AdStage V2 Released Alongside New Universal Data API

AdStage, a cross-channel advertising Platform, has announced its Universal Data API alongside the release of AdStage V2. The Universal Data API allows users to import custom data from business intelligence tools (e.g. CRM systems, CMS, marketing automation systems, etc.). The goal of the API fits with the overall story AdStage presents with the introduction of AdStage V2. With V2, AdStage plans on:

"Expanding beyond integrations with Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Bing to include advertising sources like Snapchat, Pinterest, and DoubleClick, and relevant sales and marketing data sourced likes Salesforce and HubSpot," the company stated in a blog announcement.

Last year, AdStage unveiled its first two flagship products: Report and Automate. While these powerful products delivered valuable insights into ad click performance, the data gathered and analyzed only represents a portion of a business' complete picture. V2, and the Universal Data API bring a more holistic picture through aggregating data across resources.

"Imagine automatically generating cross-channel reports that show not just ad click performance data but also pull in lead data from your systems of record like HubSpot or Salesforce," AdStage CEO, Sahil Jain, commented in the blog announcement. "Imagine, then, not simply pausing or editing the budget of a campaign based on the clickthrough rate or conversion rate but automating the management of your campaigns and creatives based on the actual lifetime value of customers pulled from a customer relationshipment management or marketing automation system. AdStage V2 lays the technolgical foundation to make this possible."

The Universal Data API leverages the infrastructure that AdStage has implemented over the passed 4.5 years. Through the API, advertisers gain access to this infrastructure to import data from various channels and business tools. The API brings data from business intelligence tools, marketing systems, CRM systems, and much more to provide a single, aggregate view of business data. To learn more, sign up for a free trial.  

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