Advanced Ad Serving And Management Under One Roof: Ad Server Solutions API

Ad Server Solutions offer exactly what their name implies: ad serving solutions for advertisers, publishers, agencies and networks. It's a one-stop-shop for advertising, serving and management solutions, allowing users to manage, serve, analyze and report on online ads while generating funds from their content and ultimately increasing revenue. The Ad Server Solutions API opens up this functionality to third party developers.


The API makes the following possible:

  • The advertising API allows users to access delivery data, campaign data, advertiser data, forecasting algorithms, specific targeting as defined by key values and more.
  • The mobile advertising API allows advertisers and publishers to put their ads into mobile apps and content.
  • The API allows developers to build any application they desire, controlling the ad server so that they are able to automate common tasks and integrate with other applications effectively.
  • Every aspect of the Ad Server Solutions Platform can be controlled via the API.

The Ad Server Solutions API is accessible via a set of RESTful APIs. More information is available on the company's website.

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