Add Your Voice to the Growing Field of Developer Relations

Developer Relations and Evangelism is a field that is growing – but what do we really know about it?

For the fourth year in a row, WIP Factory is taking the pulse of the developer relations and developer program community with its annual Devrel Survey. If you work in developer relations or for a company's developer program you are welcome to participate.

Many other fields benefit from a wealth of historical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, best practices and more. The relatively nascent field of developer relations – in particular, the new generation of evangelism- and outreach-driven programs – lacks this sort of historical knowledge base, and that is what the survey aims to build!

Survey results (which are made publicly available) have in the past shown the evolving role and importance of events and hackathons for developer programs, and this edition of the survey seeks to gain more understanding of how big a role they will play for dev programs in 2017 and beyond. Furthermore, it will offer insight into the most useful marketing and outreach channels programs use to reach and engage developers, and seek to uncover best practices around metrics and ROI for dev programs.

The number of developer evangelists supporting companies’ programs also continues to grow, and the survey will build greater understanding of what this community looks like, the skills it needs and the challenges it faces. The results will support evangelists and their devrel colleagues to benchmark activities, better understand how the community is working with developers, and increase the effectiveness of their work.

Early results from the survey will be released at DevRelCon in London on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Head here to complete the survey:

Deadline is November 21st!

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