ActiveStandards API: Making Sure Your Site Measures Up

ActiveStandards, an SaaS website quality management Platform, provides the ActiveStandards API, that gives developers access to the toolset, allowing them to integrate it with other websites and use the functionality wherever it is most appropriate for that given website. Any business or organisation that has a significant enterprise web presence will know the value of being able to monitor and protect the quality and compliance of their web content, and a tool like ActiveStandards provides the means to do just that.


In a nutshell, ActiveStandards allows users to firstly optimise their websites, then measure the progress of their efforts and access that information from anywhere. By optimising a website, a user is maintaining the quality and compliance of that site by finding and fixing errors, auditing and managing online files and images, and monitoring things like usability, SEO, web standards, legal standards and more. With the reports and analytics functionality, users can easily see how the different areas of their sites are performing generally, how they are performing against industry standards as well as how they measure up to their own pre-set key performance indicators. In addition, the platform is browser-based, meaning users can access this information from any computer or device.

A tool like this has already proved successful with high profile company, Shell. Head of website management at Shell, Lisa Hayward, has been quoted saying,

"ActiveStandards enables us to visualise our progress towards our compliance targets on a daily basis. We can see where editors are spending their time and set priorities accordingly. It's been valuable in helping us set KPIs for the individual sites and define what we mean by a successful site."

Developers who are interested in making use of the ActiveStandards API will need to sign up for an account, then get an API Key for Authentication. Further information is available on the ActiveStandards developer site.

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