96 New APIs: Craigslist, Pearson and FullContact

This week we had 96 new APIs added to our API directory including a Craigslist posting interface, business card manager, photo and image collection, personalized learning service and email database scrubbing service. We also covered an API for Your DNA and whether the Tin Can API will force some to rethink current LMS. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

23andMe23andMe API: 23andMe is a personal genetics service. 23andMe offers individual genome and DNA testing and information.

The 23andMe API allows developers to access and integrate the data from 23andMe with other applications and to create new applications. Individuals consent to giving third-party access to the 23andMe data. Some example API methods include accessing user information, retrieving profiles, and getting information on genotypes.

2sms2sms API: 2sms provides text messaging services for businesses of all sizes. Services include one way and two way messaging, pager replacement, long messaging, reporting and more. 2sms offers an API that allows developers to integrate messaging services into their applications. The API exposes the SMS gateway and is available as in both RESTful and SOAP versions.

30Loops30Loops API: 30Loops is an infrastructure development Platform for web services. Its features support a simplification of web app deployment. It does this by providing tools for building from backend software, hosting the infrastructure, and Scaling it vertically or horizontally. 30Loops also provides usage metrics and analytics. The 30Loops API exposes Integration functionality for developers to connect various backend resources and deployment tools. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

Achievement Standards NetworkAchievement Standards Network API: The service provides listings of educational standards by topic, instructional level, and school agency or other jurisdiction setting the standards. Hierarchically organized listings define specific learning outcome statements expected for learners at varying levels of education. Consistent formatting allows interconnection of educational standards from different jurisdictions and providers, allowing for consistent description of achievement levels across instructional settings.

API methods support requests specifying a topic and educational level. Methods return XML metadata describing matching standards logged in the system, including standard identifier, name, text statement, and source jurisdiction. Returned data can be filtered further to match particular needs.

AidData USD-2009 DeflatorAidData USD-2009 Deflator API: AidData is an initiative that aims to make aid information more transparent and improve the quality of research on aid allocation and aid effectiveness. AidData offers a searchable database of aid activities around the world with nearly one million entries.

The USD-2009 Deflator queries AidData's GDP deflator database. It lets users take financial data from many countries, currencies and time periods, and convert financial values to a constant currency. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

AND GeoAccessAND GeoAccess API: AND (Automotive Navigation Data) is a leading provider of digital mapping data used for navigation and location-based services. It focuses on developing digital mapping data in Europe, North Africa, Central and South America, and Australia.

AND GeoAccess takes AND's global databases along with road data aggregated from data partners and then combines it with AND's software functionalities to form a single, comprehensive platform. This platform provides a SOAP API that enables developers to incorporate routes, maps, location and proximity searches, and address verification into a variety of services and software.

AriettAriett API: Ariett provides Purchase to Pay and Travel & Expense software solutions that allow organizations to automate Requisitioning & Purchasing Order Management, AP Invoicing, and Travel & Expense Reporting. The software is avilable through a cloud based offering that includes an API. Developers can integate Ariett's services with their own systems via the API. Full Documentation is not publicly available.

ASPSMSASPSMS API: ASPSMS is a service that lets businesses add SMS functionalities to their applications. Users get access to a network of more than 200 countries and 400 mobile networks. Functionality includes sending simple and bulk SMS, flashing SMS, delivery notifications, balance checks and more. An API is available to integrate the functionality into third party applications. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are in XML.

ATutor TransformableATutor Transformable API: ATutor is a Web-based Learning Content Management System. The software gives users access to a variety of features including student profiles, collaborative groups, file storage, messaging, content tracker, social networking and more.

Transformable is a learning object repository that supports complete customization of the learning content to create interoperable, accessible, adaptive learning content. The API allows users to search the repository by keywords. The API can also be used to lookup URLs for viewing, downloading, importing and exporting courses. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Baker & Taylor EDIBaker & Taylor EDI API: Baker & Taylor is the world's largest distributor of physical and digital content and value-added services. It supplies books and media to libraries and retailers, along with services for managing their collections.

Baker & Taylor provides an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) service for retrieving book information by ISBN and for performing a stock status check by ISBN or by UPC and Customer ID. This service can be accessed using the Baker & Taylor EDI SOAP API.

BCCR Indicadores EconomicosBCCR Indicadores Economicos API: The Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR) provides the Indicadores Economicos API as a programmatic method for retrieving economic indicators for Costa Rica. Key indicators covered by this service include the National Accounts (quarterly GDP), the Monthly Economic Activity Index (MIEA), the Consumer Price Index (CPI), various interest rates, and more. This information can be retrieved using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

The BCCR website and the API documentation are provided exclusively in Spanish.

Big Content SearchBig Content Search API: Big Content Search is a searchable database of 100,000+ unrestricted Private Label Rights articles in 200 niches. The Big Content Search API allows developers to automate functions such as searching and accessing articles.

BrightContextBrightContext API: BrightContext provides an ultra-scalable, cloud-based platform that allows developers to:

1) Filter and perform calculations on streams of data in-flight, and

2) Power real-time data communication in apps.

By delivering these capabilities on-demand and through an easy-to-use API and SDKs, BrightContext will unleash innovation in mobile apps, social TV, real-time business metrics, and multi-player games.

BrightContext is Powering Real-Time.

By VoiceBy Voice API: The service provides speech synthesis by using text input to generate voice output. Real-time conversion takes text input to the service and outputs the content as audio. Vocal inflections are designed to match human voice, to the output sounds like a person reading the screen text aloud.

API methods support input of text as part of the request and conversion to create mp3 or wav audio files, which then play through system speakers. Methods allow selection of language and accent, with choices including British English, French, Spanish as spoken in many parts of Spain, and both European and Brazilian Portuguese.

Campus NotesCampus Notes API: Campus Notes is a dedicated class note, assignment, and file manager in an online application accessible anywhere. The Campus Notes API allows developers to integrate all Campus Notes functionality, including recording, sharing, accessing, and downloading data.

CereVoice CloudCereVoice Cloud API: The service provides a hosted version of the provider's installed text-to-speech (TTS) conversion software. It generates spoken language from input text in a variety of languages using a selection of speaking voices. Requests can fine-tune aspects of the audio output such as pitch and pacing to adjust for specific needs.

API methods support either "simple speak" conversion of a basic text selection or "extended speak" conversion with modifications to default pitch, rate of speech, and pronunciation via SSML markup. Methods also support management of multiple lexicons and abbreviation sets to control text conversions for specific environments. Tags allow influence over emotional tone and vocal gestures.

Cloanto Currency ServerCloanto Currency Server API: Cloanto's Currency Server is an exchange rate information and currency conversion service. Users can employ it to convert between currencies, to retrieve the currency for a given country, to discover whether a currency is active, to find the smallest unit of a given currency, to find out when the exchange rate of a currency was last modified, and more. The Cloanto Currency Server API employs SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Collins IndicateCollins Indicate API: Collins Indicate is an online tool that lets customers use data to search for trends, analyze results, create visual graphics and share with colleagues. Statistical data can be imported, created, displayed and exported down to a subnational level. The data can be used to create maps, timeline graphs, regional comparisons, ranking tables and more. The Indicate API allows users to query statistical data from a range of key indicators and use it in third party applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, KML, PNG and JPEG.

Craigslist Bulk PostingCraigslist Bulk Posting API: Craigslist is a website that lists classified ads divided by sections including jobs, housing, personals and more. The Bulk Posting API provides users with an interface that allows for the submission of multiple posts in a single request. Requests must include a description, a post category, the city the post will be submitted for and a reply email. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

crowd.fmcrowd.fm API: crowd.fm is an application and platform for users to create, edit, share, and publish event information. crowd.fm offers event creation and editing features that then allow users to publish the updated information across various applications and platforms.

The crowd.fm API allows developers to access and integrate the event data from crowd.fm with other applications. The available API method is retrieving all published and forthcoming events and event information.

DC Location VerifierDC Location Verifier API: The DC Location Verifier is a service for locating residences, streets, intersections, blocks, persons, etc. within the DC area, often through the use of an AID (Address ID) or SSL (Square, Suffix, and Lot). The DC Location Verifier can also be used to verify addresses or to retrieve information on specific parking meters and street lights. These services are provided by the District of Columbia itself and can be accessed programmatically using a SOAP API.

Democracy GameDemocracy Game API: The Democracy Game(Democratiespel) is a Dutch Parliament simulator where users can vote on proposed bills and political issues. Voting earns the user points that allow them to eventually propose bills themselves and potentially take a seat in the 150 seat parliament where bills can be approved. The Democracy Game API, using REST calls, and allows users to view issues, check user profiles, vote on issues, check issues be category, and see current vote status. Most API content requires no Authentication, but third-party development using the API must use OAuth.

DemocracyEngineDemocracyEngine API: DemocracyEngine is a fund raising support service that helps organizations and individuals raise fund, set goals and incentives. The DemocracyEngine API can be integrated into campaign management systems and other political fund tracking and distribution services. Using this REST API, users can process donations and direct them towards candidates and campaigns. The service returns JSON and XML.

DevLeap Codice FiscaleDevLeap Codice Fiscale API: DevLeap, an Italian technology consultation group, provides a Web Service for matching an Italian citizen with their Codice Fiscale. A Codice Fiscale is a tax identification number used in all interactions with government agencies and public administration in Italy. It is a unique identity code similar to the National Insurance number (NI) in the UK or the Social Security Number (SSN) in the US.

The DevLeap Codice Fiscale API provides users with a programmatic method for retrieving a citizen's information from their Codice Fiscale and vice versa. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

The DevLeap website is offered in both English and Italian.

DNCIndia DNCIndia API: DNCIndia offers clients a web based platform to perform a Do not Call Scrub of the NCPR database. The service enables telemarketers to remove the numbers that are illegal to call from call lists and focus only on viable leads. The DNCIndia API can be integrated into existing calling platforms and can perform single scrubs, multiple scrubs, and account management functions. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON.

EAST Web Dictionary SearchEAST Web Dictionary Search API: EAST is a Tokyo-based software developer that specializes in providing Windows-based solutions for a variety of businesses. EAST has also been a leading developer of Japanese language processing solutions such as dictionaries and fonts.

One such solution is a web dictionary search service. Using XML-based SOAP calls, users can get a list of available dictionaries, get a dictionary's table of contents, retrieve dictionary entries, and search one dictionary for a single entry.

The website and all documentation are provided in Japanese. Only some parts of the main website are provided with English translations.

Ecometrica Our ImpactsEcometrica Our Impacts API: Ecometrica provides carbon and sustainability tools with the goal of making environmental accounting accessible to all organizations through web based services. The Ecometrica Our Impacts API allows developers to integrate internal and web based systems with Ecometrica’s emission factors database.

EstimizeEstimize API: Estimize is an online platform for financial estimates. Financial institutions, investors, independent analysts, and brokers can share their financial estimates online for the Estimize community to see.

The Estimize API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Estimize with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: http://estimizeinc.wufoo.com/forms/estimize-api/.

Expert Web WorxExpert Web Worx API: The Expert Web Worx Bulk SMS Gateway gives users an SMS messaging platform from which they can send bulk SMS messages. Bulk messaging allows for up to 50,000 SMS messages at a time and the platform allows users to send long messages of over 160 characters as well. Users can choose the language from Arabic, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, French, Greek, Russian and more. Messages can be sent that contain web links and pictures. The API uses HTTP or SOAP calls and responses are in XML.

FullContact CardSharkFullContact CardShark API: CardShark by FullContact is an application that allows users to take pictures of business cards and send them to be transcribed into their FullContact account.

The CardShark API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of CardShark with other applications. Some example API methods include uploading cards, accessing requests, and managing cards and card information.

FviconFvicon API: Fvicon.com offers an API that allows users to retrieve favicons from website URLs. Some API methods include retrieving favicons from specified websites, editing the format of the favicons, filtering the type of favicon returned, and retrieving image sources.

GeOAPGeOAP API: GeOAP is a web service provided by Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. It exposes various GIS (Geographic Information System) methods, as well as a mapping service. GeOAP's SOAP-based API can be used to find the distance between two addresses or between one address and the nearest station, either in a straight line or along a navigable route. API calls are also provided for more basic map controls such as scrolling, centering over an address or the station nearest a given address, and returning to the previous map display.

The GeOAP website and all API documentation are provided solely in Japanese.

Href.huHref.hu API: Href.hu is a web service for shortening URLs. It can take a lengthy URL and reduce it to a short, easily-memorized form. Href.hu claims that the resulting URLs are reliable links, not prone to breaking. This service is available as a SOAP API using XML-formatted calls. The Href.hu website is provided solely in Hungarian.

hubermedia eTouristhubermedia eTourist API: Hubermedia is a website for facilitating the exchange of information useful to tourists and the tourism industry. eTourist is one of hubermedia's services. The eTourist API provides programmatic methods for managing room and apartment assignments, catering service information, notifications, customer reviews, points of interest, etc. The API can be accessed using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The hubermedia website and API documentation are provided solely in German.

InteliVideoInteliVideo API: InteliVideo is an instructional video platform. Producers of educational and instructional videos can use the platform to host their content. InteliVideo recommends its services to support digitization of DVD and VHS back catalogs. This allows the media to be more conveniently monetized and accessible to producers’ audience. InteliVideo provides an API that exposes the hosting platform. It is a RESTful API that returns either JSON or XML-encoded data.

IntouchCRMIntouchCRM API: The service provides tools for "social CRM" to manage customer addresses and other contact information along with contact history. It tracks sales leads and purchase history to highlight likely buyers, with options to integrate with email newsletter and promotional campaigns. Messaging options emphasize social networks for consistent outreach across communication channels.

API methods support creating, populating, and updating customer contact lists, including email addresses, accounts on Twitter and other social media sites, and other contact information along with sales history and lead tracking. Methods also support creating and managing email and SMS text promotional campaigns, with functions for selecting recipient groups, messaging and display templates, and delivery scheduling.

IntrepidBioIntrepidBio API: IntrepidBio is an information-processing web service. They cater specifically to institutions researching biological sciences. The platform automates information processing for large amounts of biological information such as genetics, polymorphism, and other extensive sequences. They also host information for search and reference purposes. IntrepidBio offers an API that allows institutions to develop control systems for the importation and exportation of their data. This allows researchers to centralize their dataload before and after processing it with IntrepidBio’s web-based software.

Kanban ToolKanban Tool API: Kanban Tool is a project management system. Kanban Tool offers project management tools and real-time collaboration functions. Kanban Tool has visualization features, reporting tools, online document creation and storage, and time tracking functions.

The Kanban Tool API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Kanban with other applications. Some example API methods include managing users, accessing boards, retrieving to-do lists, and managing content.

LabJack CloudDotLabJack CloudDot API: LabJack Builds hardware and software to make measurement and automation simple and affordable. LabJack devices read the output of sensors measuring any type of external data and bring this data onto a PC where it can be stored and processed as desired. The LabJack CloudDot API allows developers to automate LabJack device controls.

Language Studio Asia OnlineLanguage Studio Asia Online API: The service provides both synchronous and Asynchronous translation of submitted text samples, either via machine algorithms or human translators. It includes functions to integrate with other translation services for comparison and selection of the best result. In addition to direct document translation, the service facilitates machine-to-machine exchanges for multilingual interactions across systems.

API methods support submission of a translation order with the text passage included or referenced via URL, TMX file, or plain text file. A request also gives the input language, desired output language, and requested schedule. Methods can return machine translation directly or initiate a human translation workflow. Methods also support status summaries and checks to determine the point in a process that a specific request has reached.

LaunchBitLaunchBit API: LaunchBit is an email advertising service. Users can create email ad campaigns to send to target audiences.

The LaunchBit API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of LaunchBit with other applications. Some example API methods include accessing ad information, retrieving adzones, and retrieving codes and status.

LeanKit KanbanLeanKit Kanban API: LeanKit Kanban is an online tool that allows users to visualize their organization’s processes on virtual whiteboards. Users can collaborate in realtime to optimize their workflows and create projects. Analytical reports based on the history of the cards used in each whiteboard are also available.

The LeanKit Kanban API gives users the ability to retrieve data about boards, cards, and recent history, as well as methods for moving cards, adding and updating cards, and deleting cards. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Livio ConnectLivio Connect API: Livio Connect is a platform to connect Livio Radio to other applications and devices. Livio Radio is a music platform designed to work in cars, various devices, and online.

The Livio Connect API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Livio with other applications, devices, and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: https://developer.livioradio.com/.

MancxMancx API: Mancx is an online community for business related questions and answers. Users can signup using their LinkedIn, Facebook or Viadeo account, build their profile, ask and share questions across their networks, earn money by answering questions, and build their own network of trusted sources.

Mancx offers a P2P platform allowing users to trade answers, documents, files, code snippets and more. The platform covers all aspects from posting requests, previews, negotiations, delivery, payment, guarantees, sales tax, invoicing and income taxation. With the API, developers can build applications used to trade digital content. Full documentation is not publicly available.

MasterCard Lost-Stolen Account ListMasterCard Lost-Stolen Account List API: The MasterCard Developer Zone opens up MasterCard's financial and data services allowing developers to create applications that interact with MasterCard's global network.

The Lost-Stolen Account List API helps users manage their risk by providing a list of lost/stolen account numbers. This lets ecommerce providers to validate accounts against known accounts that have been reported as lost or stolen. The API returns account status along with a reason for an account being listed. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

MasterCard Merchant IdentifierMasterCard Merchant Identifier API: The MasterCard Developer Zone opens up MasterCard's financial and data services allowing developers to create applications that interact with MasterCard's global network.

Merchant Identifier is a tool that returns merchant data based on the merchant name supplied by the user. This data include DBA name, Merchant Category Code (MCC), street address, city, state, postal code, country, and sales channels. The API lets users display this information within their own websites or applications. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

MasterCard MOTAPSMasterCard MOTAPS API: The MasterCard Developer Zone opens up MasterCard's financial and data services allowing developers to create applications that interact with MasterCard's global network.

The MasterCard Over-the-Air Provisioning Service (MOTAPS) provides a way for issuers to extend their PayPass product portfolios by securely transferring the cardholder’s payment account information, via a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), into the cardholder’s Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled mobile phone. The cardholder is then able to use the mobile phone as a standalone PayPass device.

The MOTAPS API gives issuers an interface to check the eligibility of a consumer mobile device and then initiate provisioning, personalization, and life cycle management requests. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

MasterCard rePowerMasterCard rePower API: The MasterCard Developer Zone opens up MasterCard's financial and data services allowing developers to create applications that interact with MasterCard's global network.

The MasterCard rePower Load Network provides consumers with a way to add funds to their eligible MasterCard prepaid account. Users can deposit at various points including merchant point of sale (POS), an ATM, or a mobile device. The API lets merchants offer customers the ability to use rePower and also lets merchants reverse any transfers. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

MetricFireMetricFire API: MetricFire is an app-metrics tool. Developers can use it measure performance and usage metrics from their apps. Its features include different data modeling options and data transformation for variance of perspective. It also allows users to stylistically customize their graphs for reporting purposes. The MetricFire API exposes the data from metrics and analyses for developers to export. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

METViewerMETViewer API: The service provides functions for visualizing data about the effectiveness of meteorological models to help evaluate their predictive success. A web-based tool plots measures of model accuracy using functions of the R statistical package. The web service generates XML serializations specifying each data plot, along with supporting resources to enable visual display.

API methods support listing of available meteorological databases, forecast variables they store, and values for those variables from a selected database. Methods allow iteration for a range of selected databases, variables, and data values to generate a specification for a data plot to be generated by the visualization service.

Modica Global ConnectModica Global Connect API: Modica offers a cloud based platform to offer a suite of mobile, ISP and hosting applications to mobile operators, government, enterprise and mid- sized organizations. These products are meant to meet the mobile marketing, advertising and communication needs for most organizations.

Global Connect is the SMS/TXT mobile gateway API that lets developers send and receive SMS and MMS messages. Users can connect via SOAP, HTTP(S), and SMPP. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information about the API.

MonopondMonopond API: Monopond is a platform for broadcast fax, SMS and voice messages. Messages are sent via software links using Monopond's suite of webtools and automatic delivery system. Monopond offers a suite of services including broadcast and transactional fax, management of SMS campaigns, email to SMS messaging and more. Public documentation is not available.

NewsinappNewsinapp API: Newsinapp is an application that pulls in newsfeeds from a variety of sources and on various topics into other applications, blogs, and sites.

The Newsinapp API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Newsinapp with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include searching topics, creating and managing topics, listing topics, and retrieving the latest news on topics.

nNetis Tennis DatabasenNetis Tennis Database API: nNetis provides a database of tennis courts, tennis clubs, and tennis shops around the country. The data is presented in map form with details including, number of courts at the location, if the courts have lights, if it is indoor, what type of court it is, if the location has a pro shop and what services the shop offers. The nNetis Tennis Database API enables users to utilize the facility database on third-party websites. Examples usages include adding a search box to find local courts or adding a localized facility map. The API is JSON based and free of charge within reasonable usage limits.

OctopusTravelOctopusTravel API: OctopusTravel is a hotel booking site offering an inventory of over 140,000 hotels worldwide. Users with websites that cater to visitors interested in travel can become affiliate partners with OctopusTrvael. The affiliate program gives partners the chance to earn commissions for online bookings. OctopusTravel offers a full XML API for affiliates that give them the option to be a merchant or offer access to the payment gateway. Full documentation for the API is not publicly available.

Pagely PartnerPagely Partner API: Pagely is a hosting and management service for WordPress sites. Pagely hosts WordPress sites and manages WordPress updates and other technical aspects of WordPress site management.

The Pagely Partner API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Pagely with other applications. Some example API methods include managing accounts, managing domains, and managing account and billing information.

PaperCutPaperCut API: PaperCut is a print optimization service that aims to help organizations reduce print costs and their environmental impact. The PaperCut API allows access to the functionality of the PaperCut system using SOAP, REST, or XML- RPC protocols. The service can track printing, check the environmental impact, manage wireless printing, set print limitations, set quotas by group or individual, and generate reports. The API uses IP level security, Authentication Tokens, and SSL for security.

Pearson dkimagesPearson dkimages API: Pearson's dkimages is a collection of many images for download. Images can be searched by keywords, topics, and subjects.

The Pearson dkimages API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Pearson dkimages with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include finding images, listing images, showing images, and purchasing images.

Peninsula Truck Rate QuotePeninsula Truck Rate Quote API: The service provides transportation and shipping rate quotes for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments across the northwestern United States. Quotes require input for origination point and destination as well as cargo class and weight code, requested delivery timing, etc. The service also accommodates special conditions such as insurance and bonding requirements, premiums for specific delivery conditions, and cross-border paperwork, among others.

API methods support submitting a request for quote for LTL shipping services, with full information about pickup and delivery points as well as accessorial codes for variables like inside delivery, liftgate requirements, hazardous material shipments, international shipments, and similar variations. Methods also allow for C.O.D. shipping and specific appointment times.

Pharmacy CheckerPharmacy Checker API: Pharmacy Checker gathers, evaluates, and reports credentials, customers feedback, and prices pertaining to pharmacies that operate online, through mail-order, or fax. The Pharmacy Checker API connects users with the verification program to check in real-time if online pharmacies that wish to advertise with you are legitimate. The API allows custom verification criteria based on user requirements.

PirateUploadPirateUpload API: PirateUpload is a file hosting service that allows users to upload and download files to and from the PirateUpload community. The PirateUpload API enables users to get file information, and upload files. An API Key is required to use the API.

PlifkPlifk API: Plifk is a service that allows users to upload and share their files on the Internet. Upon signup, users get a Plifk URL where their files will appear. An API is available that lets developers integrate some of the service's functionality into third party applications. Available methods include retrieving user information, listing user tags, retrieving file information, and listing files belonging to a user. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

PowerFolderPowerFolder API: The service provides online storage management, via either installed software or a hosted software as a service (SaaS) platform. Both installed and cloud offerings provide traditional file and data storage functions such as folder management, user account and permissions management, and document placement, Versioning, backup, and deletion.

API methods provide basic create-read-update-delete ( CRUD) control of data objects such as folders and document files stored on the system. Methods also support managing user accounts and their permission levels for stored data objects, such as adding users to access lists for a folder or removing them. Companion APIs allow distributed authoring via WebDAV and content licensing.

Previmeteo WeatherPrevimeteo Weather API: Previmeteo is a weather forecasting service. The site offers local and regional forecasts, weather maps, satellite images, a weather dashboard widget, XML data, weather alerts by SMS, fax or emails and more. The API gives users an alternative to the since deprecated Google Weather API. It offers the same functionality as the Google Weather API but connects to the Previmeteo weather forecasting service. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

ProfitBricksProfitBricks API: The service provides hosting and storage resources via the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) model. It allows users to create and configure virtual data centers, including a visual designer tool to simplify and automate the process. Functions include data storage and backup as well as cloud-based application hosting.

API methods duplicate options available through the provider's visual Data Center Designer (DCD) tool. Methods support creating and defining configuration for a virtual data center and controlling activities of the servers established there. Methods also support managing data storage space, load balancing functions, firewall restrictions, and domain name mapping.

PromedasPromedas API: Promedas provides a clinical expertise system to medical professionals. The Promedas API can be integrated into existing medical systems that contain a patient file database. Using this data, Promedus can provide a differential diagnosis based on the data contained in a patient's file. The API is currently in a developer beta. To access the API, contact Promedas.

Quickie Marketing ScrubQuickie Marketing Scrub API: The Quickie Marketing Scrub service is an email verification service that allows users to verify safe,real, and deliverable email addresses. The API is available in the standard Scrub API format and also an FTP format for bulk uploads. The API works in real-time and will scrubs up to 100 MB of data per day.The Service takes REST calls and returns XML.

RegistryCompliance ScrubRegistryCompliance Scrub API: RegistryCompliance helps users to abide by various state registry laws. Several U.S. States have children's protection registries that are a collection of e-mail address and instant messenger IDs that are protected from adult-oriented content. The RegistryCompliance Scrub API allows users to clean e-mail and IM messenger lists to prevent messages from being sent to address included in the registry. An API Key is required for use and all data is SSL encrypted.

RevelDigitalRevelDigital API: RevelDigital offers web based software providing all the tools necessary to run a successful signage network, including content creation, user management, and reporting. The RevelDigital API allows developers to access player status, reports, schedules, and other account information through a RESTful interface.

RoadSavvyRoadSavvy API: The service provides detailed information about road conditions affecting truck transportation along possible routes between a stated origin point and destination. It returns speed limits, weight restrictions, and construction activities along various stretches of road, along with locations of truck stops, weigh stations, repair shops, and similar features. It can be used either separately or together with the provider's RouteSavvy service.

API methods support generation of potential shipping routes for truck transportation specifying road conditions, mile markers, speed limits, weight limits, and other special restrictions. Methods return information about points along the route specified by latitude and longitude with hazardous material requirements, truck-related hazards like high-wind conditions, and blockages due to construction activities.

RockTech CloudMate PlatformRockTech CloudMate Platform API: RockTech is a provider of software adoption solutions. Their products help businesses streamline the introduction of new enterprise software. Their CloudMate platform helps train employees on how to use important software and webservices, such as LinkedIn. It will also provide metrics on employee The CloudMate API exposes instructional modules that allow trainers to proctor employees’ progress.

Scripps Center for Metabolomics METLINScripps Center for Metabolomics METLIN API: The Metabolite and Tandem Mass Spectrometry Database (METLIN) is maintained by the Scripps Center for Metabolomics. This database contains an annotated list of known metabolites and their masses, chemical formulas, and structures. Each metabolite is linked to outside resources for further reference and inquiry. Tandem mass spectrometry data is also available on many of the metabolites. The database is expanding continuously as more metabolite information is discovered and deposited.

Public access to METLIN's information is provided in order to facilitate metabolomics experiments. Programmatic access is provided using a SOAP-based API.

ScupScup API: Scup is a social media monitoring service. Scup offers a social media dashboard, along with social media planning, content, posting, analysis, and reporting.

The Scup API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Scup with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists of monitoring, accessing lists of users and user information, and searching.

SDSS ImgCutoutSDSS ImgCutout API: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) is a project dedicated to mapping the universe. Over eight years of operations, it has obtained deep, multi-color images covering over a quarter of the sky and created 3-dimensional maps containing more than 930,000 galaxies and more than 120,000 quasars.

SDSS provides a SOAP-based interface for retrieving image cutouts from its archive. Users must provide an array of information to specify the desired image, including right ascension, declination, scale, image width and height, and drawing options. The service then returns the requested image in JPEG format.

Seika Code PublishSeika Code Publish API: Seika product codes were developed by OFSI (Organization of Food-marketing Structure Improvement) to help identify and exchange information regarding fruits and vegetables for sale in Japan. Seika standard product codes are similar, though not identical to, Bejifuru codes. The Seika Code Publish API enables users to publish Seika product codes. This API functions using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The website and all API documentation are provided only in Japanese.

Shared WorkforceShared Workforce API: Shared Workforce operates on the idea that not all work should be automated, making on-demand human intelligence available to analyze and moderate content. Users can use the Shared Workforce API to create tasks, in which text or images are sent to be checked by human workers.

SKYPOSTSKYPOST API: SKYPOST is a unified communications system for sending faxes via PC, SMS, voice mail, and postal service. SKYPOST provides 20MB per user for service calls, but the software can be locally installed for unlimited storage of calls.

SKYPOST provides a SOAP-based API through which developers can access its features for integration with other software. The website and API documentation are provided solely in Italian.

SlideSMSSlideSMS API: SlideSMS is a service that lets users send SMS messages worldwide for one flat rate. The network sends out between 80,000 to 100,000 SMS per day across 200 countries. The API gives users an alternative to the SMS gateway, allowing users to send bulk SMS. The API is offered with tiered pricing; public documentation is not available.

SnapCrowdSnapCrowd API: SnapCrowd is an online digital asset management platform. SnapCrowd allows users to store, manage, and share their digital assets, such as photos, in the cloud.

The SnapCrowd API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SnapCrowd with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

SpeapSpeap API: Speap is an online phone company with the goal of offering cheap, reliable, global phone service in a simple and usable format. The Speap API allows developers to integrate Speap functions into third-party applications. Functions include checking server status, initiating calls, sending messages, and requesting account balance data.

Swift-Kanban Swift-Kanban API: Kanban is way for developer teams and organizations to visualize their work, identify and eliminate problems and achieve operational improvements in terms of throughput and quality. The SWIFT-Kanban API allows developers access to the Swift-Kanban web services. These services cater to IT, Ops/, DevOps teams, project management teams and etc. It aims to improve the process of any team project type. Functionality includes SOAP protocol and XML response formats.

Talk Like A Pirate TranslationTalk Like A Pirate Translation API: The Talk Like A Pirate Translation API allows users to submit text and get the translation to pirate speak in return. The default return format is txt but JSON and XML are also options. The Pirate translations are pulled from Tom Crouchers YQL table in the yahoo developer's blog section.

TatangoTatango API: Tatango is a mass text messaging provider. With Tatango's software, users can send out SMS marketing campaigns, create SMS contests and polls, and set up text autoresponders. Features of the software include unlimited text messaging, campaign management and analytics, delivery reports, social sharing and more.

Tatango offers access to their bulk messaging gateway via an API. The API provides much of the functionality including transmitting messages, looking up delivery status, retrieve phone number information and more. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

TauliaTaulia API: Taulia is a supply chain management and vendor service that allows users to integrate supplier data into current workflow solutions, send e-invoices and business documents, and build discounting capabilities. The API also enables users to get lists of recently created or updated documents, perform analysis of invoices and request early payment, programmatically access all of the Taulia Vendor Portal functions, and connect with messaging systems to stay in contact with customers and suppliers. The service uses REST calls. Submit a request to gain access to the SDKs.

Thomson Reuters DataScope SelectThomson Reuters DataScope Select API: Thomson Reuters is a leading provider of information for use by businesses and professionals. Information is gathered for financial, legal, tax and accounting, healthcare, science and media markets

Thomson Reuters DataScope Select is a platform for delivering non-streaming financial content. The platform provides linked data for all content including Reference Data, Corporate Actions, Legal Entity Data, end-of-day/intra-day pricing and Evaluation Pricing Services. The XML API provides access to the full data model and can be used as a data source for third party applications.

Thumbs UpThumbs Up API: Thumbs Up is an application for social television watching. Thumbs Up allows users to watch TV "together" over the application to share TV moments, discuss the show, and comment on the show.

The Thumbs Up API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Thumbs Up with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up for an API key: http://www.thumbsupapp.com/api.html.

Thycotic Secret ServerThycotic Secret Server API: The service provides both installed software and a hosted service for management of online passwords and other authentication credentials. It allows secure access to login information for all company systems and assets, including simple and complex combinations of passwords, PIN codes, license keys, etc. It allows sharing of access among colleagues with appropriate access privileges, along with strict control and auditing of user activity in secured systems.

API methods support authentication specifying varying groupings of user permissions, with returned data providing authentication credentials with that level of access. Methods also support creating and managing favorites lists to further subdivide listings of secret keys and access credentials.

Tin CanTin Can API: Tin Can is a platform designed to capture and share learning experiences offline and online. Tin Can captures these learning experiences in a Learning Record Store (LRS), which is accessed by the Tin Can API.

The Tin Can API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Tin Can with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include creating statements, accessing learning experience information, and managing account information.

USA ePayUSA ePay API: USA ePay is a business payment solution for processing transactions quickly, safely, and securely. It offers all the functions of a credit card machine online, as well as enabling merchants to view a wide array of reports. Transaction data is stored for the life of the account, and merchants can choose to view a report for their entire processing history or for just the past day.

The Customer Billing section of the Merchant Console allows merchants to create a customer database and to create and maintain auto-billing cycles for those customers. The Batch Uploader allows merchants to upload files of transactions and then process them without having to key them in one at a time.

USA ePay provides an API to make its services available programmatically for integration with other software and services. The API functions using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

USCG Approved Equipment ListingUSCG Approved Equipment Listing API: This database contains equipment approved or certified by the Commandant of the US Coast Guard (USCG) for use on commercial vessels and recreational boats. It is provided as a reference for ship-owners, operators, builders, and other persons affected by the Marine Inspection and Navigation Laws and Regulations.

Not all USCG approvals are listed in this database. In some cases, approvals may be issued by European "Notified Bodies" under Mutual Recognition Agreements. These approvals may be found instead at the European Marine Equipment Directive website http://www.mared.org.

The USCG Approved Equipment Listing is accessible programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

VegGuideVegGuide API: VegGuide.org provides a user-rated directory of vegan, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly restaurants and stores around the world. The site is searchable by location and by business. The VegGuide API allows users to add new restaurant,stores,comments, images and all parts of the core data structure. The API also allows users to search by region and get reviews of entries. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON.

ViralNinjasViralNinjas API: ViralNinjas is a user acquisition platform built to help businesses leverage their customer love to viraly increase their customer base. The ViralNinjas API is at the core of the platform, allowing users to integrate features into server applications of various technological environments through a restful interface.

Warranty HotelWarranty Hotel API: Warranty Hotel is a platform that allows users to store all of their warranties in one place. Businesses and retailers can sign up with Warranty Hotel for their warranties to be stored with Warranty Hotel so users can access them at the site.

The Warranty Hotel API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Warranty Hotel with other applications. Some example API methods include uploading and managing warranties, searching warranties, and transferring warranties. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

Web Scrape MasterWeb Scrape Master API: Web Scrape Master provides an API for retrieving data and content from websites on the internet. The API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Web Scrape Master with other applications. The main API method is retrieving data and content from specified websites.

whatisonip.com whatisonip.com API: whatisonip.com is a reverse IP address lookup service with a large database of over 159M domains updated weekly. The API functionality offers 3 methods of extracting data from the site: information related to the sites hosted on a single IP address, information related to the sites hosted on a C Class of IP addresses, and information about the sites that share the same reverse DNS. This allows users to find blacklisted IP addresses, IP address location, and information about what sites run on a certain IP address or IP address class. The API envelopes basic HTTP calls and XML responses.

WorldStream TVWorldStream TV API: The service provides aggregated access to video, audio, and multimedia content from across a wide range of cultures, languages, and ethnicities worldwide. Video options include subscription access to TV programming, video recording, and video-on-demand. Audio options include Internet radio divided by genre and language.

API methods support retrieval of program listings and schedule information, with detailed information about individual programs. Methods also provide updates of currently playing video and audio as well as access to record media feeds.