Adobe Adds New Cloud Document APIs

Adobe has announced two new Document Cloud APIs that will join existing offerings as part of the company’s Document Services portfolio. The new offering is comprised of a PDF Extract API and Document Generation API both of which are intended to streamline operations on the Platform.

The PDF Extract API operates by converting PDF files into JSON formatted data that can more easily be transferred between content management systems. This new infrastructure will not only simplify the transfer of PDFs but also make the storage of these documents more efficient. This API could also be beneficial for organizations that are working with data that is regularly included in both databases and PDFs for visualization purposes. 

The Document Generation API on the other hand is useful for workflows where custom Microsoft Word templates need to be created and data needs to be dynamically placed. Adobe has integrated with API with its Adobe Sign products that simplify business workflows that require quickly signing dynamic documents. 

As document processing is increasingly handled in the cloud, Adobe is hoping to capture a large portion of the market by building products that are attractive to developers. These new APIs are intended to bolster this effort. 

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