Actwitty API: Creating Organized User Footprints On The Web

Actwitty acts as an online curator of a user's social networking data. The system gathers data from platforms like Facebook and Twitter and categorizes them into topics such as sport, entertainment, politics and more. This creates an organized profile that can be shared with others, showing how the user's time is spent on the Internet according to topics, a trend across time of topics, key terms the user may share on specific topics, popularity in various services and more. The Actwitty API allows developers to access this data.

Some of the stand out benefits that this service provides include:

  • Enhancing personal branding.
  • An easy way to mine public data, giving users the option to choose what they would like to look at.
  • Giving others a clearer understanding of a user by clearly categorizing that user's interaction on the web. For example, Facebook may be a place where the user voices interests in sport and entertainment where Twitter may show more business savvy opinions.
  • Users gain more mileage from their social media activity.

Actwitty has provided an API that allows developers to integrate this data with other applications and to create new applications. Those who would like to make use of this data can apply for an API key on the Actwitty website.

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