About.me API Enables Developers To Integrate Custom Apps

About.me is a popular service that allows anyone to create a single page profile of yourself that can connect to your profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other popular services. The concept is simple but limiting to the services that it currently connects to. This is no longer the case with the release of the About.me API that now allows developers to write new applications that can integrate into the About.me profile page.

The About.me API now enables your application to integrated by About.me users into their single profile page. These applications would in turn be visible to users who visit About.me profile pages too, thereby increasing the visibility of your application. These applications would be hosted by the developer but they would be integrated seamlessly on the About.me sit, running inside of an iframe when you click on the application.

To get started with the API, you need to an about.me account and a developer ID. You need to get the developer ID by writing to platform@about.me. The Documentation site is detailed with information on providing application metadata, allowing adding the application to about.me profile and much more.

Are you an About.me user? What kind of applications do you think were absent till now and you would like to link to? This kind of API seems ripe for a Hackathon or Contest where the most interesting applications could get featured in the directory?

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