Add Voice to Your Social Data via QWiPS

The amount of messages that are being shared by users on the social networks has reached massive proportions. What if we were able to add Voice to all the social snippets that we are sharing today on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks? That's the target of a new "Social Voice Platform" QWiPS.

QWiPS, which is currently in beta, allows voice caption photos, voice tag tweets and Facebook posts, apply filters and effects, create and share threaded voice conversations and various other features. The concept is simple. Imagine that you are posting a status to Facebook or a tweet. Along with the caption, you can also record a 30-second clip with your own voice. It would definitely add more credibility and also augment the content that you are posting in a unique manner. And all this is possible via a button that you can place right next to where you add the content, such as text or a photo. Your followers could then hear the voice clips along with your content. Try out how simple it is to record your voice from the home page.

You can sign up for the service to create and manage your own QWiPS. Creating a QWiP is as simple as clicking the record button and speaking into your computer microphone. The voice media gets saved to their servers and you are provided with a URL that you can then share.

The company has released a QWiPS API that allows website owners to embed a few lines of Javascript into a page to enable QWiPS functionality. The API is straightforward and allows you to identify not just input fields where it will add the QWiPS recording button, but the API also provides means to identify existing QWiPS URLs and is able to allow inline playing of the voice clip. This seamless API integration should appeal to most website owners who would want to incorporate it in their websites.

QWiPS also has plans to release its iPhone application in early October along with a roadmap that includes other smartphone platforms like Android and Blackberry in the near future. Voice is definitely going mainstream and the QWiPS platform now enables us to incorporate multiple media input modes within the current websites or applications that we use. Do share your experience on what other ways you see social sharing getting augmented by voice?

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