The Adcolony API: Making Mobile Ads Zoom with HD Video

Adcolony, once an app developer for iOS, is now focused on creating mobile HD video ads. The Adcolony APIs are two RESTful APIs, Publisher Earnings (which retrieves in CSV format) and MATA, which gives access to the CPI campaign statistics. Fields covered in the Earnings API are Date Range, Earnings, Completed Video Views, Fill Rate, Sessions, eCPM, DAU. The MATA API is based on the open standards from the Mobile App Transparency Alliance (thus the name), and uses HTTP Authentication. It uses your user email and API Key for verification.

The transformation from app developer has been impressive, according to Christopher Heine at Adweek,

"AdColony pivoted in 2011 to create a speedy, high-definition video ad network for mobile apps. Last year, the firm increased revenue sixfold, doubled staff and moved into new offices while attracting Coca-Cola, Kraft, Honda, Capital One, McDonald’s and Microsoft as clients. Brands are signing on because they are averaging a 3 percent click-through rate for AdColony-run promos—high versus the rest of the digital-video world."

The ads run before, during or after publisher content. Beyond Adcolony's ability to deliver sharp smooth video, it offers end cards that are touch friendly and animated, which can be customized to drive different actions, from locating a store to engaging on Facebook to click-to-buy.

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