AccountantsWorld Announces Open API for its Payroll Relief Service

AccountantsWorld is a provider of cloud solutions for accounting and payroll, including Payroll Relief, a payroll processing tool that the company designed specifically for professional accountants and payroll service providers. AccountantsWorld has announced a new Open API that streamlines integration with this service.

With the new Payroll Relief API, partners will be able to securely transfer data between the service and existing HR / Human Capital Management solutions. AccountantsWorld views this new API as a significant resource, especially for smaller firms that may have not had access to certain features in the past. The announcement of the functionality the company highlighted that the API:

“... provides the potential for tremendous productivity gains, as they can now avoid time-consuming, costly, and error-prone duplication of employee and relevant payroll/payroll compliance data across disparate systems.”

AccountantsWorld does not appear to have public documentation available for the API and only notes two initial partners. 


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