Add Interactive Animated Weather Forecasts with Windyty API

Windyty has launched a public API that developers can use to add an interactive animated weather forecast map to applications and websites. Windyty is a Web-based application featuring an animated map that shows current weather information and forecasts for up to 14 days. The Windyty application provides information and forecasts for wind, clouds, waves, temperature, and more.

Screenshot of the Windyty Web application

Windyty was first released in 2014 and has become quite popular since its initial launch. So much so that last November Windyty added two additional developers to the team and an Android version of Windyty was released earlier this year. An iOS version of Windyty is currently in development.

The Windyty application (Web and Android) features an interactive animated map that shows information and forecasts for wind, temperature, humidity, clouds, rain, snow, and atmospheric pressure. Windyty also provides information and forecasts for seas/waves including currents, sea temperature, wind waves, and swell. The animated map and weather forecasts are based on the Global Forecast System (GFS) model from the NOAA and an NEMS model from

The Windyty Android App can show airport METARs and TAFs in raw and human readable formats.

The Windyty API requires Leaflet, a popular open source JavaScript Library for creating interactive maps. Developers can use anything from the Leaflet API and any Leaflet plugin to do anything with the Windyty map. FastSeas is one example of how the Windyty API can be implemented with an application. FastSeas is a sailing passage planning tool that is using the Windyty API as part of the calculate route feature.

It should be noted that the Windyty API provides access to all overlays but does not provide access to NAM and NEMS models at this time. There is a possibility that NAM and NEMS models will be included in a future version of the Windyty API.

The Windyty API is free to use with attribution and more information about the API can be found on the Windyty website.

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