Add 3D Objects and Scenes to Your AR/VR App with the Google Poly API

Google has released the Google Poly API, which developers can use to search for, download, and use 3D objects and scenes in AR/VR applications. In November, Google launched Poly, a 3D assets Library. An asset is a 3D model or scene that was created with a 3D program such as Tilt Brush and Blocks, and can be made available as a file for upload to Poly.

Developers can browse thousands of 3D objects and scenes, download, and use assets from a dozen categories including animals and creatures, nature, transport, architecture, and technology. Many of the 3D assets in the Poly library are licensed under Creative Commons. Graphic designers and developers can also share 3D assets they have created by uploading them to the library.

The Google Poly API provides programmatic access to the Poly library so that applications can dynamically search and download 3D assets at runtime (when the app is running) and at edit (importing assets into a 3D project). The API is read-only, REST-based, and provides a list of assets with many filters such as keyword, category, asset type, popularity, and complexity.

Several toolkits and code samples are available for common game engines as well as web and mobile platforms. Toolkits and samples include Poly Toolkit for Unity, Poly Toolkit for Unreal, Android Sample Code, iOS sample code, and WebGL code sample using Three.js.

For more information about the Google Poly 3D Asset library visit the official Poly website. To learn more about the Google Poly API visit the Google Developers website.

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