ABBYY Announces New Mobile Web Capture SDK

ABBYY, a provider of document capture and optical character recognition services, announced a new SDK for mobile web capture. With the ABBYY Mobile WebCapture SDK developers will be able to add real-time image and data capture to mobile web services.

The new JavaScript-based SDK provides the functionality to automatically capture images of documents via video from a users smartphone. ABBYY believes that this functionality will provide an improved User Experience that will result in decreased customer dropout rates due to manual data entry. This could prove especially valuable for client onboarding services. The company’s announcement noted that:

Mobile Web Capture speeds up onboarding by allowing the potential client to instantly take photos of documents needed for account opening making sure the image is suitable for text recognition.

This functionality is provided by taking advantage of the company’s proprietary suite of AI-enabled mobile technologies which helps the company ensure accurate data collection. Interested developers can request a trial to test out the new functionality. 

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