99 New APIs: Washington Post, Microsoft, Red Hat, 7-Eleven

This week we had 99 new APIs added to our API directory including a global donations Platform, Magic: The Gathering card price ticker, SMS text messaging service, charity and fundraising platform, time tracking service and bike sharing serviceBelow is more details on each of these new APIs.

7-Eleven Election7-Eleven Election API: 7-Election by 7-Eleven is a Presidential poll where 7-Eleven customers vote on their favorite candidate by choosing either a blue coffee cup, Obama, or red coffee cup, Romney.

The results of these coffee cup sales are open through the 7-Eleven Election API and pre-made widgets. Developers can access and integrate this data with other applications and to create new applications. Documentation comes with registration.

AirbriteAirbrite API: Airbrite is an e-commerce solution for mobile applications (m-commerce). Airbrite offers multi-touchpoint shopping and commerce functionality for mobile applications.

The Airbrite API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Airbrite with other applications. Some example API methods include managing products, creating and managing stores, managing customer information, and accessing order information.

Allied WalletAllied Wallet API: Allied Wallet provides global e-commerce merchant services and payment processing solutions. Allied Wallet’s series of APIs allow customers to automate online payment processing, process transactions, and more.

Amazon ElastiCacheAmazon ElastiCache API: The Amazon ElastiCache Web Service allows developers to deploy, operate, and scale an in-memory cache in the cloud. Using ElastiCache, developers can retrive information from an in-momory caching system as opposed to disk-based databases.

The API provides functionality such as allowing users to launch a Cache Cluster selecting a Cache Cluster Name, Cache Node Type and Number of Nodes best suited to their nodes. If additional capacity is needed, users can add more Cache Nodes to their Cache Cluster via the API. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

AmmadoAmmado API: Ammado is a global donations platform accepting donations in over 75 currencies and all major payment methods. The platform provides single donations, automatically repeating donations, payroll programs, donation matching, gift vouchers, real-time donation reporting and more. The API allows fundraisers and nonprofits to accept donations on their websites while providing a customized interface. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Animetrics FIMS CloudAnimetrics FIMS Cloud API: Aimed at the law enforcement, security and military intelligence industries, Animetrics' FaceR Identity Management Solution (FIMS) allows organizations to bring mobile security and video surveillance facial-biometrics applications into the field for use in real time

FIMS Cloud is used to centralize and access a user's cloud based photographic stores using facial recognition. FIMS Cloud organizes, searches and centralizes access to photographic stores using 1:many web service based verification engine. Access to the service is provided via a RESTful API. Public documentation is not available.

API O MATAPI O MAT API: API O MAT is a backend-as-a-service (BAAS) provider. API O MAT offers various features such as chat, email clients, Facebook connections, content push, and WordPress syncing.

The API O MAT API allows developers to access and integrate the backend functionality of API O MAT with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

Arts HollandArts Holland API: Arts Holland is a consortium of Dutch cultural organizations dedicated to developing tools to guide tourists through Holland’s art landscape. The Arts Holland API, available in a RESTful interface, is described as a digital Container in which a range of data on tourism and culture in the Netherlands is collected.

AttensityAttensity API: Attensity is a social analytics provider. The enterprise class platform is used to listen, analyze, relate and act on customer conversations happening across social networks as well as within the organization. For conversations within the organization, Attensity can understand and analyze unstructured data such as text documents and call center notes. The Attensity API allows developers to integrate the platform's functionality within existing applications and systems. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Black Lotus Project Price TickerBlack Lotus Project Price Ticker API: Black Lotus Project creates Magic: The Gathering card price graphs from the Magic Online Trading League's latest non-foil physical magic card list. New prices are loaded every morning around 8:30am CST, which means the graphs are always fresh and up-to-date.

The Black Lotus Project Price Ticker API allows users to create a self-updating stock ticker for Magic card prices using the Black Lotus Project price information. This API is accessible using JavaScript and JSON-formatted calls.

BlackLocusBlackLocus API: BlackLocus is a business intelligence platform. It assesses retail competitors’ item pricing. This allows ecommerce retailers to price their inventory strategically and efficiently. BlackLocus includes features for assessing who the competition is, what they are charging, and what smart price adjustments are. The software will also turn out alerts and reports. BlackLocus offers an API that exposes the data exporting functionality.

Bulletin MessengerBulletin Messenger API: Bulletin.net is a developer and supplier of product and service for messaging (SMS Text, IM, MMS and email) between mobile devices and web applications. The Bulletin Messenger API is a simple RESTful SMS API allowing developers to send SMS messages to their application users. The API functionality includes Microsoft Outlook Integration, support for global shortcoding and multiple user admin tools for companies. It also envelops worldwide coverage and pricing rates that depend upon international location.

CCKF RealizeItCCKF RealizeIt API: CCKF is the developer of RealizeIt, an adaptive learning system for teachers, students and parents. The system is designed to adapt to the learner; to learn about the learner and about itself in service of enhancing personalized learning. RealizeIt is meant for use by publishers seeking to future-proof, enhance and transform their learning platforms as well as learners looking for a learning path that is adapted to their needs. The system exposes its functionality via an API that allows developers to integrate with their own online offerings. Public documentation is not available.

Clay.ioClay.io API: The Clay.io API allows developers to enhance their HTML5 games with features like leaderboards, achievements, data storage, payment processing, social integration and more. The emphasis of the API is its payment features, giving developers the option to require payment for game access or free game access. Clay.io offers a javascript installation and responses are formatted in JSON.

Clearvoice SurveysClearvoice Surveys API: The service allows researchers to commission surveys which users complete to earn rewards in varying amounts. It emails survey invitations to registered users with links to online questionnaires specified by researchers. Completion rewards may be paid to users by the provider or directly by researchers.

API methods support management of user accounts, with create, update, and delete functions, along with demographic data and other profile information for use in matching users to surveys. Methods also allow listing of available surveys and generation of user emails with questionnaire links. The API also provides for specification and payment of completion rewards.

Cloudcommons InsightCloudcommons Insight API: The service provides information and resources to support selection among and adoption of cloud storage and application hosting platforms. It maintains a listing of vendors and their service offerings, grouped and weighted according to its own system of categories and service ratings (SMI scores). Information is provided to aid comparison among providers and product packages.

API methods support access to listings of services and vendors offering them. Methods also support access to the category taxonomy, including weightings applied to individual listings along with calculated natural and weighted SMI scores rating the service listings.

CoinbaseCoinbase API: Coinbase is an electronic service and "wallet" for bitcoins and digital currency. Users can transfer currency, pay merchants, and make other payments instantly.

The Coinbase API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Coinbase with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving account information and balances, sending money, requesting money, and managing user information.

CorticaCortica API: Cortica is an image-to-text service that scans images for contextual meaning, offering in-image advertising opportunities.

The Cortica API allows developers to access and integrate the Cortica functionality with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact info@cortica.com for API access.

CurbwiseCurbwise API: Curbwise is a service of Dataomaha.com, a collection of interactive projects from the Omaha World-Herald and Omaha.com. Curbwise provides real estate information and data to the Omaha area, including sales statistics and valuations. Billed as The World’s Least Advanced API, the Curbwise API responds to any latitude and longitude within their geographic range with the neighborhood name and some basic descriptive stats.

cXensecXense API: cXense is a context computing solutions provider. This means that offer tools for businesses to meet web service users at the level of their expectations and needs. The products include software for advertising, analytics, recommendation, and search solutions. Their product for enterprise search engines comes with an API. The search engine is cloud-hosted and can be integrated via the API. The API is REST-based and allows developers to create their own front-ends.

DatalotDatalot API: Datalot provides a marketing platform. It is based on customer acquisition services and data enhancement. Businesses can have relevant and quality customers channeled to their sites from Datalot’s other interaction points. At that point, businesses can automate and/or manage customer calls live through the cloud. Datalot also provides lead management and validation features. The Datalot API allows developers to integrate the live and self-service sales calls.

Diablo 3Diablo 3 API: Diablo 3 is an action and role-playing video game. The Diablo 3 API provides programmatic access to much of the data created while playing the game. Developers can access character profiles, career details, item information, artisan information and follower information. Among the details made available are lists of completed quests, character attributes such as stretch and dexterity, as well as kills separated by monster type.

The RESTful API returns JSON.

DirigibleDirigible API: Dirigible is a programmable, cloud-based spreadsheet. As well as traditional spreadsheet formulae, users can put Python code in each cell. Thus, a cell can hold objects, lists, or even references to functions. If custom calculations are required, a code editor embedded in the page can change the way the spreadsheet is recalculated. All Dirigible spreadsheets have an associated JSON URL, which allows them to be integrated into websites.

EMS Master CalendarEMS Master Calendar API: The service provides online access to a shared, centralized event calendar allowing individuals and groups to coordinate activities. Each listing gives date, time, and location, along with details describing the event and directions. The service can be configured to provide additional information, as desired.

API methods support listing of event bookings with details about venue and room needs and amenities, room setup options, and availability of facilities. Methods also support reserving specific venues and payment processing.

Fanggle FundJoyFanggle FundJoy API: Fanggle provides cloud applications across various industries including retail and CPG, Non Profits, Automotive, Libraries, Media and Publishing, and more. The FundJoy API is designed to help organizations with fundraising efforts. The service allows users to create and manage fundraising campaigns/events, receive donations, advertise through social media outlets, and integrate with payment services. Access to the API is available after joining the Licensing and Partnership program.

Fanggle QRazorFanggle QRazor API: Fanggle provides cloud applications across various industries including retail and CPG, Non Profits, Automotive, Libraries, Media and Publishing, and more. The QRazor API, provided by Fanggle, is an advertising and marketing service designed to cover all web delivery venues. The service will generate QR codes, UPC, EAN 13, Code 38 and more. It has a built in Redirector and URL shortener, analytics to evaluate success, and enables users to brand and customize QR codes. Access to the API is available after joining the Licensing and Partnership program.

FanggleCastFanggleCast API: Fanggle provides cloud applications across various industries including retail and CPG, Non Profits, Automotive, Libraries, Media and Publishing, and more. The FanggleCast API is a web messaging service that facilitates message sending and tracking over multiple facets including email, social media, and sms. The service allow users to send messages to multiple endpoints, create and schedule messages, target groups, and access response analytics. Access to the API is available after joining the Licensing and Partnership program.

FietstasFietstas API: The service provides text processing to extract document contents and conduct semantic analysis to identify word clouds and language used, identify named entities (NEs) mentioned, and apply automatic annotations. The analysis algorithm incorporates feedback over time to improve results and system output. XSL-T stylesheets allow control of visualizations of analytical output.

API methods support document upload either as plain text in the request or as a document file, along with update and delete functions to manage existing documents. Methods also support analysis to break down document text into words and specific named entities, either within a single document or across a document set. The API can generate a word cloud, applying rules for stop words (those to be omitted form the cloud output) and stemming (combining variants of a single word form).

foneAPIfoneAPI API: The service provides cloud-hosted telephony functions such as voice over IP (VoIP). Its functions include a switch that monitors customer phone numbers for incoming calls and initiates calls when directed by customer applications. It also can execute predefined actions in response to calls and trigger events based on phone traffic.

API methods support call answer, dial, and hang-up along with multiple actions in response to events generated by phone traffic. Actions include recording calls and playback, redirecting to another number, and joining multiple callers for a conference call. The API also generates logs of call traffic and system activities.

FriendpasteFriendpaste API: Friendpaste is a fast service that enables users to copy and paste a code snippet, recipe, or anything else and give the link to their friends. This allows information to be easily and quickly shared without the need for file creation, uploads, or e-mail accounts. Friendpaste's functions are accessible programmatically using RESTful calls in JSON format.

Geobytes Ajax Autocomplete Cities ListGeobytes Ajax Autocomplete Cities List API: The Geobytes Ajax Autocomplete Cities List API enables developers to add an autocompleting list of cities to a website without generating any cross-site scripting errors, and without the need for any server-side code or proxies. Basically, it provides an autocomplete service for cities around the world for end users who are filling out online forms.

The listing also provides supplementary information on cities such as latitude, longitude, population, nationality, nation capitol, time zone, and currency. The API can be accessed via RESTful calls in JSON and JSONP.

GeosophicGeosophic API: Geosophic is a user engagement solutions provider for mobile games. Their gaming platform allows developers to take in user behavior data and turn it into user profiles. Developers can use this information to segment players and invite marketers with targeted ad campaigns. Geosophic also includes user engagement features such as leaderboards. The Geosophic API exposes the platforms essential information gathering and integration functionalities. It is a RESTful API that return JSON-formatted data.

Gothia PayByBillGothia PayByBill API: The service provides online payment processing optimized for markets in Germany, Sweden and Norway, and Finland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. It offers market-specific functions for invoice creation, payment processing and financing including partial payments, and customized account profiles. Customer-specific financing and delivery options are available.

API methods support transaction checkout and purchaser account checks, with generation and submission of an invoice for payment. Methods process the resulting financing request and return acceptance status. Upon completion of order invoicing and payment financing, methods handle delivery options specific to the purchaser's local market and final settlement.

Healthnotes Healthnotes API: Helathnotes is a content source for consumer self-care wellness decisions. The Healthnote API consists of two services: the concept service and the element service. The concept service provides metadata on health and wellness concepts and exposes the relationships between concepts. The element service provides content in a contextual, highly-atomized form giving users a different perspective on the content. Ultimately, the API provides access to self-care decision support by condition, nutritional supplement, medicine, diet, and food.

Helsinkikanava Open DataHelsinkikanava Open Data API: The Helsinkikanava Open Data API provides open and free-to-use access to the Helsinki city council meeting video recordings and associated metadata. The data is primarily targeted towards developers who wish to embed or include the recordings in their own applications. All resources are accessible using RESTful calls in JSON or JSONP.

ikiMapikiMap API: IkiMap is a web service that allows users to create, organize, classify and ultimately share personal and public georeference information over the the web. The ikiMap is a set of several maps that visualize all the information at one time, basically representing multiple maps into a more graphical single map. The ikiMap API allows developers to integrate ikiMap maps, channels, user services and search services into their application. The API can be accessed through REST web service applications and responses can be formatted in JSON or XML.

Innovation GamesInnovation Games API: Innovation Games is a provider of games used by companies to solve business problems and encourage innovation. The company provides collaborative methods and tools for understanding their customers' and markets needs. Innovation Games also offers and online real-time collaboration service. An API is available that allows users to create and edit projects, create and edit game definitions until they have been played, retrieve the results of parties and galas after the game has been played. The RESTful API requires a key which can be retrieved by registered users.

Integrity Infotech Bulk SMSIntegrity Infotech Bulk SMS API: Integrity Infotech is a provider of Internet services such as Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Web Design,Search Engine Optimization, Corporate Mailing, Bulk SMS Gateway, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Animations, Graphics and Software Development. Their Bulk SMS service is a mobile communications and advertising system built on top of their platform. SMS messages can be sent to single or multiple groups, different SMS messages can be sent to every user in a group, delivery reports of messages sent are available online. The API can be accessed via HTTP, SMTP or SMPP.

InterfaceLIFT WallpapersInterfaceLIFT Wallpapers API: The InterfaceLIFT API offers downloadable high-resolution wallpapers for Iphone, Droid, computer screens, tablets and etc. Functionality includes calling about the camera used to take a certain wallpaper picture, lens types that fit a certain camera and overall information about a user or wallpaper. Users are required to sign up with the site for Authentication and pay a small fee for accessing the API information from a managed site.

isoHuntisoHunt API: The isoHunt website provides an advanced BitTorrent search engine that searches over 215 million files from a single location. It also provides cross-referenced statistics for all torrents, indexed and updated to the hour.

isoHunt provides a RESTful JSON API so that developers may access its search capabilities programmatically. This API is freely available on the condition that, if the resulting app is publicly available to users, developers must link to torrent details pages on isoHunt.com, regardless of whether or not they link to the .torrent files themselves.

KamcordKamcord API: Kamcord is an application that allows users to record and share their plays on mobile and web games. Kamcord works in the game, so users don't have to leave the game to record and share their plays.

The Kamcord API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Kamcord with other applications. Some example API methods include recording plays, sharing plays, and viewing recordings.

Kanbanery Kanbanery API: The Kanbanery platform is designed to help developers manage their resources such as project tasks, task comments, subtasks, issues and more. However, the main focus of Kanbanery is task and project management. Kanbanery's API is implemented as a RESTful API with JSON response formats. To access the API developers must have an API Key as well as an account with Kanbanery.

LinkTrackrLinkTrackr API: LinkTrackr is a link tracking service. LinkTrackr offers features that allows users to track links and online advertising efforts to see sales conversions and effectiveness of affiliate linking.

The LinkTrackr API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of LinkTrackr with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving links, accessing user information, and getting metadata from links.

LiveIntentLiveIntent API: LiveIntent is an email marketing platform. It offers a network for programmatic display advertising. Publishers can use it to sell advertising space in their newsletters, and advertisers may use it to deliver relevant ads in relevant newsletters. The LiveIntent API exposes the platform’s reporting functionality. This allows developers and businesses to see insightful data about their advertisements and partners.

LocalGuidingLocalGuiding API: LocalGuiding is a service that allows tourists to book travel excursions offered by local tour guides. LocalGuiding offers travel bookings with local guides for numerous cities around the world.

The LocalGuiding API allows developers to access and integrate LocalGuiding's tour and guide data with other applications. Example API methods include searching tours, booking tours, and confirming orders. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email partnership@localguiding.com for more information.

Map Data ServicesMap Data Services API: The service provides route definition between stated starting and destination points, all as part of a general map rendering Function. Map rendering options include specifying locations to place pins and discover local information, along with definitions of polygons marking of specific areas within a map.

API methods support route definition based on a starting and destination point, with options for an itinerary of up to 20 interim points and avoidance of specified obstacles. Map rendering methods support designation of location points to place markers and discover information related to the location.

MarketpathMarketpath API: Marketpath is a website solutions provider. Their product includes feature for CMS, web design, and strategy. With their CMS features, users get blogging, ecommerce storefronts, and site-building tools. Their web design services include development resources such as SEO and site development. Marketpath also offer developers an API. The API exposes the software-as-a-service functionality of the CMS system and can be used for development or integration.

MaxMind MinFraudMaxMind MinFraud API: The service provides evaluation of pending e-commerce transactions for fraud, including use of a proxy to access a payment application, with rating of the risk level posed based on the purchaser's IP address, email, and other detected characteristics. In addition to proxy detection, the service maintains a reputation database indicating the frequency of reported fraud using an IP, email, or proxy server. Applications can use this risk assessment to sequester questionable transactions for review and specific approval.

API methods support posting of transaction details, including products purchased, purchaser name, email, IP address, and credit card information. Methods then assess the risk level and provide information about proxy access detected, bank checks for the purchaser's information, address and phone number validity checks, and related detail.

Meteor SolutionsMeteor Solutions API: Meteor Solutions is an online advertising delivery platform. Clients can use to increase social engagement or monetize their audience. Features for advertisers include power user engagement deals, analytics, and more. Publishers can use their popularity to open revenue optimizing space for advertisers. Clients can also use Meteor’s Tag & Trace engine to track their content across social media platforms. The Meteor Solutions API exposes reporting functionality. It retrieves data about clients’ campaigns. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON and JSONP-encoded data.

Microsoft AtlasMicrosoft Atlas API: As part of Microsoft Advertising, Atlas is a suite of tools for publishers, advertisers and agencies. The suite includes a console for campaign planning, delivery, and reporting, management for paid search campaigns, analytics and optimization tools and more.

The Microsoft Atlas APIs enable users to programmatically access the Atlas Media Console to create and manage advertising campaigns, generate reports, and retrieve information about the ads, campaigns, and organizations that are associated with their account.

Millistream Market DataMillistream Market Data API: The service provides data for transaction and price quotes from major financial and securities markets with emphasis on serving customers in Nordic markets, especially Scandinavia and northern Europe. It aggregates information from a wide range of securities exchanges worldwide, including NYSE and NASDAQ in the United States, European regional markets, and national markets across Europe. The data is streamed through a number of distribution channels, including an API.

API methods support retrieval of security price quotes in real-time or delayed, with end-of-day summaries of open, close, highest, and lowest price plus transaction volume. Methods also provide access to background information about security issuers, news about actions taken by companies, and historical data for reference needs.

MOMA CellConnectMOMA CellConnect API: MoMA is the provider of the CellSeries Mobile Ability Platform; a mobile Internet site creation tool that uses a drag and drop interface to allow for rapid creation of mobile Internet sites. A number of features are available for designers to integrate including form fields to capture consumer profile data for list building and delivering mobile content downloads and video streaming. Also included are click-to-call, store locator and maps, viral mobile greeting cards, automated ad serving and more.

The CellConnect API is a mobile connectivity tool that allows for integration with outside business software and systems. The API can be used to send data to customer relationship management software packages for reports on SMS subscription groups, facilitate opt-in to campaigns from a website with confirmation, manage SMS groups, retrieve content from outside websites, and mobile content can be uploaded in bulk to the CellMate content management system. For couponing campaigns, redemption code numbers can be uploaded in bulk, as can phone numbers. Public documentation for the API is not available.

MunchAwayMunchAway API: MunchAway is a provider of ecommerce software to restaurants and other service providers. MunchAway has processed over 1,000,000 online and mobile orders for clients including over 50 restaurant brands. The MunchAway API integrate the platform's functionality while still having the ability to create custom user experiences. Functionality includes Back-end administration, customer data and POS integration and can be leveraged for uses such as custom ordering interfaces, mobile applications, tablet based wine lists and in-store ordering apps. Public documentation for the API is not available.

MuviMuvi API: Muvi is a social movie platform where users can search and access information on movies from Hollywood and Bollywood, as well as celebrities from all over the world.

The Muvi API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Muvi with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact baas@muvi.com for API access.

MyrrixMyrrix API: Myrrix is a recommendations service provider. It is recommendation engine that deals with Big Data in real-time. Myrrix operates at two levels: a computational layer and a serving layer. The computational layer is customizable, allowing users to scale the system’s analytical approach. The serving layer is a RESTful API records input in real-time and takes requests from the system for recommendations. It replies with JSON-encoded data or CSV. Both layers can run independently, depending on the users’ needs.

New Dawn JustWareNew Dawn JustWare API: The service provides information tracking and sharing resources for police and other criminal justice agencies as well as courts, corrections departments, state data repositories. and related institutions. It provides for workflows and business rules needed to manage cases across steps in complex processes while monitoring and reporting status. A network of certified developers is available for secure handling of legally sensitive and security-conscious applications.

API methods support secure access to application logic, processing of system updates based on predefined business rules, and web-based interactions with related systems.

One App CloudOne App Cloud API: One App Cloud is a business tools suite. It offers business simple and rich tools for collaboration, project management, and form creation. One App Cloud’s Actionable Inbox streamlines communications and document sharing into a single, transparent Feed. A visual form designer and the Rule Builder allow users to define and create reports, analyses, and other forms. One App Cloud also provides an API to integrate their suite’s features with social media and Google Apps.

OpenMarket Push NotificationsOpenMarket Push Notifications API: The service generates push notifications to mobile devices running under Apple, Android, and BlackBerry operating systems. It triggers messaging functions for applications registered with the OS providers to notify customers and others of events and activity related to their accounts.

API methods support creating and registering new push notification applications or updating existing ones to send messages either to individual devices or to groups of devices. Methods support distribution of messages and processing of receipts indicating message completion status. Separate methods are available for the three device OS options.

OrderHarmonyOrderHarmony API: OrderHarmony is a fully-hosted stock and order management service. It provides price comparison and stock ordering functions, including one-click re-ordering from suppliers. OrderHarmony monitors stock levels in real time so that supplies will never run out unexpectedly. OrderHarmony also offers automated order progress e-mails for customers, customizable sales reports, and pre-order and discount services.

OrderHarmony's functions are accessible programmatically via GET, PUT, and POST calls in JSON format.

PageLeverPageLever API: PageLever provides user analytics solutions. It is specifically designed for reading users’ engagement with clients’ Facebook pages. To do so, it provides a suite of integrated features. The features include page alerts, post tagging, custom reporting, and a dashboard for viewing information over time. PageLever provides an API upon request for partnership. Interested developers should contact api@pagelever.com.

PayChoice Payment GatewayPayChoice Payment Gateway API: PayChoice is an Australian payment gateway service which allows merchants to process credit card and direct debit payments from their customers with or without a merchant bank account.

The PayChoice Payment Gateway API allows developers to access and integrate the PayChoice functionality with other applications and websites. Some example API methods include testing credit cards, processing payments, and managing account information.

PDX CitySyncPDX CitySync API: CivicApps and the PDX CitySync platform are an effort by the City of Portland and regional governments to make public information readily available to developers. There are APIs available both to interact with the online platform, and to access the data sets available. REST calls include, among others, requests for nearby parks based on geographic location, restaurant inspection information, new businesses licenses issues, employment data, and school performance data.

PicarIS PlatformPicarIS Platform API: The PicarIS Platform generates variations of images in real time to multiple channels. The master images are manipulated by URL requests. The visuals can easily be recolored, retextured, resized, cropped, and more.

The PicarIS Platform API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of PicarIS with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

playMobiplayMobi API: playMobi by appMobi is an HTML5 monetization and socialization service for mobile games.

The playMobi API allows developers to access and integrate playMobi functionality with other applications and games. Some example API methods include integrating user authentication, leaderboards, badges, social posting, and cloud data into HTML5 games.

Practice FusionPractice Fusion API: Practice Fusion is a provider of a web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) application aimed at physicians. Practice Fusion is currently being used by over 150,000 physicians and practice managers in 50 states. The EHR is used by practice managers to schedule appointments, complete medical charts, send prescriptions, do complete billing and more. The API allows developers to integrate EHR functionality into existing systems and applications. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Project KenaiProject Kenai API: Project Kenai is Sun Microsystem's connected developer destination where developers can host open source projects and code, as well as connect, communicate, and collaborate with like-minded developers. Users may set up a profile, start or join projects, discuss projects on forums, host their code, post downloadable project files, and more.

Project Kenai's functions and resources are accessible programmatically using RESTful calls in JSON or JSONP.

Q-PulseQ-Pulse API: Q-Pulse is a software application that helps organizations manage their quality, risk and safety. The software acts as a central point where all compliance data, materials and activities can be tracked and stored. It also alerts management of areas where compliance status may be due to lapse. The Q-Pulse APIs allow developers to integrate the software's functionality into their own third party systems. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Realtime ORTCRealtime ORTC API: Realtime ORTC is a real-time, cloud-hosted messaging solution for web and mobile applications. Realtime ORTC delivers messages, content, and data to a variety of platforms and devices and across applications.

The Realtime ORTC API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Realtime ORTC with other applications. Some example API methods include sending messages, managing account and user information, and accessing content.

RedHat OpenShiftRedHat OpenShift API: The Red Hat OpenShift API gives developers a platform in the cloud to build, test, deploy, and run applications. The API receives RESTful calls and send callbacks in JSON and XML. Calls require basic HTTP Authentication in the form of a user name and password generated upon sign up. Applications can be built using Ruby, Python, and PHP.

RekognitionRekognition API: The Rekognition API provides facial and scene image recognition optimized for social photo applications. Utilizing the eyes, mouth, face and nose along with mood recognition and sex dependent characteristics the Rekognition API can predict sex, age and emotion. The API is RESTful with JSON formatting and can also be used with clients such as Python, Obj-C, Ruby, Java and PHP.

SatisfeoSatisfeo API: The service provides for online customer satisfaction surveys to collect responses from an application's users soon after they interact with its functions. It communicates with recent customers by SMS text message, email, or voice calls, then stores and tabulates responses. Survey owners can access results via aggregated reports or by immediate reporting, allowing SWIFT intervention to correct problems and improve customer service.

API methods support creating a customer satisfaction survey to be distributed by SMS text message, email, voice phone call, or combinations of these channels. Methods allow specification of options for reporting of responses and contact information to receive the reports.

SecondHandSongsSecondHandSongs API: SecondHandSongs (SHS) is a reference database for original artists and cover artists of songs. It was designed to settle the question of who performed the original version of a particular song and who covered it. SHS tries to be as complete as possible (including not only the performer and song title, but also songwriters and original releases) and orders the data in a reusable and maintainable way. The SecondHandSongs API offers programmatic methods for searching the database of performances and works, as well as for retrieving information on artists, performances, releases, and more.

SenchaSencha API: Sencha is a backend-as-a-service (BAAS) provider for mobile applications. Sencha offers backend solutions and mobile application building tools and features.

The Sencha API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Sencha with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving URLs, sending and receiving messages, pushing notifications, and managing account information.

Sent.lySent.ly API: Sent.ly is a text (SMS) sending and receiving service for Android phones.

The Sent.ly API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Sent.ly with other applications and to create new applications. The API methods are sending, receiving, and viewing text messages.

SerialStamperSerialStamper API: SerialStamper is a simple RESTful API for registering files, which are then digitally timestamped and available for download. Utilizing Safe Creative registration services with its system, files are digitally timestamped by Safe Creative and other timestamping authorities and then copied and stored in the cloud.

SerialStamper also includes a timestamping feature where developers can send a hash and receive a digital encoded timestamp response issued by Safe Creative Time Stamp Authority (TSA). In order to use the SerilaStamper API services developers need an authorization key to identify who they are within an organization and a authorization private key to sign the requests.

Shuffler.fmShuffler.fm API: Shuffler.fm is an online music magazine that is created and curated by music bloggers on the web. Shuffler.fm allows users to search and discover music from blogs and music sites to hear new music and see what the music trends on the web are.

The Shuffler.fm API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Shuffler.fm with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists of tracks and tracks, retrieving blogs, searching, and accessing artist information.

SlashDBSlashDB API: SlashDB automatically creates a RESTful API from relational databases. Databases then come available for mobile, enterprise and web applications in convenient formats like JSON, XML and CSV. Slash DB also handles Encryption, authorization and authentication so the data being accessed remains secure.

SlashDB related records are hyper-linked, which allows for a seamless search engine indexing of data and effectively constructs a NoSQL and graph facades over the traditional SQL databases. All information is represented in Resource oriented architecture allowing developers to integrate data seamlessly.

SMSWarehouseSMSWarehouse API: SMSWarehouse is a message solutions provider. Client can leverage their services to connect with a select or wide audience via bulk SMS messaging. SMSWarehouse provides users multiple deployment features for their convenience. Their services include scheduled messaging, multiple languages, logos, and more. Users can manage their SMS messaging from numerous platforms, included interfaces for the web, mobile devices, and desktop. The SMSWarehouse API exposes the message customization and delivery functionality. It is based on a RESTful protocol.

SoFurrySoFurry API: SoFurry is home to over 200,000 artists and fans of the anthropomorphic arts. Users may share their artwork, animations, stories, and music as well as enjoy the works of others, buy and sell commissions, and build community groups with their own forums and chat rooms.

The SoFurry API allows users to download submissions from the site, upload submission to the site, get user details, get submission details, and retrieve shouts or comments on submissions. The API is RESTful and employs JSON-formatted calls.

StatAdStatAd API: StatAd is user analytics service. Businesses can use it to assess their users’ social media information. StatAd provides a user analytics dashboard for reporting on large sets of data. The data is culled from customers who sign in via their social media accounts. The data sets are customizable and easily retrievable. StatAd provides an Engagement API that exposes the data retrieval and query functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

SubtitleSourceSubtitleSource API: The service provides subtitles in a range of languages for specified movies and television shows. Movie or TV show can be specified by name, name plus release number (for specific releases), or IMDb identification number. Desired language is specified in the request URL.

API methods support retrieving subtitle data for a movie or TV program, or a specific release if more than one exist for a title. Methods also support listing all languages for which subtitles are available by movie or show, or all media for which subtitles are available in a specified language.

SureChemSureChem API: SureChem is a chemical patent search engine. SureChem has information on chemical patents that users can search and access through their database.

The SureChem API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of SureChem with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service. Email support@surechem.com for more information.

Swiss Post BarcodeSwiss Post Barcode API: The service generates barcoded shipping labels for parcels and other mailings within Switzerland's postal service, Swiss Post. It allows local printing of a label optimized for the provider's delivery systems, including integrated barcode and optional recipient address. Properly labeled packages, including Express shipments, can then go directly into the delivery system.

API methods support generation of properly formatted labels for domestic mailing, Express and Courier shipments, international packages, and more specialized services. Methods allow shipment of letters with barcodes for financial documents and other high-value shipments to expedite processing and allow data collection en route for delivery tracking and notification.

Synergy-IPVSynergy-IPV API: Morris Communications Group provides Voice over Internet Protocol services. The Synergy-IPV is a custom built VOIP platform in which all telephone features are controllable directly from the user’s phone and computer. The Synergy-IPV API is a web driven API that allows developers to write applications that directly control a user’s station, including voicemail, button mapping, call logs, and contact management.

Tapit!Tapit! API: Tapit! is a mobile advertising platform. It offers solutions and features for advertisers as well as publisher-developers. For advertisers, Tapit! offers a suite of scalable strategic and delivery options. For publishers and developers, Tapit! provides a network of advertisers and a streamlined delivery ad delivery solution. The Tapit! API exposes the reporting functionality. It returns analytical information about advertiser and publisher statistics. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

Texas HistoryTexas History API: The Portal To Texas History, provided by the University of North Texas, is an online database of historical documents and items. The collection is comprised of over 2.8 million files and over 215,290 unique items. The Ferris Wheel API allows users to connect to the Texas history portal using the REST protocol. The service allows users to harvest metadata from the open archives. Users can make calls that get information about the repository, lists of metadata, list sets, retrieve any identified lists, and complete many other functions.

TexteoTexteo API: The service provides outbound and inbound SMS text messaging for integration with customer service applications and others requiring rapid basic communications. It generates messages in response to specific application events with ability to specify recipient and message, timing and frequency of messages, data formatting with variations for international markets, and related parameters.

API methods support designation of content of SMS text messages to be generated with links to application events that trigger those events. Methods enable designation of message recipient and data formatting to meet needs of the market where it will be delivered as well as the timing of messaging, including ability to schedule messages for later delivery. Methods also allow specification of response handling, including routing of incoming texts and overall reporting guidelines.
Specification of response handling

The Giving LabThe Giving Lab API: The Giving Lab is a network where charity and tech projects intersect. Their goal is to help charitable enterprise develop their means and missions through tech. To that end, they provide tools for creating campaigns and groups. They also offer an API that exposes that campaign and group information management functionality. Developers can use it to create integrative plug-ins allowing their users to give to charities. The API is RESTful and returns JSON or JSONP-encoded data.

TimrTimr API: Timr is an online time tracking application. Timr offers tracking for working time, project time, mileage, and GPS position. In addition the application provides analysis and reporting features.

The timr API allows developer to integrate timr's functionality into existing systems. The API lets users create tasks in timr automatically when new orders are created in their ERP, assign tasks to a user if that user was assigned to a project in their project management system, and transfer time tracking records created in timr back into their ERP system.Tasks and task-assignments can be set automatically. Created time entries can be assumed by timr. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML. Full documentation is available for customers.

TransIPTransIP API: TransIP is a domain provider focusing primarily on the needs of power users and domain resellers. The TransIP API allows users to fully automate their interaction with TransIP, including services such as checking and registering domains, changing domain settings, ordering web hosting, and looking up domain details.

Trilibis SmartPath SDKTrilibis SmartPath SDK API: The Trilibis SmartPath is a scalable cloud-based mobile publishing platform. Combining device detection and rendering technolog with UI building tools, the SmartPath SDK enables developers to create mobile web sites optimized for a variety of different mobile devices. The SDK itself supports both SOAP and REST protocol API's with its own back-end API integration while also supporting XML and JSON data formats. The development environment is java-based.

UniPay GatewayUniPay Gateway API: UniPay is a provider of enterprise class online billing software. The software can act as as a transaction processing or recurring billing system, as well as a relationship management and merchant management platform.

The solution is comprised of 4 modules:

UniCharge – a transaction processing and remittance engine
UniBill – a recurring billing, account management and collections
UniSell – contract management and point of sale services
UniBroker – traffic broker designed to increase security and reduce PCI scope

The functionality of each module is available via a suite of RESTful APIs.

viaCycleviaCycle API: viaCycle is a bike sharing program that allows users to "unlock" bikes through their phones by calling, texting, or via an application.

The viaCycle API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of viaCycle with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving locations of bikes and retrieving information on bikes.

ViroolVirool API: Virool is a video advertising service that allows advertisers to promote their video ads on applications, games, and websites from publishers. Publishers can monetize their content by allowing advertisers to integrate their video ads into the content.

The Virool API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Virool with other applications. The API allows for video publishing and integration with mobile and web content.

Washington Post Campaign FinanceWashington Post Campaign Finance API: The Washington Post Campaign Finance API is a collection of resources that represent a fraction of what is available from the Federal Election Commission financial data. The API will eventually represent all of what the FEC has.

The FEC data is thorough, but is presented in a hard format to use. The API functionality is designed to alleviate that issue for the developer by abstracting the tougher data. This allows developers to build applications quickly instead of sifting through FEC data.

Washington Post Issues Washington Post Issues API: The Washington Post Issue Engine API stores transcripts and statements from political speakers, organized by issue and accompanied by fact checks from the Washington Post. Statements must come with a speaker, a date, text and a URL to the source transcript and Web site. If the statement meets the criteria, The Washington Post's Trove content analysis service will assign it an issue or multiple issues. Developers access the statements by providing fields for all the criteria a statement must have. The API is RESTful with JSON responses.

Washington Post White House VisitorsWashington Post White House Visitors API: The Washington Post White House Visitors API has stored White House visits since January of 2009. Currently, The Post has more than 2.2 million loged visits with more being added quarterly. The Washington Post White House Visitors API expresses RESTful API calls and responses formatted in JSON.

WorkMarketWorkMarket API: WorkMarket is a labor resource platform that can be used to find professionals, get assignments, or both. The service enables companies to engage, find, verify, pay, manage, and rate the employees that work for them. The WorkMarket API allows integration with outside platforms and messaging services and also enables large data transfers. For full documentation contact the WorkForce sales team.

XortifyXortify API: Xortify was developed in response to attack on the XOOPS platform by rogue malicious bots, as well as CAPTCHA and spam sweat shops where individuals are paid less than 1 USD per day to set up accounts for bots to spam websites by typing past CAPTCHA puzzles. The Xortify client stops close to 99% of spam and CAPTCHA attacks. It does so by maintaining a local ban list of bad IP addresses. Users must sign up for Xortify to access this service, but they don't need to use Xortify's software to maintain or add bans to the Framework. Xortify's functions are accessible programmatically via RESTful and SOAP-based APIs.