Access Polar User Data with the New Polar Open AccessLink API

Polar, a Finland-based sports training and health electronics manufacturer, has introduced the Polar Open AccessLink API which developers can use to build applications that leverage Polar data. The API allows developers to access and query user data stored in the company’s cloud service Polar Flow. The Polar Open AccessLink API provides access to newly recorded data only including exercise data, daily activity data, and physical information data. The API does not provide access to data that has already been recorded and stored in Polar Flow.

Polar Electro was founded back in 1977 by Professor Seppo Säynäjäkangas, and in the same year, the company invented the world's first heart rate monitor. In 1982, the company launched the world's first wireless, wearable heart rate monitor. Today, the company provides a wide range of health-related products including (but not limited to) heart rate monitors, fitness trackers, and GPS fitness and running watches.

The Polar Open AccessLink API is free to use, however, developers must register for a Polar Flow account (also free) before they can use the API. The Polar Flow service stores user information such as exercise activity, training activity, and sleep patterns that have been recorded with Polar products. AccessLink is the channel to access the information stored in the Polar Flow service. AccessLink requires OAuth2 as the Authentication protocol, and users must grant permission for apps to access their data stored in Polar Flow. The API is read-only, so apps can only access and read Polar Flow data. The company may allow write access in the future as they continue to develop the API.

For more information about the Polar Open AccessLink API, visit the official Polar company website.

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