The AdvanceMD API: Integrating its EMR and Claims System With A Myriad of Medical Service Vendors

AdvancedMD helps medical practices improve their productivity and especially their claims efficiency with insurers, to improve profitability and speed payment. The ADP AdvanceMD API integrates the company's vast medical services with businesses providing prescriptions transcription work, therapeutic networks, laboratories and many other health-related products. AdvancedMD joins 156 medical APIs in our directory, though few if any beyond this one are related to electronic medical records (EMR).

A competitor to Athenahealth, AdvancedMD covers several aspects of medical practice, including: Patient Encounter, Physician Dashboard (personnel and facility scheduling, practice management), HealthWatcher (compliance), ePrescribing, Patient Population Reporting, a Patient Portal, among many other services.

AdvancedMD aims to make its API use smooth, according to its website:

Pre-built integrations and XML-based interfaces reduce the time and cost of a typical software Integration project. Our API accesses the middle tier of our software, which means you enjoy full application integration without sacrificing features or functionality essential to the efficient operation of your practice. Upgrades are managed centrally by AdvancedMD and the integration vendor, ensuring free, fast and smooth migrations without version compatibility headaches and downtime.

The API uses XML calls and responses built on an HL-7-based business rules engine to insure data integrity, speedy updates on reduced software development cycles.

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