ACRES Launches Multi-User Interface for Shared Clinical Research Data

The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), high performing global system for clinical research, has launched the first phase of a shared multi-user interface that allows sponsors, CROs, government agencies, funders, and IRBs access to professional experience, verified training, and collaborative data warehouses: ACRES BlueCloud. The global clinical research ecosystem continues to expand and ACRES BlueCloud provides a much needed interconnection platform between parties within the ecosystem and such parties' associated research.

"There is much talk these days about portals and technology solutions to promote safety, quality, efficiency and collaboration in clinical research," Greg Koski, ACRES president and CEO, noted in a press release. "Actually, many solutions are already available and proven, but we need a system enabling them to work together. Rather than building from scratch, ACRES is leveraging existing technologies through a shared integration platform. ACRES BlueCloud is a major first-step in this direction and we are very grateful to HealthCarePoint for making it possible."

HealthCarePoint, a healthcare and research networking-technology company, funded ACRES BlueCloud's development and the funding allows ACRES to offer the platform at no charge to the 750,000 clinical research sites around the world. Many users will integrate with the platform via APIs and as more and more institutions take such action, added functionality will develop. 

"We are happy to provide ACRES BlueCloud as part of our common mission to improve efficiency, quality and transparency across this endeavor, benefiting patients and care givers world wide," Al O. Pacino, HealthCarePoint president, stated in a press release.

ACRES envisions a world where everyone enjoys access to safe, effective, dependable, and affordable treatment. To make such a feat possible, ACRES and its participants believe a seamless network of clinical research remains mandatory. ACRES BlueCloud is certainly a step in the right direction towards achieving this reality.  

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