Addison Lee Opens Cab Services API to Third-Party Apps and Websites

The last time ProgrammableWeb covered Addison Lee, the taxi service company was putting together a team of developers to build APIs that serve as the connection between services around the world. Now, Addison Lee is ready to take the next step and is looking for outside developers to integrate the Addison Lee API with third-party apps and websites. With an open API, deep linking and a widget offering, Addison Lee has taken the next step in being a sole "supplier of wheels" around the world.

When Addison Lee first expressed its intent to move beyond a "halfway house" between tax services that maintain proprietary portals and passengers to become a "direct Portal," the company knew APIs played a role. To better understand the role of APIs in its vision, and to help deploy its API strategy, Addison Lee turned to MuleSoft, the parent company of ProgrammableWeb, which helped cut time and overhead involved in the deployment and Integration of the Addison Lee API with third-party services.

The Addison Lee API allows integrated apps and websites to show estimated pickup times and price quotes and to book on demand or in advance. The quote time Endpoint estimates pickup time based on a specific location designated by latitude and longitude coordinates. The quote price endpoint uses a number of parameters to produce a price, including specified journey, currency, discount, VAT and payment. The booking endpoint allows a user to book a ride based on a previously provided quote. A quote is necessary in order to use the booking Function.

Addison Lee continues to partner across industry verticals to create a seamless User Experience. Integration with Google Maps and Thomson Travel expand the data available from a single User Interface. Integration with allows Addison Lee to update a customer record and any associated loyalty programs and preferences. In addition to added user features via API integration, Addison Lee is able to scale its performance through infrastructure integration with cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMware. To learn more, visit the API docs or sign up for an API key.

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