Accellion Launches Kiteworks Secure Mobile Content Platform

Accellion, maker of a mobile file-sharing and collaboration Platform for the enterprise, today announced the launch of a mobile content platform that companies can use to build secure enterprise mobile applications.

"Enterprise organizations desperately need solutions to securely enable their mobile workforces; the recently announced partnership between Apple and IBM highlighted just how big of an issue this is for organizations," Accellion CEO Yorgen Edholm explained in a press release. "IT and mobile executives are under pressure to create mobile applications that ensure confidential enterprise information stays secure and compliant while helping mobile employees to work smarter and more productively."

Accellion, which bills itself as a secure, enterprise-focused alternative to solutions like Dropbox, believes its new platform is perfectly positioned to help businesses develop custom mobile applications that meet the needs of the enterprise.

The kiteworks platform includes a suite of RESTful APIs as well as mobile SDKs for iOS, Android and Google Glass. Because enterprises frequently store their content in multiple systems, the platform also offers content connectors that allow companies to securely access content from third-party providers, including Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. To help developers get started with the kiteworks platform, Accellion has created a Developer Portal and will make tutorials and reference apps available.

The kiteworks platform is in limited beta. Accellion says the platform will enter general availability in December, at which time the reference apps will be released along with its mobile SDKs. Developers interested in exploring the kiteworks platform will have access to a free but still full-featured version of the platform.

Meeting the Needs of Enterprise Customers

While players like Dropbox and Amazon battle over consumers and their content, an equally large and potentially even more lucrative battle has emerged in the enterprise space. With more and more businesses seeing a clear need to develop mobile applications to connect their workforces, Accellion and others have stepped up with platforms that promise the ability to build applications that offer the functionality and security required without reinventing the wheel and investing time and money unnecessarily.

Of course, the needs of enterprises differ dramatically from those of consumers, and companies like Accellion have responded with platforms tailored to the needs of the enterprise. The kiteworks platform, for instance, includes a variety of security and access control functionality many enterprises will require, including remote wipe, whitelisting and Encryption, as well as auditing features that help customers comply with regulations like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. 

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