97 Cloud APIs: Twilio, Google App Engine and Tropo

Our API directory now includes 97 cloud APIs. The newest is the Yubikey API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Twilio API. We list 335 Twilio mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of cloud APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 75 cloud REST APIs and 13 cloud SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 55 cloud XML APIs and 45 cloud JSON APIs.

The most common tags within cloud are 37 cloud internet APIs, 16 cloud storage APIs and 14 cloud hosting APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 5 cloud mashups. We named InterFAX as mashup of the day in September.

For reference, here is a list of all 97 Cloud APIs.

   Hoptoad API: Application error notification service

   OneLogin API: Single sign-on solution

  Aculab Cloud API: Cloud based telephony services

  Aepona API: Mobile cloud hosting service

  Apple iCloud API: Cloud storage service

  Apstrata API: Client2Cloud application service

  AT&T Synaptic Compute API: Cloud computing services

  AT&T Synaptic Storage API: Cloud storage service

  AWS Identity and Access Management API: User management service for AWS

  Banckle API: Online business collaboration service

  BetterEncoding API: Video encoding software

  Boomi AtomSphere API: Application Integration Platform

  Boundary API: Real-time cloud environment monitoring service

  Centili API: Mobile payments service

  Cloudability API: Cloud spend management and monitoring service

  CloudCache API: Cache in the cloud

  Cloudkick API: Cloud server monitoring tool

  CloudSigma API: Cloud hosting services

  Database.com API: Cloud Computing Database Service

  Developer Garden Cloud User Management API: Cloud user management service

  DocumentCloud API: Upload and Share Documents

  Doxument API: Cloud based document conversion service

  Dropstr API: Cloud management service

  Dydra API: Cloud-based RDF store

  EdgeCast CDN API: Cloud hosting and storage service

  Elastic Email API: Cloud email delivery service

  ElasticHosts Cloud Computing API: Cloud server hosting service

  Enstratus API: Cloud infrastructure management service

  Exosite API: Cloud storage platform

  Flite Advertising API: Cloud based advertising platform

  Funambol Cloud API: Mobile cloud sync service

  Genband A2 API: Cloud based telecommunications services

  GIS Cloud API: Geospatial data cloud hosting & map creation service

  GoGrid API: Cloud computing and web hosting services

  Google App Engine API: Developer platform

  Google Cloud Print API: Cloud printing service

  Heroku API: Ruby cloud application platform

  Heroku Provider API: Cloud connection service

  Hosting.com VMware vCloud Express API: Online hosting and virtual cloud infrastructure service

  Hub9 CloudSearch API: Cloud hosted search service

  Iron.io IronMQ API: Cloud hosted messaging service

  Isidorey API: Connect devices to the cloud

  itDuzzit API: Cloud application integration service

  Joyent Node API: Cloud computing software

  Kaavo Web Services API: Cloud based application management service

  Kadoo API: Cloud-based video hosting service

  Knowlarity API: Cloud based telephony services

  KooKoo API: Cloud based telephony application platform

  Kynetx API: Event-driven application platform

  LiveTime API: Cloud based ITIL Service Management

  Loggly API: Cloud Based Logging Service

  Mailjet API: Cloud hosted email platform

  MediaCore API: Video community platform

  MessageGears API: Cloud email delivery service

  Mosso Cloud Files API: File storage services

  Mougg API: Music storage and streaming service

  MyRobots API: Cloud robotics service

  NewServers API: Cloud hosting services

  Nimbula API: Cloud Computing Management

  Nodester API: Open Source Node.js Application Hosting

  OpenStack API: Authentication for cloud service

  Pervasive Data Integrator API: Data management and integration service

  PlanMill API: Cloud based business management system

  PubNub JavaScript Push API: High-volume messaging service

  Put.io API: Online storage

  QuickFuse API: Telephony service

  Rackspace Cloud DNS API: Cloud DNS services

  Rackspace Cloud Files API: Cloud file hosting

  Rackspace Cloud Identity API: Cloud services authentication service

  Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers API: Cloud hosting services

  Rackspace Cloud Servers API: Cloud hosting services

  Renderfarm.fi API: Online rendering service

  RightNow Connect API: Customer experience and cloud application service

  Rollbase hosted service API: Platform for software as a service

  SaasGrid API: Web OS application development platform

  Scality API: Private cloud storage service

  Scalr API: Cloud hosting platform

  SCORM Cloud API: SCORM cloud computing service

  Sfax API: Cloud-based secure faxing service

  SimpleWorker API: Cloud based background job scheduler

  SMEStorage Multi Cloud API: Cloud storage service

  StorageRoom API: Cloud based mobile data CMS

  SugarSync API: On demand computer backup and synchronization

  TappIn API: Cloud content sharing service

  TelVue PEG.TV API: Cloud-based streaming video service

  Terremark vCloud Express API: Cloud computing service

  The Buddy Platform API: Cloud-based hosting solutions for application developers

  ThinkGrid API: Cloud services platform

  Tropo API: Communications API for voice, SMS and Instant Messaging

  Twilio API: Telephony service

  Usergrid API: Cloud based data platform

  VISUALPLANT API: Cloud Video Platform

  VPS.NET API: On demand cloud hosting provider

  Windows Azure Service Management API: Cloud service operating system

  Xeround Cloud Database API: Cloud Database Service

  YouSendIt API: File storage/sharing service

  Yubikey API: Cloud-based authentication and validation service

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