AdroitLogic Releases APIDirector for API Management

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AdroitLogic Private Ltd, today announced the general availability of APIDirector, an API management solution based on its high performance Enterprise Service Bus ( ESB) UltraESB. The UltraESB powers many top tier organizations around the world, and was licensed in September 2013 by one of the top 10 Fortune companies, to power its future ESB and API Management Platform

The APIDirector exposes two distinct views for the API Publishers and API Consumers. The API Publisher provisions an API for use by API Consumers, and the solution manages the API lifecycle and Versioning. The APIDirector performs policy enforcement over calls made to the provisioned APIs, ranging from throttling, quota limiting, transformations, filtering, auditing, security and routing etc. The policy enforcement is configured via a graphical drag-and-drop style User Interface where policies can be configured over request or response flows with additional configuration. The APIDirector also allows the API Publishers to write API Documentation that would become visible and useful to the API consumers for utilizing the APIs. API visibility is managed via the concept of Circles, whereby the API Publishers can expose an API to defined circles of API Consumers. Publishers can also define tiers, over which consumers can subscribe to APIs, and a tier could define the rate and quota limits along with the billing amount.

API Consumers can search for APIs published based on tags, versions or descriptions etc through the API Registry interface. Consumers within an allowed circle could then create an application to subscribe to the APIs under a selected tier. Such an application creates and manages access tokens, that are later used to authorize and track the API invocation calls made by mobile or web application end users.

The APIDirector exposes detailed statistics and reporting, while a Billing module for API access is currently in progress along with a Swagger based API documentation interface.

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