97 Games APIs: SecondLife, Internet Video Archive and EVE Online

Our API directory now includes 97 games APIs. The newest is the Ryzom API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the SecondLife API. We list 7 SecondLife mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of games APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 62 games REST APIs and 11 games SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 55 games XML APIs and 47 games JSON APIs.

The most common tags within games are 24 social games APIs, 7 flash games APIs and 5 payment games APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 173 games mashups. We named localiz.me as mashup of the day three weeks ago.

For reference, here is a list of all 97 games APIs.

360voice API: XBox gamer profile data

3DArmory API: World of Warcraft armory database

90sec.tv API: Embed videos on web sites

Aevum Obscurum API: Online multiplayer strategy game

Airbana API: Airsoft event, map and pricing database

Aonaware CountCheatService API: Solutions to anagram problems

Battlefield 3 Stats API: Battlefield 3 statistic reporting service

Battlefield Bad Company Stats API: Player Data and Statistics

Betfair Games API: Online casino-style games exchange

BF2S API: Battlefield 2 gamers services

BigDoor API: Add game mechanics to your site

Blizzard Community Platform API: World of Warcraft community

BMBets API: Sports gambling service

Braineos API: Flashcards and learning games service

Bunchball API: Multiplayer game Platform

BuzzGame API: Search based game

CasualCafe API: Flash games provider

Cubiculus API: Lego instruction reference service

Digimi Gizmo API: 3D Avatar Creation Service

Dominions Dice API: Dice throwing service

eRepublik API: Strategy game

EVE Online API: Massively multiplayer online science fiction games

Facebook Credits API: Digital and virtual goods payment service

FairLuck API: Random number generator for casino software

Fupa Games API: Flash games provider

Game Jolt API: Independent video game directory

GamePro API: Gaming review service

GamerCV API: Gaming score retrieval service

GamerDNA Helix API: Warhammer game character service

gamerID API: Gaming identity authenticater

GamesRadar API: Video game cheats and guides services

Gameyola API: Online gaming community

Giant Bomb API: Database of game information

Glitch API: Online massively multiplayer game

Goozex API: Video game trading services

Greengoose API: Wireless motion sensor game service

Halo:Reach Stats API: Access Halo:Reach game and player information

Heyzap API: Gaming service for Flash games

Heyzap Server API: Game user information service

IActionable API: Gamification and Analytics Platform

Internet Video Archive API: Movie trailers, music videos, and game trailers service

Java Game Tome API: Java game listing services

JoyRack Games API: Flash games directory

Kongregate API: Game data Integration service

LandGrab API: Gaming platform

Like A Little API: Social gaming and dating service

LSG Lightspeed Reseller API: Voice server resale services

Meez API: Avatar retrieval service

Mochi Media Flash Games API: Game database listing service

Nabaztag API: Robotic rabbit controller service

NewHaze API: Flash games directory

Nonoba API: Flash based multiplayer gaming services

OneWinner.Me API: Lottery number selection service

Orion's Belt API: Battle game

PlayPhone API: Partner with Playphone to offer Mobile content in over 20 countries

PlaySpan API: Virtual currency monetization service

Poszkole.pl API: Game Statistics Service

PSN Sign In API: Playstation Network sign in service

PSNapi API: PS3 game and player information service

Pwned.com API: Online community for gamers

Pygame API: Video game development modules

Quizlet Flashcards API: World's largest flashcards database

Record Setter URDB API: World record reference site

reGame.tv API: Gaming video streaming service

Reto Loser's Lotto Generator API: Random lottery number generator

Roar Engine API: Social game mechanics game platform

Rubets API: Russian gambling site

Ryzom API: Game data integration service

Sapo Games API: Gaming content feeds

SecondLife API: Virtual world

SendMe Mobile API: Mobile entertainment service

Shockedfish API: Video game price comparison service

Shtoss API: Online gaming Portal

Social Gaming Network API: Developer platform for social games

Social Gold API: Online gaming payment and virtual currency service

Spil Games API: Online gaming portal

Spore API: Spore game database and content

Steam Web API: Game data retrieval service

Tap.Me API: In game advertising service

Texas Holdem API: Poker game creation service

This Arcade API: High score display tool

Unofficial Fitocracy API: Social fitness platform

Unofficial JeuxVideo API: Video game news and information site

VirWoX API: Virtual world currency exchange services

Viximo API: Social game distribution and monetization services

VoiceBunny API: Voiceover platform service

Wakoopa API: Software usage community service

WallaBee API: Location-based mobile game

Wazap! API: Gaming information service

Weewar API: Access WeeWar.com game stats or create a bot

Weplay API: Social Youth Sports Community

World of Warcraft API: World of Warcraft data service

XML ME Video Games Finder API: Video game search service

Xsolla API: In game payments service

Yahoo Fantasy Sports API: Fantasy sports data on leagues, teams and players

Z33K Tournament API API: Online gaming tournament platform

Zynga API: Developer platform for social games

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