Accounting iOS App Wins File Storage Developer Challenge

The winners have been declared in the Box Mobile Developer Challenge. The Challenge invited developers to build applications for iOS, Android and WebOS platforms with deep integration with the API. The criteria was well defined: Build applications that make the users more productive and should use advanced Box features like tagging, comments, contacts and search and any other features that could boost collaboration.

The contest accepted submissions from August 1 to September 11 and the winners were announced at BoxWorks. The first and second place winners stood to win a whopping $25,000 and $15,000 in cash respectively, in addition to meeting with top VCs to pitch their product. A Motorola Atrix with Lapdoc was awarded to the top two winners and eight other applications.

The first prize winner was Bizmo, an accounting, time and billing suite for the iPad and iPhone. Bizmo has deep integration with Box with the ability to associate most items in Bizmo with a folder in Box, thereby allowing you to share items directly with stake holders in addition to collaborative features like tagging and commenting.

The second prize winner was TouchDraw, a vector drawing application for iPad. This high quality drawing application integrates directly with Box and allows you to share your files, tagging and commenting.

The contest also rewarded eight other applications with gadgets and recognition. The applications ranged from Project Management, real-time research platform to conducting interviews online. You can view all the winners at the announcement page.

The range and depth of submissions in the Box Mobile Developer Challenge has demonstrated that file sharing services are now not just about uploading/downloading of files. Developers have taken the integration far beyond those basic features and the collaborative features of the winning applications shows exactly that.

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Romin Irani Romin loves learning about new technologies and teaching it to others. His passion is to help developers succeed.

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