AEC Hackathon 1.1 Is Set for This Weekend

AEC Hackathon -- the hackathon for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry -- is set to host its second hackathon (1.1) this weekend, March 14--16. Last November, more than 100 tech and AEC gurus came together for the first AEC Hackathon, and the second go-around aims to build on the success of the first event. In an industry that is historically resistant to change through technology, the AEC Hackathon looks to break the mold and push innovation.

Straight from the press release unveiling the event:

"The goal is simple: to change the way the builders build, designers design and managers manage our buildings, our cities, our world. Starting with simple problems; developing new insights, new solutions."

The event is intended for AEC professionals, developers, and UI/ UX designers. The hosts encourage teams to build around these three categories, and such teams can form beforehand or during the kickoff event. Pre-event brainstorming is also encouraged; however, the event team will offer prompts to spur ideas (e.g., SmartBuildings, SmartCities, sustainability, and so forth).

Throughout the weekend, attendees can choose from a variety of breakout sessions and also enjoy face time with industry experts. The hackathon will take place at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. IDEAbuilder and the Digit Group have organized the event and look forward to building on the success of last year's launch. Those interested in attending can register at AEC Hackathon's Eventbrite site. For a full schedule, list of sponsors, and more information, visit the event's homepage.

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