Aculab Adds Faxing to Cloud Platform

Aculab specializes in moving enterprise grade telephony applications to a cloud-based model. Rich telephony services have long been mission critical to enterprises across the globe. Initially, high-end applications (e.g. unified communications, speech recognition, text to speech, etc.) ran purely in an on-premise environment on dedicated hardware and software. With its cloud platform and the Aculab Cloud API, Aculab added flexibility and scalability to telephony services. Aculab users can custom tailor their telephony needs in Aculab's cloud, and pay for what they use. Recently, Aculab expanded its offering again by adding fax to their cloud portfolio.

Although much of the world boasts of moving to a non-paper work environment, faxes still pour through fax machines in certain environments (e.g. contracts, signatures, etc.). Aculab suggests that service providers, to this day, process thousands of faxes a day. Dedicated hardware and software for fax alone poses a large CapEx spend, and does not scale down to the SMB space in a cost effective manner. In response, Aculab added faxing capabilities to its cloud platform. Fayhe McClenahan, Aculab Head of Strategic Marketing, commented: "By adding fax to Aculab Cloud, where resources can be pooled, shared and utilized on demand, we are helping reduce costs and making it viable and affordable to both enterprise and SMBs."

Aculab supports T.30 fax termination up to V.17 speeds, call progress monitoring, automatic detection of fax calls, dynamic switching between voice and fax, group 3 TIFF image file manipulation library, multiple page formats, application control of individual pages, unlimited page length and header/footer formatting, and fax on demand. Developers can write their fax application in Python or .NET. The developers license is free, and once the fax application is submitted to the Aculab Cloud, customers only pay for what they consume.

Although hardened fax infrastructure does not dominate the work space as it did 15-20 years ago, fax remains a business staple. As more applications move to the cloud, Aculab took a logical step in adding fax to its cloud based telephony services. Sign up here for access to a developer's license.

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