AdStage's Platform API Creates a New Channel for Ad Tool Providers

More and more companies are devoting more and more of their advertising budgets to digital channels such as search, social, and mobile. And for good reason: In many if not most cases, you can't effectively reach your customers if you ignore the digital channels that are used on a daily basis by countless individuals.

Unfortunately, as digital channels have grown in number, many have also increased in complexity, creating significant challenges for advertisers trying to manage their spending, optimize their campaigns, and make sense of all the data that those campaigns generate. However, the challenges advertisers face have created huge opportunities for companies that can help advertisers navigate the fast-moving world of digital advertising.

One such company is AdStage, an "all-in-one advertising Platform" that gives advertisers the capability to manage ad campaigns across Google, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Additionally, by using AdStage, advertisers can bring all of their reporting and analytics data -- including conversions tracking -- under one roof and optimize their campaigns across the different networks, based on real-time monitoring of campaign performance.

In an effort to provide its customers with even greater capabilities, AdStage last month unveiled a new app platform that gives its customers the capability to access additional functionality, including functionality that its customers might already have through third-party tools.

Using the AdStage Platform API, companies participating in the AdStage App Partnership Program can integrate their functionality directly into AdStage's offering, creating a new channel for them to deliver their services to advertisers. At launch, AdStage partners that are offering apps on the AdStage Platform include Wordtracker, a provider of keyword research tools for search advertising, and Optimizely, a provider of A/B testing tools.

Quality over quantity, choice over feature bloat

Although AdStage is eager to promote the capability of its new platform to drive customer acquisition, engagement, and satisfaction for partners, the company is being selective about whom it allows onto the AdStage platform.

According to AdStage Cofounder and CEO Sahil Jain, "Our goal with apps isn’t to create a massive marketplace. The idea is to bring the most relevant and high-value cohort of apps under one roof for paid marketing, make them easy to access within the context of campaign management, and extend the feature set of AdStage for our users."

In a day and age when platforms are often judged superficially by metrics that are designed to impress but might not reflect meaningful traction, AdStage's decision to focus on quality over quantity is worth consideration. Also of note is that AdStage has structured its platform offering as a marketplace.

In many markets, such as digital advertising, companies face an uphill battle extending the functionality footprint of their offerings without creating feature bloat. By helping third parties to integrate their tools into its platform, as well as allowing customers to choose which tools they add to their accounts through a marketplace, AdStage's platform and platform API might give the company the capability to meet the increasingly complex demands of advertisers without creating an unwieldy core offering.

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