ActiGraph Announces ActiLife Analytics Product via API

ActiGraph, innovative provider of health monitoring solutions, has announced an API for its ActiveLife analysis software. ActiLife represents ActiGraph's premier actigraphy data management and analysis Platform. ActiLife enables different monitoring devices to collect data. The API will allow closed third party environments to integrate with ActiLife's collection and analytics capabilities. Jeremy Wyatt, ActiGraph VP of Software Engineering, explained:

"The ActiLife API was primarily developed to support the implementation of ActiGraph’s objective monitoring system within drug trials and clinical research studies....The tremendous value of objective measures within these markets is finally becoming fully understood, and we are focused on developing tools, like the ActiLife API, that deliver data seamlessly in these complex environments.”

ActiGraph provides non-invasive monitoring solutions to more than 1500 academic and scientific institutions around the planet. ActiGraph treats clients as partners, and welcomes feedback for product availability. The API release allows such clients to better analyze data in systems that are inherently closed to comply with regulations. Pamela Semanik of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine praised:

"The dependability and accuracy of the device has kept us competitive over the past decade, but it is the customer service that keeps us coming back to ActiGraph. They truly listen to the consumer for both hardware and software development. ActiGraph never fails to come through for us. Their assistance in grant planning and execution is a key ingredient to our success!"

Public Documentation for the ActiLife API is not currently available. The API supports all ActiGraph devices and needs no internet connection to interface with a device. Those interested can learn more at the ActiLife site.

The medical community continues to evolve on increased ability to collect and analyze data on a consistent, non-invasive manner. ActiGraph sits on the cusp of this transformation. The ActiLife extends its ability to push research further, faster.

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