Activestandards API: Making Technical & Marketing Depts. Play Nice Together

Activestandards, the provider of a website quality management Platform, has just released the first of what it says will be many APIs. Their focus is on helping enterprises drive business by getting technical and marketing teams to work more closely together. According to the press release, the goal is to facilitate Integration with the content management systems (CMS),

"The ActiveStandards API is designed to speed integrations, by providing a robust, consistent and well-supported interface, and also to foster innovation and creativity, by giving clients and developers flexibility over how they integrate ActiveStandards within their web operations management. The API provides the necessary level of flexibility, coupled with a high degree of customisation, enabling clients and partners to build apps which suit their specific business needs."

The API site offers little public information beyond an invitation to register that presumably opens up to what developers need to know. According to Simon Lande, Activestandard's CEO, it's all about the digital marketing ecosystem,

"We realise that ActiveStandards is just one part of an increasingly sophisticated digital marketing ecosystem and we want to make it easier for our clients and partners to get full and flexible access to all the data they need, in order to support their global digital platform production. The CMS integration API is just the first in a range of API packages planned to open access to components of the ActiveStandards service, with more to follow soon."

The launch coincides with the inauguration of a development program that works with CMS and digital agency partners to support the integration. Activestandards may well be on to something big with this integration of marketing and technical, if the size of their clients is any indication. They include Unilever, Shell, CSC, HP, Canon and many more.

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