Accelerator Nike+ FuelBand API: 10 Companies Up and Running

As we reported in January, the Nike Accelerator program was launched to encourage tech companies to develop apps for the Nike+ Platform and Nike FuelBand. Techdigest's Gerald Lynch reports that of the hundreds who were looking to get in, just 10 companies made it to the finish line. Each of the companies will get $20,000 plus a three-month stay in Portland, Oregon, near Nike's headquarters, to work alongside Nike tech staff.

On arrival at Nike, Fitdeck founder Phil Black noted, "The pace here is insane, just the way I like it." Fitdeck provides a pack of workouts on cards, and then uses the randomness inherent in all card decks to keep variety in your work out.

Coachbase, another winner, makes coaching easier with apps that allow you to draw and animate your plays, share them with the team on mobile devices (or anywhere), and search and download plays.

Sprout At Work focuses on corporate wellness solutions by making workouts into games.

GeoPalz, already into fitness devices like pedometers, is focused on getting kids active.

A complete list of chosen companies can be found at the Nike announcement. It will be interesting to see just what ten companies all focused on helping people lead more active life can come up with.

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