Adzerk Announces API and SDK Betas

Adzerk, an ad serving API provider, recently announced a number of API and SDK updates. Those included new beta tests of API features and SDKs, as well as a series of bug fixes and new product features. The company is actively soliciting participants in its API beta and the new SDKs are open source and ready for testers.

First, Adzerk is beta testing increased dayparting capability. Dayparting allows users to limit a flight to serve on specific days, times, or both. Accordingly, for users wanting to serve ads only in the evenings, dayparting functionality allows that. Until the current beta, users were allowed one daypart. The new beta allows for 10 dayparts per flight. Visit the changelog announcement to learn more.

Next, the company is testing the public beta of new SDKs. The SDKs are specifically for embedding Adzerk Decision and UserDB functionality into third-party applications. JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Ruby, Python, and Clojure SDKs are now available for beta testing. This adds to the existing iOS and Android Decision SDKs. Links to all SDKs are available in the Decision SDK documentation.

As always, much of Adzerk's new offerings depend on new releases from social media platforms. In its Q2 Industry review, Adzerk details new features and products from Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Roku, Spotify, Instacart, and LinkedIn. Check out the recap to see how Adzerk is capitalizing on these updates. Finally, Adzerk has issued a number of bug fixes specifically to improve UI Function, stability, and reliability all of which can be seen on the changelog.

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