Adobe Launches Headless Commerce Cloud Offering

In an effort to meet the needs of businesses that are serving customers across multiple digital channels, Adobe announced the launch of a headless commerce capability for its Commerce Cloud Platform.

According to Adobe VP of Commerce Product & Platform Jason Woosley, Headless commerce, which provides core APIs that can be used to develop highly-customized and differentiated experiences for different digital touchpoints, "improves flexibility to power a wide range of omnichannel scenarios, to commerce-enable any system, application or IoT device, and to seamlessly integrate with any content management systems."

Adobe Commerce Cloud is integrated with Adobe Experience Cloud, which among other things offers customers hosted content management and commerce functionality. Commerce Cloud customers can choose to operate in a fully headless mode, integrating Commerce Cloud with third-party and homegrown end-user applications, or they can operate in a hybrid mode in which they use the content management and commerce features of Experience Cloud alongside their own integrations.

Adobe's new headless commerce offering currently supports REST and GraphQL and Woosley says both of these "well-known platform extensibility and ' Microservice layer' technologies allow merchants to quickly extend and adopt APIs for all the different touchpoints and Integration scenarios they may face."

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