Add Personalized Audio Traffic Reports to Apps with the TomTom Audio Traffic API

TomTom, a navigation technology products company, has launched TomTom Audio Traffic, an API that provides programmatic access to personalized audio traffic reports for drivers. The bulletin-style audio traffic reports deliver traffic information such as road closures and traffic jams. The reports are based on the driver’s location and destination. The TomTom Audio Traffic API provides personalized traffic information to drivers who may not want or need to use a turn-by-turn navigation app, but would still like to receive traffic updates while on their commute to work, school, or local venues.

The company has developed the TomTom Audio Traffic service with Duel, a mobility technology solutions provider. Developers could use the TomTom Audio Traffic API to integrate personalized traffic reports with in-car entertainment applications and driver-oriented mobile applications. The API could also be used to integrate tailored audio traffic reports with chatbots and voice-activated intelligent assistants.

The API includes an Endpoint that provides a traffic report in audio format and an endpoint that provides a traffic report in text format. At this time, the service supports the following languages Dutch, English, French, German, and Italian. The TomTom Audio Traffic service is currently available in six countries including France, Germany, and United States. The company plans on expanding the service to additional countries in the near future.

"TomTom Audio Traffic is the next generation of radio traffic bulletins – offering an incredible opportunity for companies that want to capture the ears of the driver," said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, VP Traffic and Travel at TomTom, in a prepared statement.

For more information about TomTom Audio Traffic, and other TomTom APIs visit the TomTom for Developers website.

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