Acision Introduces Forge API

Acision, leader in the mobile services space, has launched the Forge API. Forge constitutes an API that gives developers and enterprises access to enterprise grade communications features (e.g. SMS, VoIP, WebRTC, etc.). The API access allows developers to easily build mobile applications with such features. The new release allows users to take advantage of Acision's carrier grade enterprise reliability with with agility expected in the mobile space.

Acision Entrprise EVP, Matt Cockett, commented:

"We have created an enterprise ecosystem, which simplifies the world of communication and helps organisations reach customers and employees. Our highly interactive, high-availability services are backed-up by industry renowned infrastructure and a global support and security network. Acision already has a heavy footprint in the telecommunications ecosystem, and with Forge we are now opening up this network and global connectivity to enterprises, along with a Platform API and SDKs for future application and service development."

Acision has elevated itself as a leader in mobile services. Its messaging infrastructure allows enterprises to enhance consumer engagement through better services that rely on carrier grade infrastructure. Its customers and partners include some of the biggest names in messaging and mobility (e.g. Sprint, Vodafone, O2, and many more).

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The Forge portfolio includes a number of REST APIs. The toolkit includes standard communication methods (e.g. VoIP, WebRTC, SMS, and more). Additionally, native Android and iOS SDKs ensure that the bulk of mobile developers have their needs met. To learn more, visit the Forge site.

Mobile access to enterprise grade communications is not longer desired, it is required. GE's CEO, Jeff Immelt, recently shared that he runs one of the world's largest companies from his phone. Acision's Forge release assumes this market transition and streamlines application development for the mobile enterprise.

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