Advice Slip API Integrates Hope into Apps and Workflows

Tom Kiss created Advice Slip to mimic the look and feel of an ATM machine; however, instead of concluding the transaction with a dreadful balance statement, Advice Slip prints a virtual piece of encouragement or advice. Although truth-seekers can visit to receive their virtual advice slip, developers can integrate Advice Slip's full functionality with third party applications via the Advice Slip API.

Advice Slip API Integration already powers BERG Cloud's thoughtful Little Printer. Although extensive use may at first seem far fetched and superfluous, consider the potential business implications of consistent positive reminders. It might seem silly to integrate Advice Slip with an ERP system or CRM Platform; however on second thought, such integration might lead to better working conditions and increased productivity.

The Advice Slip API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Developers can call the API for random pieces of advice or specific advice by ID. Additionally, daily advice feeds are available via RSS. Those interested can learn more at the API site.

New APIs constantly hit the business market with hopes to cut costs, streamline processes, and limit additional resources. Most of such APIs target specific business applications (ERP systems, workflows, payment systems, etc.). However, psychologists and business consultants have long argued that simple positive reinforcement and affirmation can dramatically affect the workplace. Accordingly, the Advice Slip API may not remove cost from an existing workflow or process; but it may inspire an employee to work smarter and produce more.

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