Ability Network's ABILITY I Access API Streamlines CMS to Medicare Activities

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Software vendors, revenue cycle management companies, and other healthcare consulting agencies can streamline many of their customers’ CMS-mandated activities using an enhanced API service from ABILITY Network. ABILITY | ACCESS is a REST-based API toolkit with a single platform that simplifies the process of obtaining and writing data within the CMS shared systems.

With the latest updates to this technology, vendors who work with hospice agencies can now offer faster, easier filing of Medicare claims to their customers, a key advantage given the timely filing requirements from Medicare.

These rules require hospices to file a Notice of Election (NOE) and a Notice of hTermination/Revocation (NOTR) within five days in order to avoid rejected claims. With such a narrow window from the hospice admission date to file a NOE to a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), it’s imperative that billers have a streamlined process to guarantee claims are processed without delay.

The ABILITY | ACCESS service seamlessly bundles a development toolkit and connectivity into a single platform that streamlines the time-sensitive billing process. Users can quickly create or update Medicare DDE applications, including NOE and NOTR. The service also streamlines the process of cancellation for NOE and Benefit Period.

“We’re excited to be able to improve the efficiency of the Medicare claims adjustment process for healthcare software vendors and the agencies they serve,” said Bud Meadows, Executive Vice President of ABILITY Network.

In addition, revenue cycle management organizations and healthcare consulting agencies will also find advantages for their customers with the API service from ABILITY. Using ABILITY | ACCESS, these organizations can now retrieve offline or archived claims, allowing them to review claims for errors, reverse claims denials, and make claims adjustments on behalf of their customers.

“It’s critical for revenue cycle management organizations and other healthcare consultants to have easy access to new and offline claims in order to recover revenue on behalf of their customers,” noted Meadows. “Archived claims frequently present an overlooked opportunity for revenue reimbursement.”

One ABILITY customer shared, “With programming that integrates the ABILITY | ACCESS API service within our propriety software we are able to streamline, validate and confirm information in an automated way. That means we can provide accurate and up-to-date information to our clients faster and at a lower cost.”

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