Acquia Leverages REST APIs to Make Drupal 8 Beta Available as a Service

As an open source content management Platform, Drupal has already been widely adopted. Now there is a beta version of Drupal 8 that includes support for REST APIs that cloud platform provider Acquia this week announced it is making available as a managed service.

For the first time, Drupal 8 makes extensive use of REST APIs to transform content delivery and management into a true service, David Aponovich, senior director of digital experience for Acquia, told ProgrammableWeb. Instead of simply thinking in terms of publishing content on a Web page, organizations making use of Drupal 8 can distribute content to mobile, desktop and even embedded systems in Internet of Things (IoT) environments, and within a variety of applications, he said.

Other Drupal 8 enhancements aimed at developers, says Aponovich, include support for an object-oriented approach to application development, simplified configuration management, improved unit testing support, faster caching and more dynamic rendering of personalized content.

In fact, Aponovich said that the entire authoring experience has been transformed in Drupal 8. It's more accessible to average end users looking to quickly and simply distribute content as they see fit, rather than having to rely on Web specialists to publish content, he said.

For all the chatter these days about Digital Transformation, any business transformation that an organization is going to embark on needs to start with how customers consume and engage with digital content, Aponovich said. To that end, he said it’s clear that most organizations looking to embrace digital business processes will need to revisit not only the content management system they rely on, but also the workflow processes that CMS enables. In that context, Aponovich said Drupal 8 is optimized to support a broad range of enterprise-class processes versus comparatively simpler services such as WordPress that only serve to expose one Web page after another.

Acquia claims there are more than 400 sites running Drupal 8. In addition, others are adopting Acquia and Drupal 8 together, including: Achieve Internet, Amazee Labs, Chapter Three, Digital Bridge, Digital Echidna, Duo Consulting, Elevated Third, FFW, Four Kitchens, ImageX Media, Mediacurrent, Motionstrand, OHO Interactive, Palantir, Phase2, Promet Source, R/GA, Trellon, VML and Zivtech.

It will be a little longer before more organizations actually get to see how Drupal 8, which is still in beta, performs in a production environment. But thanks to the advent of REST APIs, the content wrapped up in Drupal is about to become much more accessible than it has ever been before.

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