Access Five Twitter APIs in One

Ruby programmers creating Twitter apps, feast your eyes on this gem from squeejee, called Twitterland, which combines five Twitter services into one package.

The five Twitter-based APIs are:

And at it turns-out these 5 APIs are just the start of the rapidly-growing Stack of APIs built on top of the Twitter API: we have 20 Twitter-derived APIs in our directory. Using a combination of these services, you could create your own Twitter application without needing to access Twitter directly. Soon we'll be playing Six Degrees of Twitter. Perhaps my app will use your app's API, which uses Twitterland to contact the TwitterCounter API, which itself uses Twitter. Wait--is that three degrees or four?

It may sound absurd, but sharing data is one of the Twitter API best practices. While getting too far from the source increases potential problems, if there is enough unique value added at each stage, it can be worth it.

To learn more about Twitterland, check out the announcement post. If you're especially geeky, you can get its source code.

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