applications to devices, manage settings and obtain device information. Functionality includes RESTful principles and JSON response formats.

IMDBAPI.orgIMDBAPI.org API: Not affiliated with IMDb, the IMDB API is a service which provides access to most of IMDB’s data; the most popular and authoritative source of information on movies, TV and celebrities. Currently the IMDB's dataset can be downloaded but an API is not available to retrieve information. This API allows developers to access this data using RESTful calls and provides responses in XML and JSON.

Insiteo SuiteInsiteo Suite API: Insiteo is an indoor location mapping service that can be integrated with mobile applications and data collection services and aims to increase site profitability, data intelligence, customer experience and satisfaction levels. The Insiteo Suite of APIs is comprised of six APIs which can be used independently or together to create indoor mapping applications. The suite includes the indoor location, interactive mapping, pathfinding and navigation, geofencing, meet me, and lone worker protection API.

LemonwhaleLemonwhale API: Lemonwhale is a cloud video service delivering on-demand and live video experiences. The Lemonwhale API is divided into two parts with separate endpoints: a public call used for common requests in public places, and a private call used in private places which require login.

LinkTigerLinkTiger API: LinkTiger is a link testing and analysis service that checks a selected website for broken links and notifies the user. The service also creates charts and reports detailing the broken links, time periods down, and other monitoring statistics. The LinkTiger API enables users to integrate link checking analysis with third party customer portals, CRMS, CMS and other web services. For full documentation, contact LinkTiger.

MarketConnectMarketConnect API: The service provides access to data about stocks and other financial assets as well as the companies that issue them. Available data include real-time price quotes for trades on the Borsa Italiana as well as leading international stock exchanges. Data also cover regulatory filings by companies that issue securities and other events such as initial public offerings (IPOs), dividend payments, and shareholder meetings.

API methods support retrieval of price quotes and trading for stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments issued by Italian companies from markets in Italy and elsewhere. Methods also support access to informational filings and event notifications related to security ownership.

MicroBiltMicroBilt API: MicroBilt is a provider of risk management solutions for the Small and Medium Enterprise marketplace. MicroBilt provides online access to consumer and commercial credit bureau data with automated decisioning and collection services. Their products cover a range of functions including fraud prevention, consumer financing, debt collection, and background screening. MicroBilt's services are available for integration via a number of APIs. Over 200 products use HTTP APIs with XML responses. Full documentation is not publicly available.

MinuteDockMinuteDock API: MInuteDock is a time tracking service that can integrate with existing accounts and project management platforms. It can create reports, import data, create invoices, and be access from websites, twitter, mobile devices, and browsers. The MinuteDock API exposes some of the functionality of the MinuteDock service to remote queries. Users can request a list of accounts, active accounts, lists of users, check entries and manipulate time tracking. The Service user REST calls and returns JSON.

MKDenial DplMKDenial Dpl API: The service provides subscribers with access to the provider's Denial List service to highlight companies and locations prohibited from receiving exports of certain technologies and providers. The U.S. government restricts both individuals and companies from providing goods and services to some buyers in other countries, either specific buyers or any buyer in a restricted country. The denial list also applies to product categories with export licensing requirements, such as nuclear technologies.

API methods support generation of a denial list of restricted buyers for specific products (either goods or services) located in particular countries. The API can return either summary or comprehensive denial listings.

MMO Electronic Reporting SystemMMO Electronic Reporting System API: The service provides for compliance with requirements of the U.K. government for reporting of commercial fishing activities, both amounts and species of fish caught and sales completed. Vessel owners and operators of commercial fishing businesses use the service to report their catch and sales information. Other sellers and resellers as well as buyers can use the service to fulfill their own reporting requirements.

API methods support listing of ports, fishing grounds and regions, and species tracked. Methods also support submission of catch size and composition, by species, size, freshness, and other characteristics. Sales reporting methods allow reporting of transaction information, including buyer and seller, date, species, amount, etc.

Mollie PaymentMollie Payment API: Mollie is a Netherlands based SMS provider of both SMS and payments services. Through Mollie, customers can use iDEAL, the most widely used online payment method in the Netherlands. Other payment services include the use of the paysafecard, the most widely used prepaid card for online payments, pay per call, pay per minute, and pay per SMS.

The Payments APIs are a suite of APIs that give developers access to the payment functionalities of Mollie. These include iDEAL payments, integrating paysafecard functionality into a website, phone based micropayments and more. The APIs uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML. The site and documentation are in Dutch.

Mollie SMSMollie SMS API: Mollie is a Netherlands based SMS provider of both SMS and payments services. Mollie offers SMS and MMS gateways to their customers. Along with the gateways, customers can access SMS marketing services and shortcodes. The SMS APIs allow users to send SMS messages via HTTP and SMPP. Other features include sending SMS offers via email, sending MMS messages, at viewing devliery reports.

MoonshadoMoonshado API: The service provides SMS text messaging to integrate mobile communications with other applications, such as marketing and customer service. It claims global coverage to all devices and across many carriers using a SMPP connection. It also provides SMS short codes and long codes to forward traffic sent to alternative, simplified contact numbers.

API methods support sending SMS text messages for global delivery to specified recipient numbers. Methods also handle inbound SMS messages, including short and long codes to reroute messages. The API allows tracking of messages sent and received with reporting at the level of specific numbers and devices.

NaNoWriMo Word CountNaNoWriMo Word Count API: NaNoWriMo - short for National Novel Writing Month - is a free annual event for all those with literary aspirations. During the month of November, participants attempt to write 50,000 words worth of novel. All the while, they receive pep talks from published authors, communicate with fellow participants on forums, and keep track of their daily word count on the site.

The RESTful NaNoWriMo Word Count API enables users to access word count information for use in external tools or apps. Types of information available include current individual wordcount, individual wordcount history, site wordcount, site wordcount history, regional wordcount, and regional wordcount history.

New York Federal Reserve Foreign ExchangeNew York Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange API: The service from the New York Federal Reserve Bank provides historical data for foreign exchange transactions and exchange rates. The list of data available covers many of the world's currencies, with both spot and buying prices quoted at different times of day. The authoritative provider makes the data available for ingestion to automated processes that must compare currencies to calculate prices for cross-border transactions, in addition to historical research uses.

API methods support retrieval of regularly updated data formatted in compliance with the emerging Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) standard. URL-based access delivers data for specific currencies, with both 10 a.m. and noon quotes available for many frequently traded currencies.

PaleoDBPaleoDB API: The service provides a record of fossils found and documented, including their locations, the organisms represented, and their living environment at the time when they were alive. It compiles paleobiology information to document plant and animal life at specific points in space and time. Information about individual fossils and species is supported by broader taxonomic information.

API methods support HTTP GET requests for fossil occurrences documenting presence of an organism, or a distinctive part of an organism, identified with a location and timeframe. The API gives access to records compliant with the XML format of the Species 2000 Catalogue of Life to provide taxonomic, stratigraphic, geologic, and geochronological data along with records of particular fossils and organisms.

PaysbuyPaysbuy API: The service headquartered in Thailand provides for online payments by credit card through familiar networks such as Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, and others. It enables e-commerce and online business overall by quickly and securely processing payments. Sample Code is available for PHP/MySQL and .NET environments.

API methods support retrieving invoice data and status information about an invoice. Methods also support uploading current payment information including payor, card and account information, and purchase invoice including product and price. The API also manages currency rates and other details of international transactions.

Pearson Penguin ClassicsPearson Penguin Classics API: The Penguin Classics Library by Pearson is a collection of 100 of classic novels, such as Jane Eyre, Dracula, and Great Expectations.

The Pearson Penguin Classics API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Pearson Penguin Classics with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving books, retrieving book information, getting author information, and searching books and authors.

Photo CaptchaPhoto Captcha API: PhotoCaptcha is an image based captcha used to prevent bots from posting to a website. It presents users with images as opposed to letters that can often be difficult to read. Users are asked to click a series of images from those presented instead of having to type letters. PhotoCaptcha is translated to English, Polish and Italian. PhotoCaptcha is implemented via JavaScript. In order to verify if captcha was solved correctly a user's script needs to contact the API sending PhotoCaptchaResponse and client's IP address. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in CSV.

PostmasterPostmaster API: Postmaster is a modern, RESTful API for shipping packages on the web. Ship through multiple vendors (UPS, Fedex, and USPS). Track packages and get event callbacks on exceptions. Validate addresses and schedule pickups.

PwnedListPwnedList API: PwnedList maintains an online database of stolen credentials, allowing users to secure vulnerable accounts before they become victims of fraud. PwnedList provides customers with database access through a RESTful API, allowing developers to automate interaction with the list for dynamic updates.

PygmentsPygments API: The service provides syntax highlighting for web applications without Python installed. It accepts submission of a code selection and code selection with a designation of programming language and generates a version of the code with color highlighting calling out programming statements from that language. The returned 'pygmentized' HTML can be stored locally to the requesting system or directly displayed using CSS formatting.

API methods support submission of the desired code sample and programming language attribute. The list of programming languages detected and highlighted include over 200 individual languages and combinations, such as HTML + PHP.

ReelSurferReelSurfer API: ReelSurfer is a service that lets users clip and share any video from any website. In order to clip a video, users can use a bookmarklet or go to the ReelSurfer site and enter the URL of the video. Clips can be combined and organized into reels that can then be shared with friends. The ReelSurfer API provides programmatic access to the service's functionality. Currently users can use the API to create new clips. The API uses XML-RPC calls and responses are formatted in XML.

refbase OpenSearchrefbase OpenSearch API: The service provides bibliographic search to return citations matching a submitted query. Its architecture complies with the SRU (Search/Retrieve via URL) standard promulgated by the U.S. Library of Congress which uses CQL (Common Query Language) to structure interactions with the service.

API methods support submission of a bibliographic search query stated in CQL syntax. The API returns metadata for matching resources in MODS format embedded in a SRU/W XML wrapper.

Remote PotatoRemote Potato API: Remote Potato is a media service that allows users to access media stored at their homes from anywhere with web access. The Remote Potato API provides the data required to create multiplatform apps to access a users media server. The API uses REST calls and returns XML. API Tokens are required for authentication.

Rogerthat Rogerthat API: Rogerthat brings a single A2P solution for all types of apps and web services. Rogerthat is a MEAP (mobile enterprise application platform) for business process automation, allowing developers to create native smartphone frontends for existing or new systems and applications. The Rogerthat API aims to make application creation relatively easy, incorporating a powerful messaging gateway with a strong application development framework. Limiting the hassle developers will have to go through. Calls are made through HTTP and responses are in JSON.

Salsa CommonsSalsa Commons API: The service provides tools for recruiting, fundraising, and organizing by not-for-profit organizations, political campaigns, and other issue advocacy environments. It emphasizes community building around social causes and issues with the goal of promoting involvement and financial support. Campaign management functions help to coordinate messaging and integrate responses with fundraising and related functions.

API methods support interactions of other systems with the providers organizing, communication, advocacy, and fundraising tools. The API handles messaging from external systems to update community information managed by the platform via methods to get data from the system and save data back to system nodes. API calls request resources at the campaign's own domain, which the service helps to establish and manage.

Semantics3 Semantics3 API: Semantics3 is a set of data APIs that give developers access to millions of products. The primary use of the API is to retrieve detailed data about a specific product. Each item is supported with 50 metadata files including height/weight//width, UPC, brand, manufacturer etc. The data in Semantics3s database is being constantly refreshed so all information is current and up to date. Developers can even make millions of queries a day. The API is RESTful with JSON responses.

SEOlyticsSEOlytics API: SEOlytics provides SEO analytic software enabling managers and marketers to analyze the visibility of their websites on a daily basis and identify potential. The SEOlytics software provides a RESTful interface for accessing rankings, visibility rank, backlinks, and AdWords data from within programs, Excel sheets, shell prompts, browsers, or other environments.

Sift ScienceSift Science API: Sift Science is a company focused on monitoring your website's traffic to protect it from users intent on malicious activities such as: fraud, credit card chargebacks, money laundering, abuse of referral programs, and general spamming of your site.

Currently in private beta, the company offeres both a Java and a REST API that track events on your website. Both integrate into your website much like Google Analytics with the Java API tracking more casual interactions (logins, screen resolutions, IP address) with the REST API documenting more backend operations (user signups, transactions made). The company also offers a Score API which allows you to dynamically call up a JSON document with the current risk assessment of your site.

SkypopSkypop API: The service provides marketing and promotion via rewards and communications delivered to customers' mobile devices. By integrating with a retailer's point-of-sale (POS) system, it can recognize customer transactions and provide incentives targeted to the current purchase. This regular, timely contact is intended to encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

API methods support integration of POS and customer relationship management (CRM) systems with the provider's Mobile Membership and Marketing platform. Methods allow recruitment and registration of new members via barcode, NFC sticker, or direct phone number entry. Existing members are recognized the same way, allowing delivery of time-sensitive discounts, rewards, and messaging.

SLAPSLAP API: SLAP is a drug target prediction service provided by the Cheminformatics group at the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University. The RESTful SLAP APIs enable users to perform drug target predictions against hundreds of proteins, to find drug similarities based on polypharmacology profiles, and to find drugs similar to an input drug.

SparkSpark API: Spark Platform gives developers a way to connect with Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to provide software tools for over 250,000 brokers, real estate agents and their customers. Spark does this by providing an API, store and app bar to create a real estate software ecosystem. The Spark API allows authorized MLS members to request data through developer applications according to the permissions and license requirements of the MLS. This data is categorized by listings, contacts and market stats. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

SpringestSpringest API: Springest is a Dutch continuing education service that helps users find and compare courses, books, articles, training courses using search and filter capabilities. The Springest API opens up all of the searchable data from Springest to users. Users can query for training guides, courses, and other content as well as integrate it into programs. The service uses REST calls and returns XML or JSON.

SSL.com Certificate ResellerSSL.com Certificate Reseller API: SSL.com provides SSL certificates for organizations of all sizes. The SSL.com Certificate Reseller API allows developers to intergrate SSL.com certificate purchasing into processes, websites, and applications. The API provides an open standards interface in the form of REST and resturns JSON responses.

Stack ExchangeStack Exchange API: Stack Exchange is a growing network of 89 question and answer sites on diverse topics from software programming to cooking to photography. Stack Exchange Builds libraries of high-quality questions and answers focused on the most important topics in each area of expertise.

The Stack Exchange API enables users to retrieve answers, comments, badges, events, questions, revisions, suggested edits, user information, and tags from the site. Users can also use the API to search the site or edit posts. The API uses REST calls issued in JSON and JSONP.

SubetaSubeta API: Subeta is a forum-based social site on which users can adopt a virtual pet and customize a human avatar. The site also features games and an extensive variety of clothing items that can be used to dress up an avatar.

The Subeta API enables developers to programmatically retrieve site user details, user wardrobe information, lists of users' items, and item information. Site users can employ the API to alter their avatar's wardrobe and send events to other users.

SynergizerSynergizer API: The service provides translations of biological indentifiers from one encoding format to another. This Function allows data expressed in one format to be reused, combined, and compared with data expressed in a different format. For example, translation can convert gene IDs stated in Ensembl to Entrez format, or it can convert IPI identifiers to HGNC symbols.

API methods support submission of an identifier and the species name to which it pertains along with the authority structure governing the translation and the original and final desired encoding namespaces. Methods can accept a file listing multiple identifiers to be translated, and output can be in spreadsheet format, as an alternative to the default JSON output.

TapirTapir API: Tapir allows you to make your personal blog of static pages searchable through its selection of APIs. Tapir provides simple search functionality for your site through indexing your RSS feeds every 15 minutes or so. Tapir can only index what is in your established Feed.

Using Tapir's three APIs: Search, Ping and Post, you can manage your blog's searchable content and push content through the APIs to be included in your feed. Information is returned in either JSON or JSONP formats utilizing a different Callback method.

Tapir also provides a JQuery plugin. Tapir is sponsered through 80beans.

TellgramTellgram API: Tellgram is a community of people who design well crafted content. Anyone can log in and give stars to posts they enjoy, but Tellgram determines whose content is of high enough quality to be featured on the site. Posts on Tellgram are called wires and take the form of either text, images, audio, or video.

Developers can use the Tellgram API to programmatically retrieve wires or a timeline from Tellgram. The results can be filtered by popularity, user, or wire type. Specific wires can also be retrieved by ID. This API uses REST calls issued in JSON format.

ToutTout API: Tout is a platform that allows users to shoot short video status updates via cameras on smartphones and the web. Touts are shared real-time and automatically to Tout.com, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, SMS, and email contacts.

The Tout API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Tout with other applications and create new applications. Some example API methods include searching for tags, following users, managing account information, and creating and managing "Touts."

Transpact PartnerTranspact Partner API: The service provides payment functionality based on an escrow system in which funds are held for distribution when terms of sale are completed, as when a product is delivered. It provides tools for stating and revising offer terms until both parties agree, then it accepts and holds payment until the party paying agrees to release the funds. The neutral third party helps to ensure agreement on terms and fulfillment of both delivery and payment, which encourages trust between parties unfamiliar to one another.

API methods support creating a "Transpact" agreement between contracting parties and confirming fulfillment to allow dispersal of funds or voiding an agreement previously created. Methods also support listing of a party's current and past agreements to allow risk assessment.

TravelyaariTravelyaari API: Travelyaari.com is a 100% real time bus ticket booking service in India. It boasts the largest bus ticket inventory for over 10,000 bus routes. Users can book bus tickets in real time without having to request booking, pay only the ticket price without additional charges and cancel ticket bookings. The API exposes the site's functionality with over 50 available methods. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

TraxoTraxo API: Traxo is an application to store digital and electronic travel information, a digital travel wallet. Traxo works with multiple travel sites so users can manage their travel information, travel rewards, and organize travel information.

The Traxo API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Traxo with other applications. Some example API methods include managing account information, creating and managing trips, retrieving travel information, and adding travel information.

TuhungaTuhunga API: Tuhunga is an automated data collection, analyzing, visualization, and sharing service. The service allows users to identify the online data or stored data that they they want to track or include and have it continually update in real-time. Tuhunga can also integrate with third-party data providers. The Tuhunga API is available with a Power level membership and requires and API key for access. The API uses SSL for authentication.

Ukulima.netUkulima.net API: Ukulima means "farming" in Swahili and after being awarded a grant by the Rockefeller Foundation, Pamoja Media began developing a social network platform for Kenyan farmers to communicate with each other using the web and mobile internet. After developing support in Kenya, Ukulima.net hopes to extend its services to other parts of Africa.

The Ukulima.net REST API allows developers to communicate with the data on their servers using POST and GET methods to create cooperative third party applications with returns in JSON.

USC Schedule of ClassesUSC Schedule of Classes API: The University of Southern California’s Schedule of Classes API is a web service providing a RESTful interface to cached Schedule of Classes data. The API’s primary purpose is to integrate schedule data into other USC websites. The API pulls general data from the Registrar’s office and populates a cache of data.

VinAuditVinAudit API: The service provides lookup access to vehicle history reports compiled by the U.S. National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). Applications can use the service to implement NMVTIS data access for general access or for more specific functions like car dealership inventory management systems.

API methods support submitting a VIN as a query to retrieve records related to the specific vehicle. Methods return a full VIN report as either raw data or a PDF file. VIN report information includes state that issued the last title and the date, odometer reading at last title change, total loss history, and salvage history.

VisANTVisANT API: The service provides visualization tools to represent networks and pathways within biological research. Available as a web service or installed software, it ingests data about organisms and species and creates images depicting links and relationships between them. Interactions within an active community drive development of the graphical tools to create effective depictions for researchers.

API methods support defining characteristics of the nodes of a visualization, including the links between them that determine the graphic representation. Methods support lookup in species and organism records to help define node descriptions.

WebScipioWebScipio API: The service defines the gene structure implied by a protein sequence within a particular genome. It aides in research projects to define gene sequencing by analyzing a protein sequence and identifying the genes defined, with accommodation for sequencing errors and errors and ambiguously defined genes, even where complete genomes are not fully described. The service provides locations within the genome where the submitted protein sequence could appear, which indicates the genes corresponding to the sequence.

API methods support submission of a protein sequence with data about its source within a particular genome. Methods return comprehensive identification of genes defined by the sequence and identifies available genetic profiles for species characterized by the submitted profile and genes.